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Potato peeler story


  • 1. This is an Analysis to learnPOTATO PEELER STORY

2. Organization Manufacturing 3. Objective of the OrganizationQuality ProductStandard Attractive packageGood Raw Material Potato to useGood OilProfessional Makers involvedExcellent MachineryGood Quality SystemGood Export OrdersGrowth to Organization 4. HR sits for the meetingTo Identify the best staff in the area of production 5. Ad in the News PaperShould have experience in potato peelingIndividuals with career planning in PotoatoPeeling with status of wages with allbenefits and other perksApply immediately 6. Interview process for selectionAbility to prove Potato PeelingFast and quick Potato peelingNumber of Potato peeling selected and short listed and best selected 7. Who is the best1000 potatoes in an hour( all big small all rapid size )500 potatoes in an hour( all big small all rapid no classification ) 8. Great selection from ManagementYes the 1000 potatoes peeler selected the best in the industry offered 9. Sudden drop in the export orderReason :Crushed wafers in the packetThe potatoes used where not of a big size and standardsSkin of potato was seen in the productQuality HamperedDrop in sales 10. Management sat to scratch the brainsWhat should be the solutionDerived a solution we will change the potato peelerSend off for the Potato peeler 11. HR again Releases an add this time with a changeEfficient and Best Potato peelers whocould evaluate the best potatoes and knowledgein potato peeling and knows best practices to follow 12. Interview Process startedJob orientation: SOPClean , Good and Large Potato selection Assure that the Potatoes are Good , No MudThen he has to PeelProductivity end of the day20 potato per day 13. Real Value seen NowEvaluate what you will doKnow your plan and select the rightTest the processImplement to the scaleCheck it is the bestAssure on the same without any deviation


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