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<ul><li> 1. PM AUGUST 2011 VOLUME 25, NUMBER 8 NETWORK MAKING PROJECT MANAGEMENT INDISPENSABLE FOR BUSINESS RESULTS.&gt; Selling thevalue of a PMO&gt; How to increase IT success rateyour portfolios prot on the rise Did You Choose This Career? The phenomenon of the accidental project manager </li> <li> 2. If your team looked like this, any PPM solution would work. Daptiv, on the other hand, is a PPM solution designed for human beings. It is easily configured so that you can introduce powerful new PPM capabilities when and where your organization is ready for them. To learn more about the PPM solution that adapts to Designed for People your needs - and those of your team - visit </li> <li> 3. &gt;&gt;&gt;OPENING SHOTWe have to conduct thorough [research]on ecological and environmental fac- tors, as well as on impacts on countriesin the lower reaches of the river.Bai Enpei, Secretary of the Communist Party of China YunnanCommittee, in China Daily Nujiang T he last free-flowing river in China regioncould withstand an earthquake or could soon be dammed as part of other natural disasters like those that sparked River, an ambitious hydropower program to boost the countrys non-fossil Japans recent nuclear plant emergency. Project developers should bear in mind Yunnan, fuel energy output to 15 percent by 2020. Hydropower has no carbon emissions, a that these geological conditions also pose business risks to them, said Zhang Xing- China powerful counterpoint to the highly pollut- ing coal plants in the region. Yet the plans sheng, managing director of The Nature Conservancys North Asia division, in China for a reservoir and four dams on the Nujiang Daily. River could mean displacing up to 60,000 No dam projects in the region should be human residents as well as more than 7,000 approved without scientific appraisal, Mr. plant and animal species in the area. Zhang told the newspaperbut he added There are also questions of whether the that the process is next to nonexistent in damsto be located in a seismically active the current dam-building sprees. </li> <li> 4. 26% Average business improvement because of project management training initiatives.*Project managementtraining is worth theinvestment.*Our latest research report, The Stateof Project Management Training,proves it. So how are rms achievingthese business results?Instructor-led classroom training is byfar the most used and most effectivemethod of project management training.Contact us at PM College to learn moreabout developing a successful trainingprogram for your organization.Download your copy at The State of Project Management A PM SOLUTIONS RESEARCH REPORTtrainingresearch. Sponsored by 2011 Professional Development Solutions, Inc. FREE REPORTpmcollege PM College provides corporate project management training I 888.619.2819 clients around the world. </li> <li> 5. pg. 44 Rapid Adaptation We knew therebut still be somebemodificationsit during execution would had to able to run as a fast-track project. Traditional approaches to project management with well-defined periods for all steps couldnt be followed strictly. Petri Jokinen, Neste Oil, Singapore contentsfeatures aug1128 career track the accidental project manager Even as the profession grows, many are still thrust into it. Learning from peers is the way to go. by Kelley Hunsberger34 the pmo: Something of value The key to securing ongoing stakeholder support for a proj- ect management office? Relentlessly measure progress and broadcast its success. by Sarah Fister Gale44 Staying power A Finnish company branches out to Singapore and discovers pg. 40 a high-level talent pool to fast-track a biodiesel refinery megaproject. by Manuela S. Zoninsein a cloSer look: SiemenS,50 BooSting the Bottom line munich, germany Benefits realization and business cases all add up to increased profits. Two-year by Sandra A. Swanson stints help an engineering conglomerates thousands56 Special Section: education and training of project team Spirit management Although people are unpredictable, with the right training, team offices con- members will embrace collaboration. by Cindy Waxer stantly prove measurable bottom-line results. </li> <li> 6. Its Time toGet Agile!Collaborate. Adapt. Iterate.Dont get left behind! Discover what all of the buzz is about in the Agiledevelopment world. IIL oers two new courses that explore Agile approaches:Agile Development and Project Management INTELLIGENCE, INTEGRITY AND INNOVATIONLearn the who, what, when and how of Agile IT projects and nd out which practicestranslate into a more exible approach to managing projects. Find out how Agile Project, Program and Portfolio Managementdevelopment relates to project management and get an overview of common Microsoft Project and Project Server Lean Six Sigmapractices across a range of Agile methodologies. Business Analysis PRINCE2Implementing Scrum for Agile Software Development ITILGet serious about Agile development using the fastest growing specic methodology. Leadership and Interpersonal SkillsLearn how to plan and run a sprint, how to estimate and prioritize user stories and Training, Consulting, Coaching and Mentoringhow to introduce Scrum to your organization. Customized Course Development AssessmentsTo register for these classes or to view our digital catalogue please Companies All Over the WorldBangalore Beijing Budapest Dubai Frankfurt Helsinki Hong Kong London Madrid Mexico City New York Paris So Paulo Seoul Singapore Sydney Tokyo TorontoInternational Institute for Learning, Inc. 110 East 59th Street, New York, NY 10022-1380 USA Phone: +1-800-325-1533 or +1-212-758-0177 </li> <li> 7. pg. 10 Turning a Corner Companiesmuch moreadoptingthanprinciples of project management today are readily the they were in the past. Jim H. Johnson, The Standish Group, Boston, Massachusetts, USAaug11viewpoints calendar of events UPCOMING MAJOR PMI GLOBAL EVENTS 22-25 October PMI Global Congress 2011North America, Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas, USA. 18 From the Top Visit for details. A New Prescription Joel Verinder, PMP, Texas Health Resources, Arlington, Texas, USA AUGUST 20 Thinking Positive 8-11 SeminarsWorld, Annapolis, The Enthusiasm Factor Maryland, USA. by Alfonso Bucero, MSc, PMP, Contrib- uting Editor 21 The Agile Project Manager 15-17 PMI So Paulo Chapter International 3 Solutions for Your Offshore Problem Seminar, So Paulo, Brazil. by Jesse Fewell, CST, PMP 22 Career Q&amp;A Climbing the Ladder 25-26 4th Pernambuco Project by Lindsay Scott Management Congress, Recife, 24 Voices on Project Management Pernamubuco, Brazil. From the Bottom Up by Phil Patrick, PMP SEPTEMBERalso in this issue 8-10 Project Management National01 Opening Shot 66 Help Desk Conference 2011, Bangalore, India.08 Feedback 68 Featured eBooks In Memoriam 71 Services Directory10 The Buzz 72 Metri...</li></ul>


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