podcast episode 69 2015 - superhero who is in fact fueled by bulletproof coffee and the paleo diet

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  • Paleo Magazine Podcast Episode 69

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    Podcast Episode 69



    Host: Welcome to PMR, Paleo Magazine Radio, where we bring you Paleo

    nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle perspectives from both the experts and the

    everyday. PMR is brought to you by Paleo Magazine, the first and only print

    magazine dedicated to the Paleo lifestyle, and is hosted by Tony Federico.


    Tony Federico: Would you be surprised to find out that Superman’s powers—his ability to

    leap tall buildings in a single bound, to fly faster than a speeding bullet—were

    powered by a Bulletproof Coffee and a Paleo diet? Did you know that

    Superman’s Kryptonite is actually gluten?

    Today’s guest, Brandon Routh, the star of Superman Returns, is a real-life

    superhero who is in fact fueled by Bulletproof Coffee and the Paleo diet. As a

    star of productions on both the big and small screen, Brandon has the ability

    to bring the message of Paleo to a huge number of influential people. I’m

    honored that he chose to join us today to share about his own personal Paleo

    transformation, the challenges of being healthy on a movie set, and how he

    transitioned to Paleo and brought his family along with him.

    In the second half of the show, me and Russ Crandall sit down for a different

    sort of Ancestral Table sit-down. We’re going to dive into the topic of bacon

    with an irreverent style that hopefully is a little refreshing. Rather than

  • Paleo Magazine Podcast Episode 69

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    treating food like a vitamin, we’re going to treat it like food, and talk about

    the way that food is actually eaten. I think you’re going to find it interesting,

    and hope you stick around. Paleo Magazine Radio starts now.


    Tony Federico: All right, everybody. I’m here with Brandon Routh. Brandon, obviously,

    everyone knows from the movie, Superman Returns. We’re happy to have

    him here on the podcast, because some of you probably don’t know this but

    he’s actually Paleo, which is pretty cool. So, we wanted to talk to him today.

    Brandon, thanks for coming on the show.

    Brandon Routh: Thank you. My pleasure to be here.

    Tony Federico: So, let’s go way back to the beginning and find out more about – just growing

    up, were you an athletic kid? Were you into sports? Is this something that

    you’ve always kind of been interested in—the health and fitness stuff?

    Brandon Routh: Yes. I mean, definitely the fitness. I don’t think I knew so much about the

    health, and at least the nutrition side of it. I grew up in Iowa in a little small

    town called Norwalk, just south of Des Moines. I played every sport—

    basketball, baseball, soccer; a little bit of wrestling, even—till I was about in

    middle school, and then I refined and played more – just soccer, and I swam

    as well.

    Tony Federico: Yes. So, you were pretty good at sports?

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    Brandon Routh: I like to think so {laughter}. We all have our own image of that. But, yes, I

    saw myself as an athlete, anyway.

    Tony Federico: Oh, there you go. So, at least you felt good about your athletic abilities. And

    any sort of conception of diet at this point, or were you just eating whatever

    showed up, or…?

    Brandon Routh: No, my diet was really pretty terrible. I mean, my parents did as good a job as

    they could. Knowledge was not very {laughter} readily available. Dang. So,

    this is the late ’80s and ’90s, when I was growing up, living under my parents’


    Tony Federico: It’s when junk food really started becoming the modern stuff.

    Brandon Routh: Yes. We were doing meat and potatoes, and chicken, and those type of things.

    Vegetables were mostly canned, although we did have a garden…

    Tony Federico: Oh, there you go.

    Brandon Routh: …and we did our own corn and tomatoes. And I actually didn’t have much

    taste for a lot of the things that were really good for me, maybe because some

    of those came out of a can, like mushrooms and things. It kind of ruined the

    flavor of them for me. But just – basically, I spent a lot of time eating Doritos,

    and Oreos…

    Tony Federico: There you go.

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    Brandon Routh: …and Chips Ahoy, and cereal, and skim milk by the gallon, and frozen pizzas.

    Ravioli; Chef Boyardee; cheese and crackers melted in the microwave; Kraft

    macaroni cheese; lots of Mountain Dew and Coca-Cola.

    Tony Federico: All that good stuff. Yes, I mean, that’s kind of typical…

    Brandon Routh: Real fuel.

    Tony Federico: …for that era. I mean, I certainly grew up in the ’80s and ’90s. That was the

    initial boom of all those junk foods first coming out. When did you start to

    think, maybe I shouldn’t be eating this stuff? Was that something that

    occurred decades later?

    Brandon Routh: Well, the first thing I ever heard about nutrition that really stopped me was, I

    first got into the modeling and acting thing. I was still in Iowa. I got into

    college for a year, and I was making this transition of what I was going to do.

    And I started working out at this gym. I’d free-trialed this gym. And the

    trainer said, what do you usually eat? I said, well, this and that, and this and

    that, and I love Sour Patch Kids. And he was like, oh, those aren’t good for

    you. I was like, what? What do you mean? They’re fat-free. There’s no fat

    in them. He was like, no; fat turns to sugar. And I was like, what? My mind

    was blown {laughter}.

    Tony Federico: That was the first chink in that whole mindset.

    Brandon Routh: Yes. That was the beginning of the end for my sweet tooth.

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    Tony Federico: Yes, man. So, you’re – initially were in modeling. You certainly had to be in

    shape for that. Were you naturally in shape? Is that why it didn’t really have

    to – it wasn’t such a priority initially?

    Brandon Routh: Well, here’s the thing. I never really got into the modeling thing because I

    wasn’t quite in good enough shape, I think.

    Tony Federico: There you go. The Sour Patch Kids didn’t really work out.

    Brandon Routh: {Laughter}. No, they didn’t. I have a tall frame, and for starters I’m just a

    little bit too tall for a lot of modeling stuff anyway. Even if I was really, really

    lean I’d still be probably a 32 jean, and that’s almost too big for a waist for

    men’s modeling.

    Tony Federico: Interesting.

    Brandon Routh: Or at least it was, back in the day. So, I never really succeeded at the

    modeling thing. But that was the gateway into the acting, which is what I

    really wanted to be doing anyway. And I would say that I’ve been in better

    shape in my life, but it’s not been until the last year and a half that I’ve really

    gotten to even better shape, because I’ve had, now, consistency in my eating,

    and a real ability to maintain and not worry about fluctuation because I’ve

    dialed in my diet so well.

    And I still have room to grow, because I – a lot of this Paleo-style eating was

    to be a fix for some of the aches and pains that I had, that were keeping me

    from doing cardio and – not that I’m into cardio now so much as burst

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    training, if I was able to do that; or when I’m able to do it, would be more of

    what I was – would be into. So…

    Tony Federico: Yes. So, just going back a little bit, you’re – in high school you narrowed

    your sports focus down. You’re swimming; playing soccer. Did you continue

    exercising through adulthood while you’re pursuing modeling, and then as

    you got into acting, was the working out part of the routine there?

    Brandon Routh: Yes. I definitely got into weight training then, as I shifted into the – my body

    really had to look good for other people than myself. And I started lifting

    weights. And I didn’t really work out with a trainer, but I picked up some

    things, and I was interested, so I had read the magazines and information that

    was out there, doing it myself.

    Tony Federico: What was your resource? Was it Men’s Fitness, or going towards the

    bodybuilding, like Flex and things like that?

    Brandon Routh: There were a magazine – I think it was called Muscle and Nutrition, or – it

    was back in 2001.

    Tony Federico: Yes. That sounds familiar.

    Brandon Routh: And I don’t know – I think it went away, and I was so upset because it had – it

    was the line between – there was some training tips, but it wasn’t all about

    being Hulk; it was about the real health and nutrition side of it. That the first

    time I read about hydrogenated oils and really understood. And I was quoting

    this article fro