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Polymorphic switches & poly-joysticks

for space and earth control systems3. Compact, robustPolymorphic Switch (PS)2. Multifunctional1. Simple a unified design

easy to produce, cheap and reprogrammable polymeric micro-joysticks are used for replacement of switches, toggle-switches and switches package in digital systems. 1PS consists of two elements:Printed circuit board with a microcontrollerElastic element with a tenzoresistive coating

The microcontroller analyses the polymer tenzoresistors applied onto the elastic element. It calculates the displacement direction of the operating handle, and transmit the computed value to a digital data bus. 23


Three-positional switchTumblerLimit switchesTrackpointPress-buttonRotary switchJoystickMulti-position switchSlide-type regulator++++++

MultifunctionalityPS can perform functions of different switching devices 3

In three-dimensional joysticks for 3D games and simulators

Scopes of PS application 4In aircraft control systems in high acceleration conditions In control systems for complex multijointed machinery and technological objectsAs a multiple touch in cell phones, remote controls for TVIn three-dimensional control systems for medicine and engineering

Competitive advantagesversatility;multifunctionality;reprogrammable;usability;low metal and materials consumption;low cost of production;robust technology simplicity;compact, low weight;possibility of operating in vacuum or dusty environment;noiseless. 5Comparison parametersEasyPointPSProduction & PatentingPatent clearanceLicense coverageRF patentsPriority countriesEU, USARussian FederationHigh-tech materials consumptionhighmediumTechnology costhighlowCapital intensityhighlowTechnical characteristicsWeight >2,0 g0,2-0,6 gMeasurements 66 mm, 1212 mmfrom 10x10 up to 25x25 mmMass production cost (iro electronic module)from $3 up to $6up to $1Functioning under accelerationimpossiblepossibleFunctioning in varying magnetic fieldimpossiblepossibleExpansion stroke+/ 0.73 mm+/ 1015 mmMaximum quantity of switchers in a system15 and moreParallel mode acceptabilitynoup to 3 per 1 channelAcceptability of closely spaced joysticksnoyesApplication scopesCell phonesyesnoMP3 playersyesnoGPS navigatorsyesyesPC mousesyesyesGamepadsyesyesGame concolesyesyesInternet-TV remote control yesyesToggles, switchesinexpedientyes1-upto-5-positional switchersinexpedientyes1- and 2-axis joysticksyesyesLimit switchesinexpedientyesTilt sensorsnoyesPolymorphic switchpartlyyesA close analogue solution to the polymorphic switch is the EasyPointTM N40P107 Single Module (http://www.austriamicrosystems.com/eng/Easypoint).Its a two-dimensional sensor of a linear displacement based on a contactless magnetic detection of motion by Hall sensors.Analogue comparison

EasyPointTM N40P107Single ModulePolymorphic Switch prototype

6Poly-joystickThe poly-joystick has a fixed handle on which a number of polymorphic switches are arranged.

1 - handle 2- body of the handle 3 - minijoysticks4 handle arch 5 handle arch forepart 7

Some of PS are used for mini-joysticks to control maneuvering, others are programmed for display switches selection and activation.

Concept of Information Input System (IIS)1. Maneuvering is commanded by a set of microjoysticks: there are 2 microjoysticks both on the left and on the right operating handle.They provide an easy maneuvering with 6 degrees of freedom.

2. Switches are virtually displayed on a data panel by groups. For controlling switching elements there are 6 polymorphic switches: 3 per handle. Developed IIS allows to operate both separate switches and groups at the same time.

3. Operating handles for left and right hands are mirror copies of each other. In a software they are divided into "main" and "auxiliary" depending on whether a pilot is a left- or a right-handed person.It allows to duplicate elements programmatically without increasing their quantity.Steering is carried out by fingers only while the hand stays still.

Due to this feature manoeuvring ability is increasing manyfold as well as a control speed. 8Poly-joystick advantages1. With a set of microjoysticks the hand does not need to move, it gives an incredible manoeuvring ability which is unobtainable with other control facilities.2. While switching and maneuvering it is not necessary to take a hand off from an operating handle. 3. In the IIS there are two handles which a pilot can hold on during an exposure to high acceleration. It eases steering. 4. The maneuvering and controlling speed increases.

1 poly-joystick2 data display panel12 9A combination of two polyjoysticks + data display panel is much more convenient and functional than a combination of joystick + touch-sensitive panel for the following reasons:A set of microjoysticks gives a possibility of easy object controlling with 6 degrees of freedom and an incredible manoeuvring ability which is unobtainable with other control facilities.Illustration of spacecraft steering (video clip)

10Experimental observation of a IIS controlling elements activation timeThe minimum activation time without any operators training is 0,6 sec. Considering that a minimum time of visual recognition is not less than 0,4 sec, this is a good result.11

D1, D2 and D5 have the minimum activation time.D3 and D4 have the maximum activation time.


In June, 2012, polyjoysticks and polymorphic switches were shown for the first time at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF) within a Skolkovo Startup Supermarket.Pekka ViljakainenSkolkovo President AdviserVictor OrlovskiyMember of the BoardSenior Vice President of SberbankPeter VesterbackaRovio company founderAngry Birds developer1213Company historyLaboratory for an electroconductive polymer synthesis, experimental samples manufacturing and long duration testing.Founded in 2004 in Rybinsk, Yaroslavl Region, Russia.Key Russian Federation patents and international patent applications on the scope of works.2012, Basic research in the field of information input systems for onboard spacecraft controlling on the basis of polymorphic switches R&D contract for Russian Federation Ministry of Education and Science.2011, Tenzosensor achieves status of Skolkovo resident company in a Space technologies and telecommunications cluster.

Tenzosensor works in the sphere of high technologies.13

2009-2011, Polymeric microjoysticks base production technology R&D contract for Russian Federation Ministry of Industry and Trade.

Autumn 2012, $900K Skolkovo grant PatentsTenzosensor is an initiator of a development of devices based on resistive polymeric films.

Tenzosensor owns 4 key patents and proceeds with two international patent applications.

14Vladimir Nikitin CEO, company founder PhD in Technical sc., idea man, experienced task statement maker and R&D organizer 24 patents, 100+ publicationsRoman Belov Chief Production OfficerResearch engineer, highly skilled designer and experienced head officer Senior managementErnst Semenov Director of SciencePhD in Engineering, skilled experimenter and professor 13 patents, 150+ publicationsAlexey Bersenev Chief Development OfficerSpecializes on team building, negotiations and technology push strategy; psychologistOlga Nikitina Chief Financial OfficerEconomic and innovation projects management degrees, language skills


Vladimir Zinov Independent directorPhD in Economical sc., specializes on market potential analysis and legal reviews Robert A. Lain Independent directorPhD, SPACINOV CEO, worked on space programmes and science missions in various countries since 1970 Chief officersKnows how much money we need for the above mentionedWill market it Will make it Knows how to create itKnows the marketKnows what the next step isKnows how to realize it 16

Tenzosensor team unites people of different creative ages


1717Contact usAlexey BersenevChief Development Officer

+7(964)551-9911a.bersenev@tenzosensor.ruOlga NikitinaChief Financial Officer

+7(963)694-1989o.nikitina@tenzosensor.ruwww.tenzosensor.ruOn the Web Site


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