police uncover bombs in owerri church

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    MONDAY, JUNE 16, 2014**

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    Six suspects arrested; Okorocha lauds security agentsSays it would have been a huge disaster

    Police uncover bombsin Owerri church




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    OWERRITHE police, yesterday,averted what could haveamounted to the worstdisaster in the southernpart of the country byterrorists, as it defused

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    Police uncover bombs in Owerrichurch

    Dont worry about anything; instead, prayabout everything.... Then you will experienceGods peace, which exceeds anything we canunderstand...

    The majority of men meet with failure becauseof their lack of persistence in creating new plansto take the place of those which fail NapoleonHill

    NAPOLEON Hill, in one of his famous booksmade a distinction between people. And hesaid the difference between people who are able tolive a fully functioning life and to attract riches andwellness and happiness and abundance and pros-perity into their lives is that the people who do thathave something that he called a burning desire.

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    LAUNCHINGFrom left: Sheik Dahiru Usman Bauchi; Speaker House of Representatives,Aminu Tambuwal; Vice President Mohammed Namadi Sambo; Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Sa'ad Abubakar;at the launching of N1.9 billion Appeal Fund for the construction of International Islamic Centre inAbuja,yesterday. Photo: State House, Abuja.

    three improvised ex-plosive devices, IEDs,carefully planted in theLiving Faith Church,(Winners Chapel),Owerri that accommo-dates more than 10,000worshippers.

    Imo State Governor,Chief Rochas Okorocha,in his reaction, said thebombs had the capacityto cover about 500 me-tres and could have beena huge disaster if theyhad exploded asplanned by the terror-

    ists.Following the report

    that the police had un-covered and defused theexplosives, palpable ten-sion and confusion en-veloped Owerri, ImoState capital as residentswere apprehensive thatmembers of the dreadedIslamic sect, BokoHaram, must have beenresponsible for it.

    Already, all the secu-rity chiefs operating inthe state, have visitedthe church premises, lo-cated off Port HarcourtRoad, Owerri, to have afirst hand assessment of

    the planned bomb at-tack.

    Addressing newsmenshortly after inspectingthe area, the Commis-sioner of Police, CP, Mr.Abdulmajid Ali, con-firmed that six personshave been arrested inconnection with theplanned bomb attack

    The CP explained thatsoon after getting infor-mation about the strangeobjects, the anti-bombunit of the Commandwas immediately des-patched to the scene.

    According to Ali, thepolice have disabled thedevices, while seriousinvestigations have com-menced to uncover thosebehind the plot.

    He appealed to resi-dents of the state not topanic but to be more se-curity conscious, espe-cially as the foiled at-tempt ought to be an eyeopener to all.

    We are worried aboutthe development butpeople should be vigi-lant. People should bevery curious about any-thing they see withintheir surroundings. Peo-ple should however notpick up anything. Theyshould contact the secu-rity agencies any timethey see strange ob-jects, the CP cautioned.

    The police bosspleaded with thecitizenry to be consciousof what is happening intheir surroundings, add-ing that people mustlearn to see any strangefellow with suspiciousmovement as a suspect.

    Although the pastor incharge of the church,Moses Oyedele, de-clined to speak to jour-nalists on the matter, amember of the securitygroup in the church, Pas-

    tor Chike Odenigbo,said it was one of hiscolleagues who noticedthe two explosivesplanted at the gate andanother at the churchauditorium, which hesaid accommodatesmore than 10,000 wor-shippers at a time, thatalerted them of the sus-picious devices.

    The founder of thechurch had said it aboutthree weeks ago that weshould not allow anyvehicle to come into thechurch premises. So, westarted the stop andsearch process lastweek. We are expectingthat God will continue towork for us,Odenigbosaid.

    At press time, the po-lice had cordoned off thearea, thereby restrictingboth human and vehicu-lar movement, while wor-shippers were divertedto the Heroes Squarealong Concorde Avenue,Owerri.

    When Vanguard vis-ited St. Mulumbas Par-ish, Owerri, the ParishPriest, Rev. Fr. GeorgeAhamefula, confirmedreceiving the securityalert pointing out thatserious measures havebeen put in place to fore-stall any attack from thedreaded sect.

    It would havebeen huge disas-ter Okorocha

    Governor RochasOkorocha, in his reac-tion said the improvisedexplosive devicesplanted in the church,would have been a hugedisaster if they had ex-ploded as planned bythe criminals.

    Okorocha, who stated

    this, while speaking tojournalists, yesterday, inGovernment House,Owerri, equally dis-closed that the bombshad the capacity of cov-ering about 500 metresrange.

    It is true that bombswere planted in WinnersChapel, today (yester-day). These bombs hadthe capacity to coverabout 500 metres rangeand would have been ahuge disaster if they hadexploded as planned bythe insurgents,Okorocha said.

    What was also worri-some to the Governorwas that the church islocated in a denselypopulated area of themunicipality. Hethanked God for savingthe lives of innocent citi-zens.

    Answering a question,Okorocha affirmed thatsome suspects have al-ready been arrested inconnection with thecrime and commendedthe security agencies forbeing alive to their du-ties.

    While assuring thecitizenry that the statehas applied necessarymeasures to stop furtheroccurrence of the uglysituation, the Governoradded that there wouldbe an emergency secu-rity meeting at the Inter-national ConventionCentre, Owerri, wherefurther security briefingwould be made availableto Imolites.

    The situation is undercontrol. Imo State is notknown for such ugly in-cidence. I, therefore, ap-peal to all Imolites andother Nigerians residentin the state, to be moresecurity conscious andalert the police aboutany suspected objects,vehicles or personsaround their vicinity,Okorocha pleaded.

    Reacting to the devel-opment, the Commis-sioner for Informationand Strategy, Dr.Theodore Ekechi, saidalthough governmentwas visibly worriedabout the ugly develop-ment, it would allow thesecurity agencies to dotheir job.

    No responsible gov-ernment and no respon-

    sible people would behappy when reports ofthings like this begin tochallenge the tranquilityand serenity of a statelike Imo, Ekechi said.

    Meanwhile, securityhas been beefed up inthe state, following thefoiled attempt to bombthe church in Owerri.

    Vanguard recalls thatthe Owerri residence offormer Governor IkediOhakim which was gut-ted by fire on May 15,was suspected to haveemanated from an incen-diary bomb thrown intothe building.

    The Imo State PoliceCommand has alsowarned members of thepublic, especiallychurches, schools, mar-kets and motor parks inthe state, to be more vigi-lant and security con-scious about their sur-roundings.

    A statement by the Po-lice Public Relations Of-ficer, PPRO, Mr. AndrewEnwerem,said anystrange objects observedin the form of refrigera-tor or air condition com-pressor, either hidden insacks or otherwise,should be reported to thepolice immediately.

    The statement advisedmembers of the public togo about their lawfulbusiness without panic,as the Command is de-termined to ensure thesafety of life and prop-erty of the residents inthe state.


    Borno State GovernorKashim Shettima hadlast week warned thatBoko Haram had the ca-pacity to extend havocacross the country, ifthey succeeded inoverrunning the North-East. He said: If BokoHaram succeeds inoverrunning the NorthEast as they seek, theywill surely want to ex-tend greater havoc toother parts of the Northand if they overrun theNorth, they would wantto extend to the South.Crisis of any type hasgot a life of its ownwhich depends on some-thing for survival.

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