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A presentation on how ecommerce websites can maximise revenue and ROI from pay per click campaigns by Ann Stanley, MD of Anicca Digital


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2. @annstanleyWinning PPC tactics forecommerce websites by Ann Stanley March 2013 3. @annstanleyAgenda1. Google results what the searcher sees?2. Shopping results and Product Listing Ads3. Ad Extensions4. Location and call extensions5. New enhanced ads6. Remarketing and other ad formats7. Tracking and reporting8. Optimising for Revenue and ROI 4. @annstanley Ecommerce landscape On-site SalesOn-site salesSales from Searchfrom other sourcesmarketing(Email, affiliates, display ads, social,(PPC, SEO,mobile, shopping comparison, Merchant Centre)voucher sites)Conversion optimisationOtherShopping platformsoff-site sales & market places (Social, Mobile, drop shipping,(Amazon, eBay) daily deals sites) Off-site Sales 5. @annstanley 1) Google results what the searcher sees? 6. @annstanleyGoogle results for [luggage]Product ListingPay per click ads adsLocal businesslistings Organic ornatural searchPay per clickresults ads 7. @annstanley2) Shopping results andProduct Listing Ads 8. @annstanleySummary of different shopping results in GoogleKeywords = Samsonite luggage Organic shopping resultsAdWords ProductsMap andProduct Listing adsad extensionLocal listings(Merchant Centre) 9. @annstanleyShopping results 10. @annstanleyProduct extensions Product extensions adds product descriptionand price to a normal ad Just link each campaign to your MerchantCentre Only appears in top 3 and rarely shown 11. @annstanleyExamples of Product Listing Ads 12. @annstanley Setting up Product Listing ads1. Live Merchant Centre Account with active feed from your product database2. Add your AdWords ID into Merchant Centre3. Within AdWords link each campaign to Merchant Centre using Product extensions section of Ad Extensions tab4. Create a campaign just for PLA5. Create ad groups for each product category or brand - during this process you will need to select the ad type of product listing ad but you do not need to select any keyphrases6. For each ad group create a target in the Autotarget tab, this must relate to the content of your original database or CSV file uploaded to Merchant Centre 13. @annstanleyProduct listing ads - Autotargets 14. @annstanleySee search terms that triggered PLA 15. @annstanleyDynamic search ads Can be used in addition to PLA ads e.g. whenyou do not have a Merchant Centre account Create campaign and ad groups to target aspecific category or section of your site Create dynamic ads on Ads tab Use Autotarget tab to target by Title tag,Category, URL or page content 16. @annstanleyCreating Dynamic Search ads 17. @annstanley3) Ad Extensions 18. @annstanleyUse of ad extensions? ProsCons Makes your ad stand out Appears