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Health and healthy habits


  • 1. Health anddiseaseUnit 1: Our healthGrade 6Healthy habits

2. HealthWhat happens when we are healthy?when we are healthy:We feelwellwe arehappyWe areenergetic 3. What is health?Health is the state of completephysical, mental and socialwell-beingphysical mental social 4. ILLNESSWhen we are ill:We feel tiredOur bodies arenot working correctly. 5. ILLNESS AND DISEASE:Illness and disease are the opposite of health.Illness and disease change the functions ofour bodies.symptomsWhat are the symptoms?The symptoms tell usthat our bodies are ill.Fever is a symptom Coughing is a symptom 6. What is the difference between health and illnessor disease?Health is a state of complete well-beingand illness or disease changesthis stateHealth Illness or disease 7. What do people need to stay healthy?1They needa balanced diet.2They needto keep a mealRoutine.3They needa good hygiene.4They needenough rest5They needbreathing cleanair6They needPhysicalexercise 8. HEALTHY HABITSTo stay healthy, we must keep healthy habits.1 A balanced diet: keep a varied dietwith adequate amounts of all foods.Avoid sweets and fats.Adequate amounts of all foods Avoid sweets and fats 9. HEALTHY HABITS2 keeping a meal routine:Eat five meals a day and always have breakfast 10. HEALTHY HABITS3 Good hygiene:Wash your handswith soap and waterbefore eatingBrush your teeth Take a showerevery day 11. HEALTHY HABITS4 Enough restSleep at least 9 hours a day. 12. HEALTHY HABITS5 Breathing clean air.Dont stay too long indoors withsmoke or many peopleClean air is outdoor Polluted air is indoorwith smoke and people 13. HEALTHY HABITS6 Physical exercise:Exercise improves our health