Planning a luxury golf vacation – ways to get the most from your trip

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  1. 1. Article: PLANNING A LUXURY GOLF VACATION WAYS TO GET THE MOST FROM YOUR TRIP For the serious golfer, there's no better holiday than one spent on the links, competing in beautiful weather against a close-knit group of friends. Putting together a luxury golf vacation can be one of the best ways to spend your leisure time. But getting the most from a trip like this one requires some serious planning. Making the right decisions before the holiday begins can truly make or break your experience. This is why you should be following some tried and tested ideas to help you plan the most amazing luxury golf vacation for you and your pals. Get everyone to think on the same wavelength I must say at the very outset that if your crew does not gel well together, not even the best golf resort in the world will be enough to make this trip memorable. So pick and choose your fellow travellers wisely and ensure that they understand what the trip is all about. Having everyone on the same page is crucial to avoid unnecessary disappointments. Take feedback and understand what all of them are looking for. This way, you will be able to plan a vacation that almost everybody will be able to enjoy. Plan the activities Of course, the sport will be the hero of the entire luxury golf tour you are planning with your buddies. But as a sensible trip planner, you should also consider the things you would want to do when you are off the golf course. Not all of your friends will want to wake up at dawn and play all eighteen holes before lunch is served. If you're planning to spend a few late nights out on the town, make sure your cohorts won't be frazzled when you roll back into the room in the wee hours. Think of including more than one resort Checking into a golf resort and spending your entire trip on its course can be a good idea. But for those of you who are looking for a bit more from the trip, try including visits to a variety of resorts while you are on vacation. Famous spots like Pebble Beach and Myrtle Beach are must-see destinations that every serious golfer should visit at some point. You can also take the road less travelled by and check into some of the more obscure and unheard of places as well. Who is to know, you might end up discovering a hidden gem in the golf resort industry with your buddies and get to enjoy the best that our country has to offer. Ask around and consult golfer's guides and magazines to find the hidden gem that strikes your fancy. In the end, the amount of research and careful planning that you will put in will ultimately determine the experience that you will enjoy on this golf trip. In case you are looking for more information to design a memorable luxury golf vacation for you and your buddies, be sure to visit ABOUT THE AUTHOR Joey Campbell is a travel enthusiast and golf aficionado. He loves going all over the country in search of the best golf resort packages and deals. In his articles, you will find information on the most interesting golf trips in the US along with details of the best resorts to stay in and he always recommend for best golf resort packages.