Pollution and global warming

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Pollution and Global Warming

Pollution And Global WarmingAn issue of Sustainable DevelopmentPresented By:Himani ShuklaEshan GuptaRushna FarooqShreya NigamShambhavi ShuklaHimani Shukla

Where are we going?

Himani Shukla

Pollution from vehicles and airplanes in the form of harmful gases like CO2

Himani Shukla

And harmful smoke from Industries from the usage of coal, oil, gases

Himani Shukla

By these actions, What do you think your ultimate destination is?Answer is not

Himani Shukla

And not

Himani Shukla

But, the answer is thisand

Himani Shukla

Lets compare our present to our futurePresent


Himani Shukla

SHOCKED?But this is the bitter truth.Himani Shukla

Global warmingThe next big thing..UnfortunatelyHimani Shukla

What is Global Warming?Google says-

In Layman Terms- Global warming is a slow steady rise in Earth's surface temperature.

Himani Shukla

How is it caused?It is caused due to various reasons.One major cause of global warming is the effect of greenhouse gasesOther causes include deforestation, over-population, burning of fossil fuels, etc.

Himani Shukla

How do you understand the effect of global warming?Imagine a locked car standing under scorching summer sun.The heat from the sun is entering into the car cabin, through the windshields.This heat is trapped inside the car and has no where to escape, causing the car to heat up IMMENSELY!

And now, imagine yourself trapped in that car too.Himani Shukla

Unimaginable Isnt it?Himani Shukla

But the fact isThe earth is the car. and you indeed are trapped in this car.Himani Shukla

HoweverAs a matter of fact, the nature has provided us with certain shields which can help us escape that situation. These shields are -

Himani Shukla

But, our actions are creating holes in this cover

Himani Shukla

These holes are causing ice caps to melt

Himani Shukla

Waters are warmer, more probability of hurricanes

Himani Shukla

And increased temperature of earth.

Himani Shukla

Moreover, someone is losing their habitat by every passing day..

Himani Shukla

Can we stop it?No.

But can we control it?

Definitely!!Himani Shukla

How?Promote Afforestation. Use measures to control pollution from industries and vehicles.Be more aware about burning waste, instead, promote ways to recycle it.

Himani Shukla

You have already lived your part.You probably will die with satisfactionHimani Shukla

But.Your coming generation might have to make lot of efforts to buy clean oxygen cylinders to breath

Himani Shukla

So How are we doing now?The clock is ticking.


Or rather

Think fast.Himani Shukla

Thanks.We are open for Discussions nowHimani Shukla


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