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SUMMARY OF RAPE OF WOMEN"Violence against women is perhaps the most shameful human rights violation. Not limited to geography, culture or wealth. As long as we can not say that we have real progress towards equality, development and peace."Violent men think that women do not dare to express their sexual desires and they believe that they have to compel or force. When a woman says no, means you do not want.

Do not allow your home to someone who's nervous. If you are single, do not say. Try not to walk alone, especially at night. If you need somewhere to go alone, walk with your head up and act as if he felt very confident. Most rapists seek a woman that looks easy to attack.

Do not think it is your fault or 'asked for it'

Trust your hunches. It is better to offend someone if you are wrong, to be raped.

POSITIONVIOLENCEAGAINST WOMENAlcoholism:a numberof caserecords that alarge percentageof women whoareabused by theirmaritalpartnersare underthe influence of alcohol.Women whoare victims ofsexual violence are oftenreluctant to reportcrimeto the police, the familyor others.Incountries where women's virginityis associated withfamily honor, unmarried women who reporta violationmay be forcedto marry theperpetrator, this being avery serious mistake,because thatunion is notproper to lovepure,buttheshamelesseffronteryof a manwho, to satisfya nasty'"momentum''hurtsthe less Icare.Some may bekilled by theirparentsor siblingsashamed,as a way torestorefamily honor.In somecountries,a woman who hasbeen raped canbe prosecutedand imprisonedfor committing the "crime" ofhaving sexoutside marriage, ifnot provethat the incident was actuallyrape.Silencebecomes ourworst enemy andthe best partnerto repeat the abuses.The victimof abusethinks he has tohidebecause he fears being singled out asguilty,ashamed tobe watched/ oras "being different"and isolated fromothers toavoid criticismthat thefurther damage.Toremain silent(or) the victimis favoringthe aggressor andhelping him,leaving him freetodo the same toothers.

PROBLEMAround83,000 womena yearsuffersome form ofEcuadorphysical, psychologicalor sexual, which meansthat seventhousand womena monthare assaultedand 230per day.

Violenceagainst women isperhaps the most shamefulhumanrights violation.It knows nogeographic boundaries,culture or wealth.As long aswe can notsay that we havereal progress towardsequality, developmentand peace."POSSIBILITIES:

Breaking the silence and report any mistreatment or abuse.

An important part of any solution to the problem of violence against women is to work with men to change their conduct.

There are also initiatives aimed at men define a new concept of masculinity with different understanding of their place beside her at home, in church and in the wider community.

Currently a good solution is to work with offenders, has consisted mainly in establishing treatment programs for men who commit any abuse against women.

Eliminate discrimination, promote gender equality from the basic education of children to ensure that the rights of women and human rights are respected.

ConclusionsRape isa global reality.In countriesrich andpoor,despitethe cultural,social and religiouswomen areoften consideredas mere objects

The figureshighlight thedimensionof rapeandabuseof power and trust,anddemolish thetendencyofmanycompaniesculpabilizadotabelieve thatrape victimsaresome womenwho arerecklessrisk-taking behaviors:provocativeclothes, nights out,Etc.

RecommendationsIsnotconsidering womeninferior to men ina matter of degreebutconsideredan inferior being, abeing with whomone can commitall kinds ofexcesses.

Raped womenmay fallinto deep depressions, being ableto commit suicide, fallin consumptionof alcoholor drugs,AIDSorget pregnant withher attacker.The raped womanisstigmatizedby a familyand a society thatput theirhonor in hisbody.Why psychologyneeds helpto overcome theiremotionaltrauma.