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LLP Comenius I.P.I.L.I.A.! project Cook BookPolish part, SP171 Warszawa Wesola


<ul><li>1. </li></ul> <p>2. 3. 100 gmargarine 500 gflour 250 ghoney 125 gsugar 1heaped spoonfuls cocoa 1egg 1 tspbaking powder 1 tspspices: cinnamon, cloves ,kardamom, ginger, piment pinchof salt 2egg whites 250 gpowdered sugar 1 tspstarch 1 tsplemon juice 4. W armf at, honey, sugar, spices and cocoa in a pot dont boil. Then cool well. Put flour, egg, baking powder andsalt to a bowl. Add the mixture. Knead the dough. Cool in a fridge for 1 hour. Roll out the dough with the rolling pin. Cut shapes with cutters or make own shapes.Bake for 10 minutes in the 200 C oven. Cool. Keep ginger cakes for 2 weeks in a tin box. FROSTING Put all ingredients into a bowl and mix well until fluffy. Add some colour if you like. Decorate the cakes. 5. 150 ghoney 300 gsugar 400 gflour 50 gbutter 1egg 2 tsp.baking soda rum flavour ground spices 1 tspcloves 1 tspcinnamon tsppiment some dried fruit, raisins, orange peel, nuts and almonds to add and to decorate the top TOPPING 100 gsugar2 tbspmilk 80 gmargarine 2 tbspnatural cocoa 6. Greasethe form and sprinkle some breadcrumbs over the fat.Pourthe batter. Bakein a 175 degree oven. TOPPING Put s ugar, milk, margarine and cocoa into a pot.Heatand boil slowly until thick. Removefrom heat and pour over the cake.Decoratethe cake quickly when the topping is hot. Put 200 gsugar in a pot and melt the sugar.Addquickly 1 glass of warm water.Addhoney and spices. Creamthe egg ,the rest of sugar and butter with a blender.Addthe flavour.. ! DANGER ask your parent or teacher to help you. Cut dried fruit, orange peel, nuts and almonds, add raisins and sprinkle with flour. Addto the batter and stir carefully. Addsome liquid and flourwith soda and againuntil the end. The batter is thin. 7. YEASTDOUGH 300 g sugar 300 g margarine 1 kilo flour 100 g yeast 7 eggs 2 pkt vanilla sugarmilk FILLING 1 kilopoppy seed 300 gsugar 50 gbutter 1 tbsphoney 30 gyeast 3egg whites 400 graisins, cut almonds, walnuts, orange rind. 8. YEAST DOUGH Stir yeast, some sugar, warm milk, flour and a pinch of salt in a small bowl. Wait till it rises. Putit to the flour.Mixeggs with sugar and vanilla sugar.Addto flour. Warmmilk and add too. The dough must be soft.Kneadwell and leave in a warm place to rise. Meltmargarine,coolit andaddto dough.Kneadandleaveagain. Putsome flour on a board androll the dough. Coverwith poppy seed and roll together. Putin a long tin,waitagain till it rises andbake . FOR TEACHERS DIFFICULT Scaldpoppy seed with boiling water.Drain .Grindthe poppy seed 2 times. Cutalmonds, nuts, dried fruit. Mixpoppy seed with honey, sugar, butter and yeast.Addnuts and sweetmeats.Mixall very well. Beatthe egg whites into a froth andaddto the poppy mixture . S tirdelicately with a spoon.FILLING Useready filling ormakeone. 9. 1 glassof wheat grains 2 glassesof poppy seed half glassof sugar 1almond aroma rind of1lemon4 tablespoonsof honey 100 galmonds 100 gwalnuts 100 gsweetmeats apricots, figs, raisins, orange peel, cranberry 2 tablespoonsof cream 10. Putwheat grain into water and steep overnight. Boilthe grain until soft and drain water. Scaldpoppy seed with boiling water.Drain . Grindthe poppy seed. Cutalmonds, nuts, dried fruit. Mixwheat and poppy seed with honey,sugar and cream.Addnuts and sweetmeats. Mixall very well with a spoon.Smacznego! 11. 12. 1 vodka glass of strongalcohol about50 g 800 gflour 150 gbutter 4 tbspcream 2 tbspsugar 4eggs 4egg yolks 13. Kneadall ingredients.Hithard for 5 minutes with the rolling pin.Putto the fridge for 1 hour. Cuta small piece of the dough androllvery thin sheets.Cutlong thin rectangles andcuta hole in the middle. Heatoil in a pan. Fryfaworki on both sides.Puton tissue paper to drain. Puton a big plate layer by layer.Sprinkleeach layer with icing sugar. Putone end to the opening andpullgently. 14. Doughnuts - ingredients kgmki4 dagdrody 200 mlciepego mleka 2 ykistopionego masa 50 gcukru 2tka szczypta soli 1kieliszek alkoholu (rum) 20 dagkonfitury1 loleju do smaenia 1biako cukier puder kgflour 4 dagyeast 200 mlwarm milk 2tbspmelted butter 50 gsugar 2egg yolks a pinch of salt 50 gal c ohol (rum) 20 dagapricot confiture 1 loil to fry 1egg white powdered sugar to sprinkle 15. Stiryeast, some milk, sugar and salt togetherandpourto the flour.Letitgrow . Kneadthe dough well until it doesnt stick to your hand.Leaveit to grow again until it doubles. Pourflour to a big bowl or pot. Lookat the pictures and proceed as you see. DANGER!!! The fat is hot. Ask for help. 16. 17. 600 gflour 400 gmargarine 200 gicing sugar 3hard-boiled egg yolks 2yolks 1egg 1lemon rind 1 packetvanilla sugar FROSTING 250 gicing sugar 3egg whites 1 tbsplemon juice 1 tspstarch stir all until fluffy or buy a ready one or FUDGE 1/2 lmilk 400 gsugar 1vanilla pod 50 gbutter boil slowly untilthick and stir SWEETMEAT FOR DECORATION 18. Put flour ,margarine ,icing sugar ,vanilla sugar ,yolksandeggin a bowl. Boil 3eggs.Rubthe yolks through a sieve.Coolin a fridge for one hour. Rollout the dough to form flat shapes 1-2 cm thick. Rollsome dough to make a border adound the shape. Spreadsome frosting, fudge or chocolate on the cake. Decoratewith dried fruit, nuts, almonds. You can use sweet decorations from the shop , too . Gratethe lemon rind. Kneadwell all ingredients. Heatthe oven to 200 C.Bakefor 10-1 5minutes. 19. Beat1 litreofegg yolksin a churn for an hour. Pour4 cupsof dry flour,2 cupsof sugar,2 cupsof yeast and beat another hour. O LDTRADITIONAL RECIPE Pour toa form and put on a warm stove unti it is as high as 2 fingers from the edge. It is very light and delicate. This kind of cake needs a warm place. Make it in a hot room or best in a bakery. Then put into a very hot oven for three quarters of an hour . After that put out the upper fire in the oven and cover your BABKA with thin paper. Take out of the oven very carefully and put together with a form on a pillow. Remember not to shake the form with the dough and after you take the cake out! Take out of the form when it is cold . To check the temperature of the oven put some flour and check if it burns it is too hot, if it bakes brown the temperature is good. </p>