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  • 1. /the history of trade:

2. what is Bak kut teh?bak kut tehliterally translates ASmeat bone teaa chinese souppopularly served inmalaysia & Sgwhere there is a predominant Hokkien and teochew communitymeaty pork ribssimmered incomplex broth of herbs and spicesfor hours (as shown in the image) 3. ORIGIN OF BAK KUT TEHoriginated fromfujian province,chinaIntroduced tomalaysia + SinGaporemainly inklangby hokkien immigrantsin the 19th centuryA staple breakfast dish of the chinese coolies 4. VARIETY OF BAK KUT TEHhokkien bak kut teh TEOchew bak kut teh:-dark in colour as hokkienuses more soy sauce dueto their preference ofsalty food.:-Light in colour but usesmore pepper and garlicin the soup.dry bak kut teh:-the broth is reduced to athicker gravy,has atangier,sharper taste.*In Malaysia, there are also some restaurant which substitute pork with chickento cater for the muslims customers. 5. //dDeEsScCrRipipttioionn o off b buussinineessss:: 6. RESTAURANT 1: AH hock seafoodBAK KUT TEH RESTAURANT/tanjung sepat,kuala langat 7. Founder: brief descriptionCHeah song qingfounded in19991st seafood bit shopto open in tanjung sepatsellsseafood bak kut teh+FIsh dishesknown asthe bestseafood bak kut teh in tanjung sepat 8. historyRearing pigs as a livinginitiallyventure into bak kut teh businesscombining tanjung sepat specialty,seafood 9. RESTAURANT 2: AH PING BAK KUT TEHRESTAURANT/SS14,Subang jaya 10. Founder: brief descriptionCHong ah pingfounded in19892nd shopto open in ss14sells onlybak kut tehknown asthe bestbak kut teh in subang 11. historyRenting a stall in a local kopitiamselling soup bak kut tehmove into own storein 2004 selling onlysoup + dry bak kut teh 12. /comparative analysis: 13. who are the competitioRs? 14. COMPETITIONS OFAH PING BAK KUT TEH RESTAURANTYU kee'bak kut tehrestaurantmarket nature: perfectly competitiveMING XIANGbak kut tehrestaurantchuan chiewbak kut tehrestaurantchuanbak kut tehrestaurantda debak kut tehrestaurant 15. RESTAURant #1:Yu Kee bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-attractive -decent -popular among locals 16. RESTAURant #2:ming xiang bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-Cheaper thanthe rest-not popularamong locals-poor 17. RESTAURant #3:chuan chiew bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-reasonable price -decent food-relatively popularamong locals 18. RESTAURant #4:chuan bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-slightly expensive -average -average reception 19. RESTAURant #5:da de bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-not popularamong locals-expensive -poor 20. COMPETITIONS OFAH HoCK SeAFOOD BAK KUT TEH RESTAURANTONLY one competitor: YI lee seafood bak kut tehmarket nature: oligopoly 21. RESTAURant #1:yi lee bak kut teh restaurantPricing foodcustomersatisfaction-affordable -average -average 22. what are the competition strategy? 23. competition strategy #1 24. competition strategy #2 25. competition strategy #3 26. competition strategy #4 27. WHAT ARE THE SIMILARITIES AND DIFFERENCES? 28. similaritiesMAIN PRODUCTS WORKERS future plansbak kut teh local no intention to open upnew branch 29. Difference #1 30. DIFFERENCE #2Types of product 31. Difference #3business operation 32. Difference #4 33. Difference #5 34. Difference #6 35. /recommendations: 36. recommendation for ah hock seafood bak kut tehstagnantgrowthrestrictedchoicesdark andstuffyexpansion new dishes renovation 37. recommendation for ah ping bak kut tehlonger businesshoursnew dishes better ventilation& bigger spacelimitedhoursrestrictedchoicescramped andhot 38. CONclusion