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  • Plimoth PlantationMrs. Mirabitos class tripNovember 2014

  • The Mayflower was a merchant ship meant to store cargo, not people. The Mayflower was not a cruise ship, but carried 102 people from Europe to America.

  • The Mayflower

    On the Mayflower there were 102 people. Kids and and adults. The kids slept on the floor and the adults slept on beds.

  • Plimoth Plantation is surrounded by a Palisade to protect the community.

  • Pilgrims attended religious services at their Meeting House

  • Pilgrims Gardens

  • Pilgrims Gardens

  • Pilgrim gardens often included chickens

  • How the Wampanoag made food:

    There is a corn smasher that makes grain. The ducet is cooking under the fire. There are also some purses hanging up.

  • This is a Wampanoag person cooking

  • The wetu is a summer home for a Wampanoag family.

  • Wetu: single families live in wetus in the summer

  • The wetu roofs were made of cat tail weeds

  • The Longhouse

  • The LonghouseGroups of families lived together. The outside was made of tree bark.

  • LonghouseInside a longhouse you will find long benches made of branches with animal skin and fur on top for sleeping.

  • The Wampanoag are picking blueberries with a village in the back.

  • The mishoons were so light, the Wampanoag transported mishoons by carrying them from place to place.