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Portfolio Project

Jesus VasquezElectrical engineering

My Favorite in-class AssignmentThe scavenger hunt, it help me be more familiarized with the college and what it can provide

The case studies, this make us think about solutions to a problem we might or might not encounter in our lives

The Self-Assessment quiz, it showed how we where in terms of thinking and way of doing tasks

MY 3 favorite Journals1. chapter 2 journal entry 8, it makes us think in how other people and sometimes ourselves see at problems and what we think in that exact moment.2. chapter 3 journal entry 11, it tell us to imagine ourselves in the future when our biggest goal or dream becomes a reality.

3. and the last one is chapter 4 journal entry 13, this is an interesting one because it tell us to put all of our activities and how much time we spent on it, this made me realize how much time I had wasted.

What module I Liked the mostThe module I liked the most is module 4, I like this module because it made is think about the activities we do and how much time we spend on them, I also like it because this module helped me be more aware of my time and also gave us tips on how to manage our time.

3 lessons I will carry from this courseThe first lesson I will carry from this course is the time management The second is the one about how we think, and how our inner defender, critic and such make us think a certain way about things we see or hear.The last lesson I will carry is the one about how certain people make themselves a victim to gain something they want, I will carry this lesson because it will help me identify those people.

Self assessment scoresFirst Score Second Score__64__ __74__ 1. Accepting personal responsibility.__52__ __70__ 2. Discovering self-motivation.__26__ __45__ 3. Mastering self-management__30__ __33__ 4. Employing interdependence__60__ __77__ 5. Gaining self-awareness__44__ __70__ 6. Adopting lifelong learning__61__ __71__ 7. Developing emotional intelligence.__53_ __61__ 8. Believing in myselfScores?I learned that I should developed self-motivation and improved my lifelong learnings by changing my habits into new ones that could help me to accomplish my goals,

My highlights from the letter to the next classIn this class I have learned that everyone makes mistakes, if you encounter a problem do not avoid it go straight through it, because in some point of your life you will encounter the same problem again and you will know how to deal with it.

When you encounter an error on your essay or math problem you will erase it and make it right, I did the same with my way of life. I had to erase all of the bad behaviors and replace them with good ones, it was hard at first because like they say old habits die hard, but if you keep on trying you will change every single one of them, even the ones you had for a long time.

What would happen if I accomplished all my goalsIf I accomplished all of my goals I would behappy because I did what it had to be done in order to succeed in life.

And another thing that would happen if I accomplished all my goals, is to find another things to do, sometimes it gets boring doing the same things.