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  • 1. Network Effects

2. 3. Classic Example
Contemporary Example
4. Business Competition??
5. Online ReTAIL
6. People & Content
the term producer is beginning to lose the meaning we thought it had (Bazalgette, C; 2000)
7. Accessibility
8. Examples of Content
Funny cats search on
9. Advantages
More people in the know
Creates universal platforms
Allows greater variety of products online
10. More Advantages
Bringing people together
Constantly growing
11. Disadvantages
Privacy compromised
Stifles healthy competition
12. More Disadvantages
Downfall of traditional media e.g. print media
Decline of face to face social interaction?
13. Development
The growth of network effects lies in the people who are a part of it; people influence online retail and add content.
14. Generational
A part of network effects?
Being cut off from society because they do not take part in network effects?
15. Wrapping Up
Network effects creates a small world phenomenon; people can communicate using universally accessible platforms (Facebook etc)
Network effects changes with technology (telephones to social networking) so is bound to continue developing in the future
You probably are a part of network effects right now, even if you didnt realise