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Plants, Plants, Plants, and More Plants!. Biodiversity of Life. Plant Biodiversity. What are some examples of plants?. Plant types. Non-vascular vs. vascular plants Non-seeded vs. seeded plants Non-flowering vs. flowering plants Herbaceous vs. Woody Grasses, forbs, and herbs - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • Plants, Plants, Plants, and More Plants!

  • Biodiversity of Life

  • Plant BiodiversityWhat are some examples of plants?

  • Plant typesNon-vascular vs. vascular plantsNon-seeded vs. seeded plantsNon-flowering vs. flowering plantsHerbaceous vs. WoodyGrasses, forbs, and herbsVines, shrubs, bushes, and trees

  • Giant Sequoia worlds largest plant

  • Titan Arum

  • Duckweed worlds smallest flowering plant

  • Paw Paw Trees in ArkansasPickin' up paw-paws, put 'em in your pockets, Pickin' up paw-paws, put 'em in your pockets, Pickin' up paw-paws, put 'em in your pockets, Way down yonder in the paw-patch.

  • Swamp or Bald Cypress Trees

  • Why is this plant called a bald cypress tree?

  • Water Lilies

  • Cactus desert plantArizona State Flower: Saguaro Cactus Blossom

  • African Euphorb desert plant

  • Gymnosperms

  • Though plants are essential to life on this planet; some are deadly!What is an example of a killer plant?

  • Carnivorous Plants

  • Indian Pipe - Heterotroph

  • The plant that ate the South

  • Kudzu Invasive & Exotic

  • Kudzu Invasive & Exotic

  • Exploration, Experience, and DiscoveryO

  • Take-home message: Plant Biodiversity is high; plants have adapted to live in diverse habitatsWhat are some attributes that all plants possess that allow us to recognize them as a cohesive group?


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