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<p>Sherry Anne Gore</p> <p>Sherry Anne GoreAlways be accountable for your actions!</p> <p>I have been and continue to be a very energized individual who wishes to do so many more things in life professionally and personally. I have the motivation to do so much and so I say why not!Sometimes as I think about life I get frustrated that I have not done as much as I need to still do..</p> <p>My philosophy on lifeEveryone has their own philosophy on life and each persons is unique to his or her own belief system.The follow slides will show what I feel is important in life.</p> <p>Life can be SIMPLE.Basically, Life is about asking yourself, what do you want out of life?Security</p> <p>Inner Peace/Contentment</p> <p>Satisfying Relationships</p> <p>(not necessarily in this order..) SecuritySecurity means different things to all people.</p> <p>One aspect is that it is a source of financial income come so that I will have the ability to care for my family in some capacity.</p> <p>Another is knowing I have stable employment.</p> <p>Inner Peace/ContentmentAlways knowing and feeling a sense of inner peace and contentment is a very important aspect for me in my life. Therefore, feeling like what I do in my professional life makes a big difference in how I feel about myself.</p> <p>This quality about myself allows me to interact with others both professionally and personally in a manner for which I feel is both appropriate as well as imperative for who I am as a quality person.</p> <p>Satisfying Relationships</p> <p>Having satisfying relationships in both your personal life as well as your professional life can make all the differences for how a person feels about the quality of life.</p> <p>Granted, I personally feel the my personal relationships take precedence over my professional relationships, however, at the same time if there is not a comparable balance between the two then there is not going to be equilibrium in either aspects of life. This hopefully allowed you the chance to get to know me and view my ideas and perceptions. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.So now you have met me..</p>