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2. When you make popcorn you pour oil into the pot,put it on the stove, and thenadd the kernels. 3. Even with the fire on, nothing happens right away, and you maywonder whether the kernels are any good, but within a minute ortwo they all start popping. 4. In your youth, when youre studying and learning, youre like thatpopcorn on the stove of training, slowly soaking in the oil waiting for the right time to ... 5. P ! All the popcornP Odoesnt pop at once. At the beginning only a couple kernels have popped, just like the things you learn take time to blossom and show themselves useful. 6. But soon, like that popcorn, theres going to be an explosion of theLords Spirit through you, and youre going to be poppin all over the place! 7. When youre tempted to give up, or all your studyingand effort doesnt seem to be making a difference, dont give up! Be patient, your time is coming. 8. Keep at this time of training and learning! It wont be long beforeall that youve faithfully studied comes shining forth. Its gonna happen! 9. {the end}S&S link: Character Building: Perseverance-2cContributed by Tomoko Matsuoka, based on the writings of Maria Fontaine. Illustrations by Merkel. Designed by Yoko Matsuoka.Copyright 2010 by The Family International