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Porous Concrete is an important application for sustainable construction and is one of many low impact development techniques used by builders to protect water quality. The high porosity of Concrete allows water from precipitation and other sources to pass directly through, thereby reducing the runoff from a site and allowing groundwater recharge. It is traditionally used in parking areas, areas with light traffic, residential streets, pedestrian walkways, and greenhouses


<ul><li> 1. Water is Life!</li></ul> <p> 2. Our Cities during Rainfall! 3. Current Scenario* The city receives about 800 MM of Average rainfall per annum. From 2005-2013 , the ground Water level has dropped by 233%**. By 2031 , the water demand will increase by 122%**. Moreover, 60% **of Rain water or storm water is wasted or polluted as it isdrained in sewer.* The above data is For Gurgaon City.**As per Reports by Centre For Science and Environment , New Delhi 4. Concrete that percolates water Porous or Pervious, meansallowing water to pass through. concrete with high porosity thatallows water from precipitationand other sources to passdirectly through.Also called PermeableConcrete-No finesConcrete 5. So! How does it solve the Problem?Efficient Storm WaterManagement:0% Flooding or no standing waterEnvironmental Management:100% Infiltration Capacity helps torecycle ground water reservoir .Filter Rain water, helps reduce waterPollutionReduce cost on Storm waterInfrastructure:100% Cost savingThe Infiltration capacity ofthe Concrete varies fromvaries from 72 to 500litres/hrs. Thus saving rainwater by efficient stormwater Management. 6. So! How does it Work ? 7. Where can I use it?PavementsWalkwaysParking Lots Green Houses 8. Its Basic StructureCement +Pozzoluna (FlyAsh)100% CoarseAggregatewithmaximumsize of 12.5mm0 % FineAggregateVoids-15%to 35%Water andAdmixture 9. Lets Design!Design Mix For 1 m3 volume: (As per IS 10262:2009) Cement(OPC 43): 240 kg Fly ash: 112 kg Coarse Aggregate(12.5 mm Sieve Passing):1910 Kg Admixture( Naphthalene Based) : 0.4%(240+112): 1.50 Kg Water: 170 kg 10. Product Properties Fresh Density : 2425 Kg/m3 Infiltration Capacity: 450 litres/hours Compressive Strength at 7 days: 10 N/mm2 Compressive strength at 28 days: 15 N/mm2 11. Its a LEED rated Product ! LEED Credit (SS- C6.1) Storm WaterManagement Rate and Quantity LEED Credit (SS- C6.2 ) Storm WaterManagement Quantity Control U.S. Environmental ProtectionAgency (EPA) recognizes its use as BestManagement Practice. 12. Thanks </p>


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