poetry types of poetry. haiku zusually has three lines zbroken into 17 syllables that are...

Download Poetry Types of Poetry. Haiku ZUsually has three lines ZBroken into 17 syllables that are strategically distributed Z5 syllables Z7 syllables Z5 syllables

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  • PoetryTypes of Poetry

  • HaikuUsually has three lines Broken into 17 syllables that are strategically distributed5 syllables7 syllables5 syllablesHas a Japanese originUsually relates to nature or seasons

  • Sample Haikus Matsuo Basho

    On a withered branch A crow has settled- autumn nightfall.


    Moist golden sponge cakeCreamy white filling of joyBoy I love twinkies

  • LimerickA form of folk verseIts specific origin is unknownThere is a specific form of rhyme arrangementThe stressed beats of the Limerick style must also fall on the natural stresses of the words being usedThe number of stressed beats must be just right so that they Limerick sounds natural

  • Limerick The Meter:The first, second an fifth lines must have three accented beats to themThe third and fourth lines have two accented beatsThe Rhyme:The most common lymerick ryme scheme is aabbaA Limerick sounds like Hickory Dickory Dock when you say it out loud

  • LimerickGenerally, the poet writing a Limerick follows a specific patter of thought. Each line should follow the set formulaTell about the subject and where he, she, or it is fromTell something about the person or thing and describe him, her or itIn lines 3 and 4, there should be a build up that relates to the second lineRound off the limerick with an unexpected and funny conclusion, thath relates to the first four lines

  • Sample LimerickI remember a fellow named LouisWho ate seventeen bowls of chop-sueyWhen the eighteenth was brought,He became overwroughtAnd we watched as poor Louis went blooie!

  • BalladA ballad often tells a storyUsually about love or romanceCan be turned into songs easilyThey are written in multiple stanzasThey usually have a set rhyme scheme of ababWritten using Iambic form, meaning that the pattern tends to go unstress, stress

  • Sample BalladMy love is like a red, red roseThats newly sprung in JuneMy love is like a melodieThats sweetly played in tune

    As fair art thou, my bonnie lass,So deep in love am IAnd I will love thee still, my dear,Tell all the seas gang dry

  • Narrative PoemTells a storyUsually fairly longUsually has a set rhyme scheme but it is not pre-determinedUsually written in stanzas

  • Sample Narrative PoemNow Sam McGee was from Tennesee, where the cotton blooms and blows.Why he left his home in the South to roam round the Pole, God only knows.He was always cold, but the land of gold seemed to hold him like a spell;Though hed often say in his homely way that hed sooner live in hell

  • Sample Narrative PoemThis is only one stanza of a 14 stanza poemThe rhyme scheme is aabb because the last word of the first two lines rhyme, and the last word of the second two lines rhymeIt tells the story about a man named Sam McGee, and there is a distinct setting, plot and characters in the poem.

  • Concrete or Shape PoetryThere are quite a few names for this type of poetryThese poems are printed on the page so that they form recognizable outlines related to the subject of the poem itselfThis helps relay further meaning about the words on the pageThe words are just as important as the image that they createIt should be perceived as a whole

  • Free VerseThis is poetry that have multiple lines with no pre-determined pattern or structureThe poet has free range to manipulate the poem as they see fitEssentially there are no rules related to how the poem looks or soundsEach Free Verse poem is very different from each other.


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