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Podium - January 2013


<ul><li><p>Braden FrakesProject Coordinator</p><p>Britton CunninghamResearch Analyst</p><p>Erin DonaldsonCopywriter</p><p>Yosa AddissDirect Marketing Manager</p><p>Anthony PellettiereCopywriter</p><p>Stefanie HartWebsite Marketer</p><p>Tiffany DantzlerCA HR Manager</p><p>Morgan BarkerAffiliate Marketing Specialist</p><p>Pam WeigandAP Associate</p><p>Prasad SomanSenior Application Developer</p><p>Robin BichselDigital Media Buyer</p><p>Sherri DickinsonAccounts Payable Associate</p><p>Kent SwansonAffiliate Marketing Spedialist</p><p>Lindsay CopelandIMS Planner</p><p>Lori TurecVP of Client Services</p><p>Josh CoburnWebsite Marketer</p><p>Jenna CooperRegional VP of Sales and Marketing</p><p>Gina MengoniPPC Designer/Developer</p><p>Holly SoptickProofreader</p></li><li><p>Angie KeiserDirector of Marketing</p><p>Manuela BelluominiStaff Accountant</p><p>Brie EdmondsSenior IMS Analyst</p><p>James McMillianSenior Planner</p><p>Brian TurrelDirector - Information Technology</p><p>Alexa ChitwoodAssociate Account Executive</p><p>John PfortmillerAssociate Account Executive</p><p>Congratulations to Drew Battleson for winning </p><p>PlattForms companywide Employee of the Month </p><p>award and Jeff Russell for winning Innovator of the </p><p>Month! The winners of these awards receive a plaque </p><p>and the employee of the month receives the coveted </p><p>reserved parking space. EOM nominations are </p><p>submitted by director-level employees and above* </p><p>and the winners are determined by PlattForms </p><p>internal board. This month there were 5 nominees </p><p>so keep up the great work, everyone!</p><p>Jeff Russell</p><p>Senior Account Executive</p><p>SEO Specialist</p><p>innovator of the monthdecember 2012</p><p>december 2012employee of the month</p><p>Drew Battleson</p><p>MELISSA MODERSOHNASSOCIATE DIRECTOR OF MEDIA SERVICES</p><p>D O N N I E C H A T M O NCREDIT &amp; COLLECTIONS</p><p>SPECIALIST</p><p>J A M O N A B E R C R O M B I EWEB DESIGNER</p><p>M A N U E L A B E L L U O M I N IACCOUNTS PAYABLE</p><p>ASSOCIATE</p><p>introducing...</p><p>TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! THESE ARE THE EXAMPLES AMONG US WHO ROCK! IF YOU ALSO WISH TO ROCK, TAKE NOTE OF THE ROCKING OF THESE INDIVIDUALS!</p><p>TAKE NOTE PEOPLE! ThESE ArE ThE ExAMPLES AMONg uS whO rOCK! If yOu ALSO wISh TO rOCK, TAKE NOTE Of ThE rOCKINg Of ThESE INDIvIDuALS!</p></li><li><p>CareerCollegeCentralturns5</p><p>Thepiataonlylastedfortwoswings,</p><p>butwehadplentyofotherwaysto</p><p>!"#"$%&amp;'"()*+!#,-*+.)-/+,'0()!/1"")andCCCswag.</p><p>!"#$%&amp;'()*+,-)#).+/)-0*.</p><p>WerenolongerinvisiblefromI35at</p><p>night.Ournewsignageservesasa</p><p>shiningbeaconoftheSERVICE</p><p>acronymweworkeverydayto</p><p>uphold.</p><p>!"#$%&amp;'(1-).+/)!%2)-0,+)*&amp;+-)"03+</p><p>23")+"4)0*'")*0)&amp;0)$"&amp;,56,#)&amp;0)*')*0)easytouse.</p><p>!"#$%&amp;'()/0.-)0,-)-+4&amp;.5)6((7)</p><p>Yeah,werekindofabigdeal.</p><p>!"#$%&amp;'(+'-)8--+(9"+:</p><p>7#&amp;89/%:"%0)!/+;"%."-)&amp;')7&amp;0/1$RB7B$CV')&amp;,3$'/*',6</p></li><li><p>!"#$%&amp;'()'*+',-+.&amp;'+/0)+123*</p><p>BrianSumnerandJennieWilliamsled!"#$%&amp;'($)*$+,&amp;-./0123$403!5&amp;**6&amp;,$7&amp;*!&amp;$8,&amp;63$.6*$96*:$;")'"$0&amp;)3#)</p><p>8=',#$,#D#*0/1$RB7B$CV')&amp;,3$'/*',6</p></li><li><p>Random Question of the month</p><p>What are you most looking forward to in 2013?</p><p>Kimberly WallaceIm looking forward to beginning a healthier lifestyle and being a year wiser. </p><p>Tyler Hermanson The Houston Rockets winning the NBA championship. But in all seriousness, Im looking for-ward to being a homeowner. My days at the Laundromat are numbered hopefully.</p><p>Alex EdwardsDressing like its 2010, partying like its 1999, and investing like its 2006. </p><p>Kaylee DouglasGraduating with my MBA!</p><p>Kate EdwardsIm most excited to watch Elliott, our adorable new addition, learn and explore new things throughout the year!</p><p>Britton CunninghamMy brothers wedding, the new Hunger Games movie, and hopefully surviving my first year in the real world. It should be interesting to say the least. </p><p>Josh CoburnThe 2013 Royals season, and hopefully first postseason appearance since 1985.</p><p>Braden FrakesMarch Madness, the NBA draft, and the new MLB season.</p><p>Scott ReeceTo see how many times Caleb Brattrud quits smoking this year. My money is on 4 times.</p><p>By Anthony Pellettiere</p></li><li><p>Random Question of the month</p><p>STEvES</p><p>1. Whose album are you most looking forward to in 2013?</p><p> Lady Gaga 10% Eminem 19% Katy Perry 7% Tim McGraw 9% Miley Cyrus 1% I choose silence. 55%</p><p>2. What is your favorite non-candy item in the Candy Cart?</p><p> Cheez-Its 36% Popcorn 20% Animal crackers 9% Granola bars 9% Fruit snacks 27%</p><p>3. The NHL is back, albeit with a shortened schedule. What are your thoughts?</p><p> Im pumped hockey is finally back! 7% Hockey? Ill stick to college basketball </p><p>51% Ill take it, but Gary Bettman is still a </p><p>horrible human being and should be fired immediately. 9%</p><p> These questions have become way too sports-centric since Steve took over Quirky Queries 33%</p><p>4. What are your thoughts on the recent Lance Armstrong debacle?</p><p> Im disappointed that he felt the need to cheat. 19%</p><p> Im happy he was able to use his celebrity to raise money for cancer research. 28%</p><p> Im just ready to move on 52% </p><p>5. Who is the best late-night host?</p><p> Conan OBrien 29% Jay Leno 9% David Letterman 19% Jimmy Kimmel 15% Craig Ferguson 2% Jimmy Fallon 26%</p></li><li><p>the new and improved...</p><p>INNOVATOR</p><p>Working Parents Jan. 16 -- Dec. 1812:00 p.m.Instructor: Nickie GibbsDo you feel a tad overwhelmed at times, trying to balance work and home life? Are you wondering how to be super dad or wonder mom, while still managing to work hard/enjoy friends/spend time with family/work out/clean house/mow the lawn/volunteer/cook meals/taxi the family around/stay healthy? So are we. Starting in January, Nickie Gibbs and Rebecca Streeter will be leading a support group for working parents, where we can share tips, tricks, ideas, struggles, wins, funny stories, and genuine support for one another. The group will meet monthly, starting the third Wednesday in January. So, come join this bound-to-be insightful group on balancing work life and parenting life.</p><p>Train the TrainerJan. 179:00 a.m. Instructor: Steve Booth Are you a new PFU Instructor or a veteran one? Either way, you will pull something away from this session. Well discuss how to create a PFU class with a variety of elements that will speak specifically to each of us, as well as hear from others about whats worked really well and not so well in their experiences. This will set the foundation for a successful 2013 for PFU!</p><p>Intro to YogaJan. 2512:00 p.m.Instructor: Nici KrehbielJoin Nici Krehbiel for an Intro to Yoga class and learn all the benefits of practicing yoga. This is great for all levels, especially if you have never taken a yoga class before and are just curious about what yoga can do for you! Wear comfortable clothes, bring your mat and join in on the fun. If you dont have a mat, dont worry, we will find one for you.</p><p>How to Get the Most Out of Your PeopleFeb. 219:00 a.m.Instructor: Erin Brackman This session is essential to any new coach at PlattForm! Well talk through the impact we have as coaches and the expectations of this responsibility. Not only will we hit on the mechanics of coaching, but well discuss key elements to becoming a better coach and overcoming challenges as we strive to inspire, energize, and </p><p>facilitate the performance of our coaches!</p><p>Live at the ImprovFeb. 289:00 a.m.Instructor: Bailee PlattWho hasnt been asked that unexpected question on a call or in a meeting? Ever find yourself feeling tongue tied? In this class we will focus on strategies and tools that can be used to fine tune that skill of thinking on your feet! Come prepared to interact and have some fun. Class length is approx. 60-90 minutes</p><p>JANuAry - fEBruAry CLASS PrEvIEw</p></li><li><p>the new and improved...</p><p>touRnament of ChampionsBy Steve Bennaka</p><p>Birthdays anniversaries1 Matt Barnett2 Josh Goodman2 Ashley McKenzie3 Clint Meade4 Tracy Keikemeier5 Jonathan Gaikwad5 Hanna Lane10 Josh Canady 10 Joel Mackey16 Danielle Hendrickson21 Sarah Liebsch22 Shane Bryan22 Rick Kitchell24 Drew Battleson28 Brandy Blubaugh31 Justin Gill</p><p>1-1994 Michael Platt1-2007 Nick Admire1-2007 Melissa Parks2-2012 Jason Baumgart2-2012 Katie Jones3-2005 Casey Liddle3-2006 Aaron Edwards3-2006 Brandon Gregory5-2009 Tracy Young9-2006 Megan Roth10-2005 Mike Athey12-2009 Caleb Brattrud13-2003 Dawn Billinger14-2008 Christine Nichols17-2011 Linda Davis</p><p>what to expect this time around...</p><p>Just Dance will be replacing Mario Kart in this years Wii portion of the Tournament of Champions. How do you plan to dominate the competition?</p><p>Christina Martin: I got so excited, I had to announce it to my pod! WHICH Just Dance? I could bring in Just Dance 3, ABBA Dance or the Michael Jackson Experience. Maybe this conversation should be my quote, be-cause it clearly shows what a dance games nerd I am. Oh dear. Im going to sound insane. </p><p>Justin Wieners: Listen, Ive been a student of dance on the streets for decades. Im tired of hiding my passion, and nows my chance to break out. Ill never forgive myself if I dont win this thing. </p><p>What is your official prediction for this years pool tournament?</p><p>Kyle Regier: This years race is up for grabs. I look forward to seeing who decides to sign up. Sometimes its all about the matchups or catching a person on a bad day. I am looking to actually medal this year since I dont think Steve Booth and I played our third-place match. He must have been scared. I hope to see him in a semifinal match this year, assuming I make it that far. I predict a new winner will be crowned this year as PlattForms pool champ. Looking for it to be me. </p><p>Caleb Brattrud: Ellie Quinter is taking home the title, hands down.</p><p>What is your strategy for the ping pong tournament and who do you see as your biggest competitor?</p><p>Andrew Morris: My strategy for the ping pong tournament is to get inside the other players head. I really need to find out what makes them tick, and then turn that against them. This might take me to a dark place, but Im willing to go there for the honor and the glory. As far as my biggest competitor? I look for the SEO team to pro-vide some minor bumps in my road, but nothing I cant pave over on my journey to glory. </p></li><li><p>Behind the Scenes:EDITORIAL BOARDDanielle HendricksonAnthony Pellettiere Erin Donaldson</p><p>DESIGN/LAYOUTAnthony PelletiereSteve Bennaka</p><p>EDITORSteve Bennaka</p><p>PUBLISHERDave Admire /PlattFormAd</p><p>STAY CONNECTED!</p></li></ul>