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<ul><li> 1. E-education involves e-teaching and e- learning along with the various administrative and strategic measures needed to support teaching and learning in an Internet environment. It will incorporate a local, regional, national and international view of education. (http://cms.steo.govt.nz/NR/rdonlyres/C11315DE-804A-4831-AB75- 3D4E77393DD8/0/eteaching.htm#_Toc386771572) </li></ul> <p> 2. Wireless Laptop or Desktop Computer Network / Web 2.0 3. Issues Pupils faced with missing exams this summer because of sickness, exclusion, pregnancy or motherhoodNow they are able to sit them online at home by internet access. 4. One example of using e- education techniques is Norfolk County Council. Who have used this technique to ensure that pupils wont miss out any examination.This e-learning scheme supports 100 children through online lessons, one-on-one sessions with teachers and in interactive classrooms. 5. Norfolk e-learning scheme supports 100 children through online lessons,one- on-one sessions with teachers and in interactive classrooms. In 2000 nearly 17,000 school and college exam candidates received incomplete certificates, marks for exams they had not sat, or no results at all. About 50,000 pupils taking Edexcel exams are likely to discover their exam result online in this way over the next couple of weeks. 6. It is of importance that e-education is applied onto pupils as a possible choice for attending exams, as it will help them not to get behind in their schools graded activities The teacher in turn can keep an eye on the progress of the student and assess how much they are doing through an in-class monitor School pupils in Scotland already sat online exams at school and collegues across the country in which it is easier to grade as the computer already have the answers input. So when doing a multiple choice exam it is quicker to obtain their results. 7. Also it is of great help for those people that cant attend on and examination on schools or universities, or also attends to classes. Therefore e-education gives them the opportunity for them not to miss out any action that is been taken at school/universities and catch up with things that they would possibly miss out if they didnt have this opportunity of writing exams via internet access. Helping pregnant women, or people with a possible sickness, or even more motherhood, to finish their career , and by this it would help reduce the non-graduated percentage of people around the world that havent finish their careers because of problems faced like the ones mentioned before. You will ned to consider if they have internet access , and there is no problem involve with this. 8. social Impacts whether examinations on internet will be more rapidly checked out. if would it take longer than paper exams? a student attends their exams online, the results might get lost on the computer been sent, with out any back up, and they might repeat again the examination. Passwords might be forgotten and as consequences candidates unable to sign in to the site, or incorrect addresses can be given, which will create difficultness on receiving their letters results, or furthermore sending their exams onto another address, loosing all information acknowledge 9. Also students struggling to get onto the sites, which takes back time that they are given during their examination, affecting them into their time that they are having to write, frustrating them while others are already writing theyre exams. 10. Solutions for any difficultness on using e- education, example internet problems/wireless could be solve by first Checking that all your wires are plugged in at the router and from the plug is one of the first things you should do provided of course that you have access to them. Verify that the power cord is connected and that all the lights of the router and cable/DSL modem are on. Sometimes we dont even noticed this thats why we usually dont get the problem fixed out quickly. </p>