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<ul><li> PowerPointHow To Stop Annoying Audiences With Bad Powerpoint </li> <li> Content What is PowerPoint? What are annoying elements? How big is the problem? What does a good PowerPoint look like? </li> <li> What is PowerPoint? </li> <li> Annoying elements Tekst is too smallMoving/flying Full tekst or sentences graphics Annoying use of Wrong sounds Speaker colour reads the choise Overly slides complex diagrams </li> <li> Annoying elementsElement PercentageThe speaker read the slides to us 60.4%Text is so small I couldnt read it 50.9%Full sentences instead of bullet points 47.8%Slides hard to see because of colour 37.1%choiceMoving/flying text or graphics 24.5%Annoying use of sounds 22.0%Overly complex diagrams or charts 22.0% </li> <li> Other annoying elements Spelling errors Balance of slides Poor preparation Too much text </li> <li> How big is the problem? 30 million presentations a day 40% contain annoying elements So.. 12 out of 30 million </li> <li> Good PowerPoint Keywords Simple Support Structure </li> <li> Thank you for your attention </li> </ul>