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Polish painters. JAN Alojzy MATEJKO (1838-1893). In total he painted about 200 paintings . His most famous works include oil on canvas paintings of numerous battles and court scenes, and a gallery of Polish kings. His most famous works. Battle of Grunwald. Royal jester. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Polish painters

Polish painters

JAN Alojzy MATEJKO(1838-1893) In total he painted about 200 paintings. His most famous works include oil on canvas paintings of numerous battles and court scenes, and a gallery of Polish kings.


His most famous worksBattle of GrunwaldRoyal jester

Conversation with God

Stanisaw Ignacy Witkiewicz(1885-1939)Hes commonly known as Witkacy . He was a writer, playwright, poet, painter, photographer, philosopher. He painted mostly landscapes and portraits. He worked in an avant-garde group of artist who created a new direction in art formism. He was a creator of the Zakopane style.

His most famous works

Creation of the worldSelf-portrait

Australian lanscapeJzef Marian Chemoski 1849-1914

He was a painter, who represented the trend in art called "Polish Patriotic Painting". The works that he followed were landscapes and villages. His paintings express love of nature and country people life.

His most famous works

The storksPartriges on the snowThunderstorm

His most famous worksIndian summerMigration of CranesJacek Malczewski(1854-1929) He was one of the most famous painters of Polish symbolism. He painted portraits and folk life scenes. Malczewski's paintings were abounding with sorrow and mystery, fantastic and unreal creatures: angels, chimeras, fauns etc.

His most famous works

MelancholyPolish HamletPoloniaHis most famous works

Don Kichot and Sancho Pansa

Christ in Emmaus

Stanisaw Wyspiaski1869 1907Polish painter, secessionist. He painted numerous portraits of women, children, self-portraits, impressionistic landscapes of Krakow. He was excellent in pastels. He was also famous as an illustrator of books and as the playwright,poet as well as interior and furnituredesigner. He developed his skills designing stained-glass windows. HIS MASTERPIECES

MotherhoodSleeping StaBend of the Vistula river

God the Father bringing the world out of chaos

Nikifor1895-1968Hes known asNikifor Krynickiand Epifaniusz Drowniak.Nikifor painted over 40,000 pictures - on sheets of paper, pages of notebooks, cigarette cartons, and even on scraps of paper glued together. He became famous as a primitivist painter.His masterpieces

Smoking chimneys

Railway station in Krynica

Tadeusz Makowski1882 - 1932He was a prominentPolish painter active inFrance for most of his life. Makowski started off as alandscape painter but then shifted towardsPost-Impressionism andCubism. He met Pablo Picasso, who was his good friend.His masterpieces

Poisoned WellFlowers in front of a cottage

Landscape from BritannyHis masterpieces

Julian Faat1853 - 1929He was one of the most prolificPolish painters ofwatercolor and one of the country's foremost landscape painters as well as one of the leading Polish impressionists.His masterpieces

Old man praying


Winter landscape with a riverZdzisaw Beksiski1929-2005Polish painter, draftsman, sculptor, photographer and artist who used computer graphics.

His masterpieces

Dead SeaLodowy Tyn MorwBad Wierg

Jerzy Duda-Gracz1941 - 2004Polish painter, surrealist and symbolist. He was described as "insightful satirist. His painting has always aroused strong emotions. Presenting the people with a grotesquely deformed bodies and using of symbols, he exposed the human flaws - stupidity, intolerance, hypocrisy, arrogance, laziness, blind fascination with money and American culture.His masterpieces

Ora et colaboraIndian summer

Big emigrationTadeusz Kantor1915 - 1990 He painted in a surrealistic style. Kantors painting is characterized by abstractness and departure from all conventions in an art.

His masterpieces

Abstract CompositionHis masterpieces

Green UmbrellaThank you for your attentionThe end