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Fire Pro is a manufacturer of premium fire fighting equipment built specifically for the industrial, municipal, wild-land, and marine markets. We carry and extensive array of monitors, nozzles, and hydrants for multiple applications and can also field requests for custom orders.MARKETS

Marine Wastewater Chemical/Petrochemical Pulp & paper Mining Oil refining Water truck- off road/on road Wild-land vehicles


Seamless carbon steel, stainless steel or brass constructionZerk fitting for lubricationOperates easily at all pressure rangesLow friction loss90 vertical travel360 horizontal travel30 1,200 GPM (114 4542 LPM)



6 (152 mm) discharge thread2000 (7571) & 4000 (15142) GPM (LPM)Designed for applications requiring large volumes of water and minimal manpower or friction loss.


FP3SN-750Models in this configuration feature a 180-degree vertical travel that is ideal for tank cleaning and any other wash down applications.OPTIONS

Stainless steel waterwayOther colors availableNozzles sold separatelySTANDARD FEATURES

1 (38 mm) & 2 (64 mm) steel waterwayType 304 stainless steel swivels360 continuous horizontal travel180 vertical travel125 & 750 GPM (473 & 2839 LPM)


100% type 304 stainless steel (corrosion-resistant) constructionType 304 stainless steel ball bearings in joints to ensure easy movement and reliable operationDouble seal swivelsFluted black phenolic lock knobs with molded-in stainless steel studs



FM approved (4 (102 mm) only)Seamless brass constructionLow friction loss140-degree vertical travel360-degree horizontal travel30 1200 GPM (114-4542 LPM)Double seal swivelsAvailable in 3 (76 mm) and 4 (102 mm) flat-faced flange inlet


MONITORS MANUAL/STATIONHANDLE WHEEL MONITORSFP10611FP10612Hand wheel is driven by fully enclosed stainless steel worm gearsCompact, low-profile designFull 3 (76 mm) waterway for flow up to 1250 GPM (4732 LPM)Full 360-degree horizontal rotation with positive twist and 140-degrees vertical rotation; 70-degrees above and below26 PSI at 1250 GPM (4732 LPM) / 18 PSI at 1000 GM (3785 LPM) pressure loss

MONITORS MANUAL/STATIONTILLER BAR MONITORSFP10636Full 360-degree rotation135-degree vertical travel / 75-degree above and 60-degree below2 (64 mm) waterwayUp to 750 GPM (2839 LPM)Positive friction locks on both horizontal and vertical travel to hold the desired positionStainless steel leverBronze materialRed powder coatingFP10649Corrosion resistant bronze constructionFull 3 (76 mm) waterwayCast-in turning vanes for efficient flowFlow up to 1250 GPM (4732 LPM)360-degree horizontal and 150-degree vertical travel90-degree above to 60-degree below horizontalPositive friction locks on both horizontal and vertical travel to hold desired positionStainless steel leverOperating pressure of 200 PSI


FP10911FP10916Oscillating conversion kits are designed for refineries, aircraft hangars, underwing and fuselage protection, fuel transfer areas and any high-risk areas where unmanned coverage is essential.STANDARD FEATURESBolts between flanges to easily convert a monitor from manual to oscillatingWater from the fire line drives the pelton wheel to create oscillating movement without need for electricityAdjustable sweep angle between 0 and 360 in only a secondLow pressure (75 PSI) required to activate oscillationSuitable for operation between 75 PSI and 220 PSIDurable high-grade brass and stainless steel construction3 (76 mm) & 4 (102 mm) sizes

MONITORS MANUAL/STATIONTRUCK MOUNT MONITORSFPTM-1251 (38 mm) Truck Mount Style Monitor, designed with 1 (38mm) NH swivel to be used with soft hoseAllows removal of monitor from base when not in useHeld in place with T Pin Standard 3 (76 mm) manifold with two 2 (64 mm) clappered inlets750 GPM (2839 LPM)Additional inlets available for higher flowsManifold length at base is sized to match specific width of truck bed

MONITORS PORTABLE Portable monitors feature long handle swivel detachment from the apparatus for mounting on the portable base and two slip in stabilizing legs with a no-skid neoprene pads.STANDARD FEATURES

Field-proven reliabilityHighest flows available for portable monitorsPortable or fixed operationsSingle waterway less friction lossLong handle swivel detachmentShort radius (long radius also available)Stabilizing legs with no-skid neoprene padsDetachable truck mount (1 , 38 mm)125-350, 750 & 1200 GPM (473-1325, 2839, 4542 LPM)1 , 2 , 3 sizes (38, 64, 76 mm) FPMSR-125

MONITORS PORTABLE TRAILERS/CHARGERBoth models are furnished with spring-loaded wheel locks and low profile tires. Standard red epoxy finish. Optional additional inlets, hose racks, T handle and butterfly valve.2-wheel trailer portable monitor rated at either 750 or 1200 GPM (2839 or 4542 LPM).4-wheel charger portable monitor with full flow 2 (64 mm) waterway with T manifold and two 2 female swivel inlets. FP1200CFP750MC

MONITORS REMOTE CONTROLELECTRIC & HYDRAULIC MONITORSFP3-750-HYDFP12300Hydraulic remote control monitorCarbon steel waterway inside and outStainless steel swivelsControl panel included. Available with control for electric fog nozzle and/or water valve150-degree vertical sweep, 340-degree horizontal sweep250-1000 GPM (949-3785 LPM)50-150 PSI operating pressureOptimum at 120 PSIElectric remote control monitorStainless steel swivelsStainless steel remote joystick box capable of controlling monitor, electric nozzle and electric water valveCarbon steel waterway inside and outControl box and wiring harness included150-degree vertical sweep, 340-degree horizontal sweep250-1000 GPM (949-3785 LPM)50-200 PSI operating pressureOptimum operating pressure is 110 PSI (inlet)

MONITORS REMOTE CONTROLELECTRIC NOZZLESFor use with electronically-controlled monitors. Available in 12 and 24 VDC.

Material: alloy.2 (64 mm) inletSelectable gallonage 250, 400, 550, 750 GPM(949, 1514, 2082, 2839 LPM) 24 VDC onlyFP10817E

MONITORS ELEVATEDElevated monitors are ideally suited for problem applications that are difficult to reach from ground level with fixed or portable equipment.

Freestanding monitors have an inner waterway with an outer drive tube for horizontal movement at the base, along with vertical motion handle control with stainless steel cable attached to the monitor for vertical option.Supported monitors consist of the base portion with the vertical and horizontal motion control mounted with the appropriate cable length and the upper portion consisting of the monitor with a 4 (102 cm) male NPT base complete with one reaction support. Inter-connecting pipe is available upon request.

ACCESSORIES/OPTIONSFP-3525Mini Stream ShaperFP-3530Hydrant Mount with Flange Outlet

FP-GVGate ValveFP-10560Monitor Ball Valve Shutoff

NOZZLESFP-60/FP-95CGDirect Connect NozzlesFP-3220 thru3240Stacked Tip Nozzles

Fog NozzlesFP-1023T FP-60CGTFP-10RBall Shut-Off




FP3200Constructed of anodized aluminum, smooth bore nozzles convey water at maximum reach and with the best overall straight stream quality.





Combination fog and straight streamHeavy aluminum or red brass castingZerk fitting for lubricationIdeal for both municipal and industrial applications


FP10382Coast Guard Nozzle with Fog Tip

FP10372Shipboard NozzleTough, salt water corrosion-resistant brass/bronze construction.

Ideal for marine environments, shipboard fire fighting and any harsh industrial or marine exposure.