Playing cards are not needed when you are playing computer bridge

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    Playing Cards are not needed when you are playing

    Computer Bridge.

    If you like to play bridge but do not own any playing cards then you can play computer bridge.

    Computer bridge is fun if you have no bridge playing friends.

    If you like to play rubber bridge but dont own any playing cards, then you can play computer bridge.

    All the good contract bridge software on the market play contract bridge in all its forms.

    The best contract bridge software on the market is a Dutch game called Jack. Jack is so strong that it has

    won the world computer bridge championships nine times. The way these events are set up is the

    software developers meet up and play the computer software off against each other at rubber bridge or

    contract bridge. Whichever programme scores the most match wins is declared the champion.

    Jack has many features which bridge players who like playing cards will find useful. In its most basic

    form, Jack just deals out random hands and you bid and play just like you would in real life with your

    friends. But computer bridge has the advantage that you can play by yourself you play with the

    computer player and against two computer bridge opponents. There is no practical limit to the number of

    hands Jack can deal to you. Some of these hands are interesting, some are dull.

    If you want specially designed hands, then Jack has a huge library of lesson hands, which are carefully

    constructed bridge hands with a particular theme in mind. These are always problem hands and the idea

    is to play the hand out and try to solve the problem posed. If you cannot solve the problem, or get the

    hand out, then a bridge movie at then end will go through the hand and describe the tricks and traps

    that you should have been looking out for.

    Computer Bridge can also help you with your bidding. With Jack you can make a selection from over 135

    conventions to practice. The game can generate hundreds of hands consistent with the parameters of the

    convention and you can play and bid each of these as you attempt to master and learn each bidding


    You can also play all sorts of contract bridge rubber bridge, duplicate bridge, teams bridge or play any

    of the hundreds of built in tournaments. With these tournaments the scores are taken from when the

    hands were played in real life and you get to compare your performance against the players who actually

    played the hands in international competition.

    There are many other feature of computer bridge but at the end of the day if you dont have a deck of

    playing cards then you will find computer bridge is a great solution for you.

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