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January edition of PlattForm Advertising's internal newsletter the Podium










    Kris Saim

    Senior Developer

    Account Supervisor

    innovator of the monthdecember 2011

    december 2011employee of the month

    Joe Perkins

    1. On pain of death, you MUST go see one of these movies over the holidays. Which one do you choose?

    Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows 39% The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 33% Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol 15% Ill take the bullet. 13%

    2. Which Hollywood Ryan is YOUR favorite Hollywood Ryan?

    Ryan Reynolds 44% Ryan Seacrest 2% Ryan Gosling 35% Ryan Phillipe 5% I kind of thought they were all the same person... 15%

    3. With the holidays over, whats your favorite way to get through the slightly-less-exciting, wintery span of January?

    Hit the streets and go to events! Im not letting cold or sleet stop me. 27%

    Hibernate. Gather food and hot drinks, tuck them away nearby, and just sleep it out. 45%

    Ignore that it exists. If I marathon enough TV shows on instant streaming, I can actually forget what season it is outside. 28%

    4. There have been a motherload of political debates in the past few months, enough that even Donald Trump wanted in on the action for a bit. Have you been watching?

    Yes! Analyzing every word and assessing how these guys are holding up under the political pressure. 5%

    Sometimes if I have nothing else going on. And sometimes I just read the recaps on the Internet later. 29%

    Erm ... no. I kind of have better things to do than watch those yahoos snipe at each other during prime time. 65%

    5. One last holiday question before the half-on/half-off break: Which, of any, of these holiday movies is a must-see for you every season?

    Die Hard 9% Its a Wonderful Life 12% National Lampoons Christmas Vacation 34% White Christmas 7% Scrooged 7% A Christmas Story 17% Love, Actually 14%


    Congratulations to Joe Perkins for winning PlattForms companywide Employee of the Month award and Kris Saim for winning Innovator of the Month! The winners of these awards receive a plaque and the employee of the month receives the coveted reserved parking space. EOM nominations are submitted by director-level employees and above and the winners are determined by PlattForms internal board. This month there were 3 nominees so keep up the great work, everyone!

  • We are so appreciative of PlattForms

    tremendous commitment to SAVE! Not only

    has your Emmy award-winning video helped SAVE, Inc. raise over $950,000 but it has

    provided a dignified and heartfelt voice for our

    clients to sharetheir stories.

    - Sara Rowden, SAVE Inc.

    Day of Caring MovemberThink Pink Day

    Over 75 families benefited from

    PlattForms generosity over Thanksgiving. We

    appreciate all of the work PlattForm did this year and in past years!

    Thanks again for all you do.

    - Andrea Morales, Mattie Rhodes Center

    January 2011Operation For The Troops collected some much needed books, magazines and DVDs for

    military personnel in Afghanistan. Collectively, we sent care packages to eight different military bases. Your donations not only helped those fighting overseas stay connected to

    home, but helped boost morale.

    May 2011PForm sponsored the 2nd annual No Place Like Home luchean at the Overland Park Marriott to benefit SAVE. We raised over $50,000 for the organization.

    May 2011We kicked off our busy summer with PForm Day at the K. Seems everyone likes baseball and hotdogs around here. In one day, we raised a whopping $900 for the Cystic Fibrosis

    Foundation. Of course, that was between lunch, giveaways, raffles, door prizes and the game itself. Batter up! And we also rallied for a clothing and supply drive for the folks affected by

    the devastating Joplin tornado raising over $1,000 for the American Red Cross.

    February 2011PFormers whipped up their best pies, cakes and cobblers for the 1st Annual

    PForm Dessert Wars. All the proceeds went to Mothers Refuge - a local charity that helps teen moms.

    April 2011PForm hosted our 3rd Annual Paws For Cause fundraiser to help our four-legged

    friends at the Pet Connection. The event raised over $2,000 for Pet Connection. Our furry friends were thrilled. And Team Phil also volunteered and helped cheer on the

    walkers at AIDS Walk 2011.

  • Blood Drive AIDS Walk Decorating Cookies with TLC

    Movember 2011Things got a little hairy at our 1st ever Movember (yes, Movember) Moustache Contest. Over 25 guys participated to raise $$$ for the Live Strong Foundation. Congrats to Tom Anguiano who was crowned King of Facial Hair.

    October 2011PForm took part in one of the largest events for Down syndrome in the nation! Nearly a dozen PFormers helped volunteer at the Step Up For Downs Syndrome event at Arrowhead Stadium.

    June 2011The event that started it all! Nearly 25 PFormers helped make the 6th Annual Day of Caring at SAVE, Inc. our best yet. We helped landscape

    and spruce up the grounds for the folks at our charity of choice.

    June 2011SAVE, Inc commemorated their 25th anniversary in September. And PForm helped sponsor the

    event. And we also rocked Fashions Night Out where PFormers hung out and partied hang with celebrity stylist and critic Steve Cojocaru.

    Thank you, again, for this

    tremendous support for the low-

    income Kansas City families and

    kids served by Della Lamb! You

    guys at Plattform cover a substantial

    number of those little kiddos and

    its very much appreciated! These

    economic times are really hard

    right now for the working-poor

    parents trying to stretch meager

    incomes against rising costs of

    pure-basics. Once youre on the

    receiving end of grace, you never

    forget it, and it affects everything

    you do from that day on. God bless

    you guys at PlattForm! - Judy McGonigle Akers, Executive Vice President, Della Lamb

  • Ever wish you were Brad Gibbs or Tracy Kreikemeier? Getting to travel the world, well the US? Taking in and enjoying all the sites? Lucky dogsWell these stories may have you thinking twice!

    Michael Platt and Tracy Kreikemeier:Tracy knows them better than I do. Maybe she can tell you about the time I flew to Santa Ana and sat next to Michelle Wiles in the Eau de Urine (last) row. Lets just say that when I offered her a barf bag, she turned towards me to take it and was a bit off in her timing. I was still finding chunks when I got to the hotel. Or the first time I flew with Joy and we talked the entire time about how upset her brothers were that she was tra velling with a man, and that when we arrived at the hotel they said we are really sorry, but we only have one room. Needless to say, I was a gentleman and found another hotel a few miles away. Tracy: These all make me laugh. As does the time we were almost kicked off of Frontier after we walked end

    to end in the Frontier terminal twice. Or how many times you have forgotten your purse. Or almost had your bb confiscated. The list goes on and on.

    Brad Gibbs: So I am in Dallas on one of my connection flights trying to get home. The plane is over booked by 1 person, however they dont realize this which means two people have the same seat. The funny thing is when the flight attendant came back to talk to them, the two people had the same name. Not only, first name, but first name, middle name, and last name. But Ive had worse, someone died on the plane, a plane caught on fire, an engine fall off, hole in the windshield, I could go on. I put my life on the line for PlattForm every day.Aaron Edwards: I was sitting on a plane in Orange County, flight attendant gets on the intercom, I am sorry everyone, were going to have to get off the plane, there has been


    Yes, a few things. One I am drumming at a confer-ence with around 10k people. Another is me sing-ing Ballroom Blitz on Rock Band with my friends. Caleb Finley

    Absolutely not! However, my fianc has a few rap videos out there I think it made him nervous when I stumbled across them short-ly after we started dating. I love Google! Jacquelyn Koehler

    Theres an adorable video of a baby panda bear going down a slide and crashing head first into the groundI have a comment featured underneath that video. Caleb Brattrud

    No comment. -- Crazy Kerry Ann Kellerman

    Check out Hermy1034 on YouTube. Some box-ing, some dancing and some other stuff. Tylor Hermanson

    Unfortunately I am not famous in the world of YouTube. Kristen Adams

    Me and my friend Ali auditioned for Can You Duet? on CMT its still floating out there. Tiffany Romeo

    Are you featured on YouTube in any way, shape or form? If so, what is it?

    ??? ? ?? ?? ? ??MICHAEL MACKIES ?

  • a bomb threat. Im thinking to myself, probably didnt need to go into that much detail.

    Michael Mackie: Circa 2007, I went on a shoot at a school in Miami. When our crew of six arrived, the campus director literally said, What are you doing here? And I said, Were here for a week-long commercial shoot. Needless to say that particular week didnt go too swimmingly.One of my crew members caught himself on fire during a client dinner in Laredo, Texas. Literally. On fire.I went six ye