Popular CNG Cars – Autoportal India names few present-day CNG cars

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<ul><li><p>Popular CNG Cars Autoportal India names few present-day CNG cars </p><p>Due to the steady rise in petrol prices, more and more people nowadays are opting for an </p><p>alternative source of fuel like LPG or CNG. Per kilometre running cost of CNG is much </p><p>cheaper compared to other fuels. Switching on to CNG cars is also a step towards </p><p>environment protection as emissions from CNG cars are low in reactivity and toxicity. </p><p>Although a car with a CNG kit may cost more than a petrol model at the point of purchase, </p><p>this can be recovered within 1-2 years. Company-fitted CNG cars in India are costlier than </p><p>the aftermarket ones, but they come with complete peace of mind. Some of the cars that come </p><p>with an in-built CNG kit from popular brands are listed here. . To know more about auto </p><p>industry news, upcoming car models, latest cars ,used cars etc , Follow AutoPortal India on </p><p>Google+. </p><p>Maruti CNG cars </p><p>Maruti Suzuki seems to be the popular leader in the CNG race where most of their cars are </p><p>sold in CNG versions. Some of the cheap ones are Maruti Alto 800, Alto K10, Maruti Omni, </p><p>Maruti Eeco, Maruti Zen Estilo and Maruti Wagon R falling in the price range of Rs 3 to Rs 5 </p><p>lakhs. Maruti Alto 800 CNG yields an impressive mileage of 30.46 kilometres per litre. The </p><p>new entrant to the market - Maruti Celerio Green VXi is a CNG model and is a good option </p><p>to consider at Rs 4.7 lakhs. Maruti Ertiga and SX4 also get CNG models but they cost </p><p>slightly more costing Rs 8 lakhs plus. Also Check about BMW i8 Price in India Visit: </p><p>AutoPortal.com . </p></li><li><p> Tata Nano </p><p>Tata Nano eMAX is the lowest priced CNG powered car in India. Another significant </p><p>advantage of this car over its rivals is that the CNG kit does not eat into the luggage and </p><p>passenger space. The CNG cylinder tank is smartly fitted under the drivers seat. Also, it has </p><p>the lowest CO2 emission among all cars in India. This car is available in CX and LX variants </p><p>priced at Rs 2.41 lakhs and Rs 2.67 lakhs respectively. </p></li><li><p> Honda City and Amaze sedans </p><p>Next in popularity are the beautiful sedans from Honda Motors. Amaze, the car that been </p><p>selling in good numbers since its launch is also available in a CNG format. The CNG variant </p><p>is called the 1.2 S MT Plus (i-VTEC) and has been tuned for CNG compatibility via </p><p>optimised suspension and specific wiring harness. The Amaze CNG variant is just Rs 50000 </p><p>pricier than its petrol models. Likewise the companys best-seller City also offers CNG on its </p><p>top-of-the-line trim. Honda City CNG is actually the company's first CNG vehicle powered </p><p>by a 1.5 litre single overhead cam i-VTEC engine, which can run on either petrol on CNG. </p><p>But this will come pretty expensive at almost Rs 10 lakhs. If you have any query related to </p><p>Automotive news , auto industry news ,latest car models, upcoming cars , used cars etc. </p><p>follow Auto Portal on Quora. </p></li></ul>


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