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Création de la plaquette institutionnelle de l'Efma, association regroupant les institutions financières européennes. Cette plaquette de 8 pages était distribuée lors des conférences organisées par l'Efma à travers l'Europe.


  • Events Magazine online Information centre Surveys Magazine Websites

  • Our membersrepresent 80% ofthe largest Europeanfi nancial institutions

    Efma produced 20 surveysin 2008700

    speakerstook the fl oorin our eventsin 2008

    29 internationaltwo-day conferences in 2008


  • Efma promotes innovation in retail fi nance in Europe by fostering debate and discussion among the main players involved in change. Formed in 1971, Efma gathers 2,450 different brands in fi nancial services worldwide today, including 80% of the largest European banking groups.Through regular events, publications, and its comprehensive website, the association provides retail fi nancial service professionals with answers to their questions about the main issues at stake in their business: multidistribution strategies, customer approach, CRM, product and service marketing and improving profi tability.Efma is above all a dynamic association, providing a great opportunity for discussion and exchanges without any commercial constraints. It provides its members with a wide range of exclusive services as well as discount rates on non-gratuitous activities. The loyalty of its members as well as their permanent fi nancial support are the best proof of its effi ciency.

  • Info



    The Efma information centre collects and makes available to its members a large documentation in the following areas: customer approach, customer relationship management, marketing, distribution channels, online fi nancial services, banking products and services, cards and means of payment, insuranceand bancassurance, strategies offi nancial institutions.




    Published every two months in English, Efmag is read by more than 20,000 fi nancial services professionals. Subscribers have access to an online version (see details on the last page).



    g eventsIn 2008, Efma held about thirty international two-dayconferences in major European cities, gathering 2,770 partici-pants from 56 countries. Please refer to our upcoming eventslist hereafter.

    Our membersrepresent80%of the largestEuropeanfi nancial institutions


    eys & roadshows

    Efma members enjoy exclusive reports published in partnership with leading international consulting fi rms. Efma presents these surveys at a series of local meetings in European capitals (next pages).


  • Our



    The websites dedicated to our studies or to special topics (innovation, household lending , etc.):www.consumerfi

    2,480brands in 117countries

  • Surv


    Efma offers research services inpartnership with leading international consulting fi rms. The Efma studies providefi nance professionals with decision support. Efma members enjoy exclusive access toabout twenty reports published each year. These members-only reports have become an authoritative international source ofinformation for retail bankers.

    STUDIES Efma produced 20 surveysin2008

  • Road



    For four years, Efma has presented the surveys to banking and insurance profes-sionals at a series of interactive meetings in European capitals. More than eighty such meetings were held in 2007-2008. These are key gatherings for Efma, which is anxious to maintain close contacts with the representatives of fi nancial institutions in every country. Free of charge, limited to bankers and insurers, presentations are in most cases made in the local language.

    80 roadshowsin Europeancapitals bringingin over4,000registrationsin 2007-2008

  • The migrants

    12 & 13 February

    Insurance& multichannel

    26 & 27 February

    3 & 4 March


    5 & 6 March

    12 & 13 March


    25 & 26 March

    SME bankingin CEE, SEE,

    19 March

    Social mediarevolution & impact on financial

    10 & 11 February

    EVENTS 2009

    28 & 29 May


  • 2002

    Number of participants International conferences

    Efma held 29 conferences in 2008 inmajor European cities. With renowned speakersaddressing issues relevant to the industry, Efma 2008 international conference seriesgathered 2,770 participants from 56 countries. Thelively discussions that take place at these eventsprovide a unique opportunity for members to meet with industry peers in an environment free from the pressures of commercial business. Attendanceby service providers remains limited, morethan 80% of conference participants representfi nancial institutions.





    2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008

    29 international two-day conferences in 2008



  • 12 June

    12 June

    12 June

    8 & 9 June


    18 & 19 June

    9 to 11 September


    1 & 2 October


    10 & 11 June

    29 & 30 October

    37th Efma Congress:multichannel distributionParis


    Efma magazine is the only Europeanpublication dedicated to retail fi nancial services. Regular features cover the latest developments in strategy, products and markets, marketing, communication, research, new technologies and book reviews. Published every two months in English, each issue also features industry news briefs and an in-depth report. With more than 4,500 subscribers throughout Europe,Efmag is read by more than 20,000 fi nancialservices professionals.

    The only European publication dedicatedto retailfi nancial services

  • European fi nancial management& marketing association16, rue dAguesseauF-75008 ParisTel.: +33 1 47 42 52 72Fax: +33 1 47 42 56

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