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for the class Principles of Written Communication 2


<ul><li> 1. Portfolio and Presentation Project Principles of Written Communication ENG007 Cindy Cruz-Cabrera about.me/cindycruzcabrera en.gravatar.com/cindycatz </li></ul> <p> 2. COURSEWORK - 20% Portfolio 3. Portfolio &amp; Document Requirements 1 long brown envelope 1 short folder with pockets per document (for drafts) 1 short folder for the final published copy of all documents Regular / letter / 8 by 11 WHITE bond paper Black ink for text One inch margins all around 4. Documents in the Portfolio 5. 1: Proposed Areas of Discussion Three proposed areas / subjects Under each proposed area / subject should be the possibilities and options for discussion Narrowing down of the topic Issues stated and formulated as questions Possible directions to take for the topics 6. 2: Chosen Area of Inquiry and Thesis Statements Claim of Fact Claim of Value Claim of Policy May submit more than one area plus corresponding thesis statements if you are still deciding 7. 3: Objectives of Research for Each Thesis Statement General objectives Specific objectives SMART objectives 8. SMART Objectives 9. 4: The Research Design / Plan Paragraph or outline form Adaptations made to the research process Flow chart / schematic 10. 5: The Research Abstract Paragraph form Details in narrative form the following: Introduction and origins of the study Questions asked that led to the study Thesis statements (or answers) Objectives and Research Plan Written as if the paper has already been written (present tense when about what the paper achieves) 11. 6: The Review of Related Literature Paragraph form Facts, advancements, achievements, relevant studies and breakthroughs Assignment on Tribal Disputes sample Precis, Paraphrase and Quote Citation and Bibliography 12. 7: Correspondence for Research Purposes Written to people and institutions that are instrumental to your research Request for interviews Inquiry Use of facilities Observation ETC. 13. FINAL EXAM 40% Presentation 14. Presentation Requirements Member of a group of 3 Powerpoint presentation Set of final version of documents - published (printed out) Group members must schedule their final presentation within the same hour / session 15. Presentation Format Groups report together, assist each other Reports are individual efforts with assistance from groupmates Individual presentations should be 10 to 20 minutes long May use other multimedia, as long as there is attribution and it fits in the presentation time </p>