Police Log 06/09/2014 Through 06/15/2014

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Police Log 06/09/2014 Through 06/15/2014


<p>For Date: 06/09/2014 - Monday </p> <p>Call NumberTimeCall ReasonAction</p> <p>14-14984 0142SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITYInvestigated Location/Address: SHELBURNE RD Post: CSGT Arvd-01:42:00 Clrd-01:46:06 Vehicle: BLK 2009 KIA SE OPTIMA LXEX Reg: PC MA 299TL7 VIN: KNAGE228295304345 Narrative: OFFICER STATED A MALE SUBJECT IS SLEEPING IN THE VEHICLE. MALE SUBEJCT TO OFFICER HE HAD A ARGUEMENT HIS GIRLFRIEND EARLIER.</p> <p> Narrative: Located a vehicle parked off the road at this locaton. Party stated he argued with GF and left his house to avoid any other issues.</p> <p>14-14985 0147TRAFFIC STOPInvestigated Location/Address: 135 HOPE ST @ 1 RUSSELL ST Post: C1 Arvd-01:47:00 Clrd-01:53:03 Vehicle: WHI 2006 DODG SW FOCUS Reg: PC VT EBF487 VIN: 1FAFP36N26W110912 Narrative: Officer stopping a motor vehicle at this location.</p> <p> Narrative: VW for 90-7.</p> <p>14-14987 0154911 ABANDONEDServices Rendered Location/Address: [GRF 415] FRANKLIN COUNTY COURTHOUSE - 425 MAIN ST Post: CSGT Disp-01:55:33 Arvd-01:55:37 Clrd-01:55:52 Narrative: Received a 911 abandoned call from this location. 126 ADVISED</p> <p> Narrative: Building under destruction checked area did not observe anything.</p> <p>14-14989 0207SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITYInvestigated Location/Address: 186 CONWAY ST Post: CSGT Arvd-02:07:00 Clrd-02:12:36 Vehicle: BLK 2003 SAA 4D Reg: PC TX 37D0975 VIN: YS3F5645S93101109 Vehicle: GRN 1995 FORD SE TAURUS GLSE Reg: PC MA 1RM495 VIN: 1FALP52U3SG177146 Narrative: OFFICER OUT WITH A PARKED VEHICLE WITH NO LICENSE PLATE</p> <p> Narrative: vehicle at roadside with no license plate. Determined to have a TEMP TX tag. Owner advsied regarding MA reg laws.</p> <p>14-14990 0218SUSPICIOUS ACTIVITYInvestigated Location/Address: [GRF 1065] CHERRY RUM PLAZA - 489 BERNARDSTON RD Post: C2 Arvd-02:18:00 Clrd-02:23:15 Vehicle: RED 2008 HOND SE CIVIC USSI Reg: PC MA 789MC4 VIN: 2HGFA55558H703627 Narrative: no one in veh. on North side of building in cherry rum plaza</p> <p>14-14991 0233MISSING PERSONInvestigated Location/Address: [GRF 1000] 22 PROSPECT AVE Post: C1 Disp-02:33:00 Arvd-02:41:58 Clrd-02:46:52 Vehicle: BLK 2002 MITS SE GALANT ESLS Reg: PC MA 9545TV VIN: 4A3AA46G72E127179 Narrative: RP states her 19yo daughter has not returned home after she was supposed to be home at 2030hrs. She works at Subway in S. Deerfield and supposedly went out with a coworker after. Party's vehicle has not been run for several days.</p> <p> Narrative: Mother made contact with daughter prior to my arrival, all ok. No need for any police assistance.</p> <p>14-14994 0315DISTURBANCEInvestigated Location/Address: 74 HIGH ST Apt. #3 Post: C2 Disp-03:17:15 Clrd-03:17:50 Post: C1 Disp-03:17:15 Arvd-03:20:13 Clrd-03:28:35 Post: CSGT Disp-03:17:56 Arvd-03:19:40 Clrd-03:28:45 Narrative: RP complaining of noise from the apartment above, states the resident in apartment 3 has been walking around creating noise</p> <p> Narrative: No problem detected, resident advises ongoing issues with party below her.</p> <p> Narrative: All quiet upon arrival.</p> <p>14-14996 0333DOMESTIC DISTURBANCEInvestigated Location/Address: 26 CRESCENT ST Post: C2 Disp-03:36:37 Arvd-03:38:36 Clrd-03:52:21 Post: CSGT Disp-03:36:39 Arvd-03:37:22 Clrd-03:51:38 Narrative: Caller reports: THE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING ANS YELLING. OFFICERS SENT</p> <p> Narrative: Determined to be argument betweeen male and female resident over the sheets on the bed. Advsied of noise at this time of day. Same will be going to sleep as will be their two overnight guests.</p> <p> Narrative: Parties were arguing about making a bed....high level of ETOH involved.</p> <p>14-14997 0355DISTURBANCECould Not Locate Location/Address: OVERPASS - WISDOM WAY Post: CSGT Disp-03:55:56 Arvd-03:58:52 Clrd-04:04:00 Post: C2 Disp-03:57:11 Arvd-04:00:53 Clrd-04:05:06 Vehicle: BRO 2006 FORD SE TAURUS Reg: PC MA 291YM3 VIN: 1FAFP56U66A129981 Narrative: MSP B2 received a call reporting kids throwing rocks off the overpass onto I91</p> <p> Narrative: Area checked no youths located. Advised MSP reporting mailboxes thrown onto highway. Recoved 29 mailboxes from highway. Suspected 5-7 mailboxes taken from Wisdom Way between bridge and Wisdom Place. Deerfield advised to check Upper and Lower Roads as a majority of mailboxes appear to come from their town. Deerfield reports a large number of mailboxes taken and damaged. Deerfield faxed a copy of mailboxes we have in evidence.</p> <p> Narrative: No one located.</p> <p> Narrative: MSP B2 ADVISES IT WAS MAILBOXES THAT WERE THROWN OFF OF THE BRIDGE ONTO 91. MSP ADVISES 17 MAILBOXES.</p> <p> Narrative: 126 advised Shelburne Control of the incident to be passed on to Deerfield PD</p> <p> Narrative: Deerfield PD advises it appears that mail has been tampered with/gone through and items removed. Passed on to 126</p> <p> Refer To Incident: 14-920-OF</p> <p>14-14998 0408DISTURBANCEServices Rendered Location/Address: 26 CRESCENT ST Post: CSGT Disp-04:09:33 Arvd-04:14:45 Clrd-04:24:07 Post: C2 Disp-04:09:45 Clrd-04:11:08 Post: C1 Disp-04:11:06 Arvd-04:13:02 Clrd-04:24:07 Narrative: RP states the disturbance upstairs has rekindled, believes it is physical at this time</p> <p> Narrative: canceled by dispatch</p> <p> Narrative: Spoke to residents, same stated there was no disturbance. All was quiet from last response.</p> <p> Narrative: Cleared for ongoing investigation on Wisdom Way to handle this call.</p> <p>14-14999 0416ASSIST CITIZENUnits Advised Location/Address: 46 FRENCH KING HWY Narrative: RP looking to speak with 126 re: her sister being "scammed"</p> <p> Narrative: Due to call volume, 126 was unable to call rp back.</p> <p>14-15000 0419FOLLOW UPInvestigated Location/Address: 193 ELM ST Post: C2 Arvd-04:19:00 Clrd-04:39:21 Narrative: Officer conducting a follow-up investigation.</p> <p>In reference to (case number): 14-14997</p> <p> Narrative: no veh at this location</p> <p>14-15001 0433FOLLOW UPServices Rendered Location/Address: UNDER WISDOM WAY OVERPASS - INTERSTATE 91 Post: CSGT Arvd-04:33:00 Clrd-05:52:13 Location Change: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST [Modified: 06/09/20140516] Post: C2 Disp-04:39:31 Arvd-04:39:32 Clrd-04:52:21 Post: CSGT Arvd-05:53:12 Clrd-06:48:31 Location Change: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST [Modified: 06/09/20140553] Post: C2 Arvd-05:53:17 Clrd-06:48:33 Location Change: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST [Modified: 06/09/20140553] Post: C1 Arvd-05:53:55 Clrd-06:48:35 Location Change: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST [Modified: 06/09/20140556] Location Change: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST [Modified: 06/09/20140556] Narrative: Collecting evidence relating to 14-14997, 14-920-OF</p> <p> Narrative: collected</p> <p> Narrative: 0520 126 and 147 processing evidence--mailboxes collected from I91</p> <p>14-15003 0607DISTURBANCENo Action Required Location/Address: [GRF 415] FRANKLIN COUNTY COURTHOUSE - 425 MAIN ST Narrative: RP complaining of noise from construction site</p> <p> Narrative: 126 advised</p> <p>14-15004 0648MALICIOUS DESTRUCTIONReport Issued Location/Address: 266 WISDOM WAY Refer To Incident: 14-921-OF</p> <p>14-15005 0648MALICIOUS DESTRUCTIONReport Issued Location/Address: ACCESS ROAD TO THE RR TRACKS - DEERFIELD ST Post: A3 Disp-07:02:07 Clrd-07:02:30 Post: A2 Disp-07:02:27 Arvd-07:12:09 Clrd-07:18:49 Narrative: CALLER STATED SOMEONE SMASHED THE WINDSHIELD IN THE BACK HOW SOMETIME OVER THE WEEKEND.. OFFICER SENT</p> <p> Narrative: Both side windows were smashed and the window linings were ripped out. Evidence collected- photos taken.</p> <p> Refer To Incident: 14-922-OF</p> <p>14-15006 0706911 SILENTUnits Advised Location/Address: [GRF 415] FRANKLIN COUNTY COURTHOUSE - 425 MAIN ST Narrative: Received a silent/static 911 call.</p> <p>14-15009 0730MALICIOUS DESTRUCTIONReport Issued Location/Address: MOHAWK TRL Post: AR2 Disp-07:31:27 Arvd-07:32:19 Clrd-07:45:22 Narrative: Report of tires slashed on an excavator.</p> <p> Narrative: 7 of 8 tires slashed, Approx cost $300-$500 each. Same was parked on in parking area of old tac shop. </p> <p>*****EXTRA CHECKS REQUESTED*****</p> <p> Refer To Incident: 14-923-OF</p> <p>14-15010 0743LARCENYReport Issued Vicinity of: 324 WELLS ST Post: A3 Disp-07:48:23 Arvd-07:48:25 Clrd-08:00:14 Vehicle: 2004 TOYT SE PRIUS Reg: PC MA 515WA4 VIN: JTDKB20U040004380 Narrative: Walk-in reports medication stolen from his MV sometime in the last week.</p> <p> Narrative: Spoke with caller who stated that, possibly last week, someone took a pill bottle containing Lorazapan (30 pills) from his vehicle. He thinks that it occurred when his car was parked at work (324 Wells Street). Report taken.</p> <p> Refer To Incident: 14-924-OF</p> <p>14-15011 0749ASSIST OTHER AGENCYServices Rendered Location/Address: [GRF 148] GREENFIELD POLICE DEPARTMENT - 321 HIGH ST Post: AINVSGT Arvd-07:49:00 Clrd-08:10:56 Narrative: Officer assisting DA's office at this location.</p> <p> Narrative: 121.6 lbs of medication turned over to FCSO for destruction. -108.108 and 114 assisted.</p> <p>14-15016 0840MALICIOUS DESTRUCTIONReport Issued Location/Address: [GRF 1053] 58 DEERFIELD ST Post: A1 Disp-08:40:41 Arvd-08:56:40 Clrd-09:21:36 Narrative: 120 reports rocks thrown at the building and windows smashed.</p> <p> Refer To Incident: 14-925-OF</p> <p>14-15017 0856ACCIDENTCould Not Locate Location/Address: 60 MOHAWK TRL @ 2 RIVER ST Post: AR2 Disp-08:58:01 Arvd-09:01:20 Clrd-09:04:27 Narrative: GOA</p> <p> Narrative: Detail officer reports an accident he was informed of by a passerby.</p> <p>14-15018 0900ACCIDENTInvestigated Location/Address: [GRF 810] BAKERS OFFICE SUPPLY - 310 MAIN ST Post: A3 Disp-09:01:28 Arvd-09:07:05 Clrd-09:36:47 Post: AR2 Disp-09:06:48 Arvd-09:07:07 Clrd-09:10:38 Vehicle: BLU 1988 TOYT PICKUP BE8501 Reg: PC MA 17NV90 VIN: JT4RN63AXJ0209828 Vehicle: BLU 2004 HOND CRV Reg: PC MA 2TBA60 VIN: SHSRD78484U230168 Narrative: ASSISTED 115</p> <p> Refer To Accident: 14-212-AC</p> <p>14-15019 0903911 MISDIALInvestigated Location/Address: FLR 1 - 15 WASHINGTON ST Post: A2 Disp-09:04:39 Arvd-09:11:46 Clrd-09:21:21 Narrative: Received a 911 misdial. Caller having issues with telephone and looking to speak with the phone company.</p> <p> Narrative: Elderly woman who was confused about what number she was dialing.</p> <p>14-15023 0922FOLLOW UPServices Rendered Location/Address: [GRF 393] DUNKIN DONUTS - 378 FEDERAL ST Post: A2 Arvd-09:22:24 Clrd-09:28:29 Narrative: Follow up with manager</p> <p>14-15024 0925FOLLOW UPServices Rendered Location/Address: 266 WISDOM WAY Post: ALT1 Disp-09:30:57 Arvd-09:39:14 Clrd-09:39:16 Narrative: Officer conducting a follow-up investigation regarding mailbox.</p> <p>14-15025 0926LARCENYNo Action Required Location/Address: 253 WISDOM WAY Narrative: Report of a stolen mailbox. RP will be to the station.</p> <p> Narrative: Party never came to station.</p> <p>14-15027 0931LARCENYNo Action Required Location/Address: 259 WISDOM WAY Narrative: Report of a stolen mailbox. RP will be in to the station to speak with an officer.</p> <p> Narrative: Parties never came to station.</p> <p>14-15028 0942ASSIST OTHER AGENCYServices Rendered Location/Address: 81 VERNON ST Post: ASGT Arvd-09:42:00 Clrd-10:13:03 Narrative: Assisting an investigator from the State A.G.'s Office with an interview at this location.</p> <p> Narrative: The subject was not at home at this time.</p> <p>14-15029 0947HAZARDOUS CONDITIONServices Rendered Location/Address: 228 FEDERAL ST @ 2 PIERCE ST Post: A1 Disp-09:48:14 Arvd-09:57:34 Clrd-10:18:22 Narrative: Caller reports the traffic lights are not functioning properly.</p> <p>14-15032 1023FOLLOW UPServices Rendered Location/Address: 60 MOHAWK TRL @ 2 RIVER ST Post: AR2...</p>