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  • 1. Plumbing & Business Part 2Linda Herbison

2. The Plan For Our 5 EveningsDateTopics ProductTuesday, 11/6 Legal Forms of BusinessFirst section ofMethods of Going Into Business business planWednesday, 11/7 Types of Plumbing Businesses Second section ofAnalyzing the Competitionbusiness planMarketing, Part 1Tuesday, 11/13Estimating IncomeSpreadsheetsStartup & Operating BudgetsDepreciation & TaxesWednesday, 11/14 Sources of FundsSpreadsheets, Tax Loans Form Cash BudgetTuesday, 11/20Marketing, Part 2Final BusinessAccounting StatementsPlan 3. Tonights Objectives Understand the advantages and disadvantages oftypes of plumbing businesses: Service New Construction Remodeling Understand how to analyze the competition Using census data Planning a competitive advantage Marketing, Part I Goals Social Media 4. Types of Plumbing Businesses Service New Construction Remodeling 5. Advantages of a Service Business 6. Disadvantages of a ServiceBusiness 7. Advantages of New Construction 8. Disadvantages of New Construction 9. Advantages of Remodeling? 10. Disadvantages of a RemodelingBusiness 11. Competition the effort of 2or morebusinesses towin over thesame group ofpeople ascustomers 12. Understanding the Competition Who are your competitors? How many miles away do you look? Are there also indirect competitors? Are some locations more in need of anew plumbing business than others? Where do you find information? Yellow Pages 13. Analyzing Competition What are the strengths and weaknessesof each business? Price? Availability? Reputation? Location? 14. Study Your Competitors Using this data, plan your strategy. Tryto compete against their weaknesses,not their strengths. Competitive Advantage What are possible competitiveadvantages for a plumbing business? 15. Marketing, Part 1 Social Media LinkedIn Facebook Web site Web presence What do people seewhen they Google you? 16. Why LinkedIn? Networking Advertising Other ideas? LinkedIn Example 17. Why Facebook? Networking Advertising Other ideas? Be very careful dont mix business with Politics Inappropriate activities Anything that might turn off a potential customer 18. Why a Web Page? Advertising Soliciting feedback, potential customers Other ideas? (Tools Web Developer Page Source) 19. Creating a web presence: Angies List BuildZoom Justin Jake Get some good reviews!!! Licensed Plumber List Customers Web Site Positive Non-plumbing Sites 20. Google Yourself 21. Business Plan Assignment Would you like to own a service, new construction, orremodeling business? Why? Who is your competition? Go to and find the number and size of similarbusinesses in the area you plan to open your business. Go to the yellow pages and find similar businesses in yourarea Describe your competitors strengths, and your plannedcompetitive advantage Google yourself. Fix any problems you find. Google your competitors. Copy things they did well. Consider creating a LinkedIn if you dont have one.


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