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  1. 1. HAPPY HEALTHY SCHOOLNatural Warmth and Cold Sustainable materialsBringing the sun insideThe greenhouse on top of the building not onlyIn order to achieve the highest level of sustainability, Daylight is not only healthy and nice, but its alsocleans the air, but it also collects a lot of warmthdifferent materials were considered. Bamboo is an inexhaustible lightsource. Thats why the happyfrom the sun. Inside its at least 5 warmer thenC a local material in China, so not much energy is healthy school has tall and wide windows, to catchoutside. In winter this warmth is very welcome to used for transportation. Also its one of the fastestas much light as possible. A happy, healthy andbring the building on temperature.growing plants on earth; a great example ofenergy-efficient solution.sustainable forestry.The Bamboo is used in different ways. Its used inmassive rods and pillars for construction, hollowbricks that can be stacked into walls and rawbamboo is used in the faade.A big advantage of using bamboo is that no wasteis created. May the building once be deconstructed,the bamboo can easily be composted and return tothe biological cycle, or be safely burnt for generatingnew energy. Also the green concept gets morereadable from the building when using bamboo. in summer, the greenhouse is covered bysunshades to protect from overheating. In addition,underground cooling tubes are used to cool downthe air, and dehumidify the humid summer air.Sunlight has one disadvantage, on a sunny day it can overheat rooms with much glass in the faade. Thats why a system for blocking direct sunlight is integrated in the faade. Horizontal planks keep the direct sun from coming in, while as much indirect sun in passed through, and also the view to the outside is maintained. Cradle to CradleThe design of the Happy Healthy school has a lotin common with the cradle to cradle-concept, amethod for sustainable design by Michael BraungartGraduation project at:and William McDonough.The concept of the building can be summarizedas: a building that gives more functionality andhappyness to the user, without using brutal forceIn collaboration with:to do so.The building is built with local materials, which canbe reused or transformed into clean energy.Building a Happy Healthy School in Shanghai orany other big city brings a green plot to a concrete University of Applied Sciences UtrechtPaul de Ruiter Architects DHV Consultancy & EngineeringAmsterdam/Beijing Worldwide/Shanghaienvironment, in other words: It makes the city moreUtrecht, the Netherlandswww.paulderuiter.nlwww.dhv.comgreen. www.HU.nlposter4.indd 2 12-05-10 01:09