Podcasting Comic Strip Narratives to Teach Social Communication Skills

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  • 1.Podcasting Comic Strip Narratives to TeachSocial Communication SkillsTraining Presentation

2. PullTodays Technology Objectives:1. Sign in to the Wiki.2. Organize Media Files.3. Use Pixton to create a comic strip.4. Use Comic Life to embellish a photo.5. Capture a screenshot image.6. Create a Podcast in Garage Band.7. Navigate iTunes and the iPod Touch. Along the way: Add to knowledge about different types of social narratives. Set up a system of collaboration. 3. Getting OrganizedOn the Internet: Sign in to the Wiki. Review various exemplars of social narratives on the Social Communication Skills Page: http://blumlearningtools.wikispaces.com/Web+2.0+Social+NarrativesOn your computer: Create a folder entitled "social story images" in Pictures Folder. 4. PixtonSign up for an account in Pixton for Fun.http://www.pixton.com 5. Comic LifeAdd captions to your photos 6. Grabbing Screenshots 1. SMART Notebook camera 2. Applications>Utilities>Grab 7. Click to see screenshot sourcehttp://www.pixton.com/comic/8a4rhcpb 8. Garage Band PodcastOpen Garage Band and choose Voice from the project icons.Name your project (it will be saved in the Garage Band Folder in Music)To create a story with pictures (Podcast):Record the story first. Click on either the Male Basic or Female Basic track depending on yourgender. NOW record! The controls at the bottom are like a tape recorder. Tap onany key to stop recording.Add your media next. But you will have to add a Track for that in order todrag your artwork (media) into the project. Go to the Garage Band Toolbar and select Track>Podcast Track.***TIP*** Have images in iPhoto before starting! They will show up in themedia browser. Otherwise drag image files from Finder. Use click and drag to get the images to show the way you want during theaudio.Share the completed project with iTunes to sync onto the iPod:When the story is finished, you can watch it on the computer, and iPod orshare it with the web. Go to the Garage Band Toolbar and select Share>Send to iTunes forplaying on the computer and/or synching it on an iPod. 9. iTunesCreate a playlist named "social stories".Drag your story from the music library into your newplaylist.iPod TouchManage student assigned iPods manually.Complete Feedback survey on the Training Feedbackpage of the Wiki. PullCheck out your iPod Touch.