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  • PlagronFor natural growth and bloom


  • PlagronFor natural growth and bloom


    Are you an enthusiastic grower who comes across

    our products everywhere? Then of course youve

    known for ages that success means Plagron.

    Our organic nutrients ensure that you have

    lovely, strong and healthy plants with a high

    yield and good flavour. And if youre thinking

    Yes, thats what I want too, then its high time to

    take a good look at this catalogue. It presents a

    comprehensive overview of the Plagron products

    and it tells you about our special concepts. You too

    will become convinced that growing with Plagron

    is very simple.

    Success has a name

    Plagron has a wide range of substrates and asso-

    ciated natural nutrients. Whether youre a beginner

    or a professional grower, you can achieve high yields

    of excellent quality. But it goes without saying that

    its important for you to acquire an in-depth under-

    standing of the cultivation process and to read our

    products instructions thoroughly.

    Leave nothing to chance! After youve read this

    catalogue itll be clear to you too that youll have

    the most success if you use products and concepts

    from Plagron!

    If you have questions about what you read in the

    catalogue, please dont hesitate to contact us.

    T +31 (0)495 63 15 59


    You can also visit our website


  • PlagronFor natural growth and bloom



    2 Introduction 4 About Plagron 5 Down to work!


    6 100% BIO-concept 8 Terra-concept 10 Cocos-concept 12 Hydro-concept



    14 Substrates16 Royalty-mix 17 Bat-mix18 Plagron All-mix19 Grow-mix20 Bio Pro-mix21 Light-mix22 Cocos23 Cocos slabs23 Cocos bricks23 Eurofoam23 Clay pebbles24 Perlite24 Seeding & Cutting soil24 Cutting plugs

    Organic liquid nutrients

    25 Alga-Grow & Alga-Bloom26 Start-Up26 Protifert26 Alga-Total26 Fish emulsion

    Organic mineral nutrients

    27 Terra Grow & Terra Bloom28 Cocos A&B29 Hydro A&B


    30 Green Sensation31 Seed Booster Plus


    32 Roots33 Phyt-Amin34 Enzymes35 PK 13-1435 Cropspray35 Repro Forte 35 Neem oil36 Alga-press 8%36 Preventive concentrate36 Bio Protect36 Yucca37 pH+ (up)37 pH (down)

    Mono nutrients

    38 Solving deficiency problems38 N 27% nitrogen38 P 20% phosphorus39 K 20% potassium39 MgO 8% magnesium oxide39 Ca 9% calcium39 Fe 5% iron

    Organic solid nutrients

    40 Bio-Supermix40 Guano Peru 40 Bat Guano40 Bone meal41 Feather meal41 Epsom salt41 Vinasse

    Soil improvers

    42 Worm humus42 Calcium (Maerl)42 Seaweed meal42 Basalt meal 43 Bentonite meal43 Blood meal43 Lava meal43 Natural phosphate44 Trace elements


    46 Top Grow Box47 Seedbox

  • PlagronFor natural growth and bloom


    Plagron has been a reliable supplier of top quality

    organic nutrients for over 20 years. What started

    as a small worm farm has developed into a leading

    international company with a broad range of fertili-

    sers, substrates, growth stimulants and resourceful


    We act as consultants all over the world on chal-

    lenging large-scale agricultural projects and the

    construction of parks, golf courses and sports fields.

    We regularly develop new nutrient lines and grow-

    ing methods based on the wishes of our domestic

    and foreign customers and our extensive expertise.

    This know-how is also the source of our comprehen-

    sive range especially for you.

    Reason enough for you to choose Plagron too!

    We have many years experience in the production

    of the very best organic nutrients for agriculture

    and horticulture. This is now also being applied to

    other growth markets. Plagron is a brand trusted by

    many customers all over the world. Quality and sus-

    tainability are at the top of our agenda.

    Our Research & Development Department is an in-

    tegral part of our business and regularly comes up

    with new environmentally friendly solutions. We

    think that a personal approach and good service

    are extremely important in addition to selling top

    quality substrates and nutrients. Please dont hesi-

    tate to ask us questions about our products, the

    cultivation process or plant problems.

    Plagron is your source of:









    Quality guarantee: all Plagron products are CE certified

    All Plagron products comply with CE regulation numbers

    889/2008 and 2003/2003. Each product has a thorough

    test report, which is prepared by an independent labora-


    You can therefore always be confident that Plagron de-

    livers safe, top quality organic nutrients with a consistent


    Plagron: from worm humus to worlds best!

  • PlagronFor natural growth and bloom


    Plagron develops substrates, plant nutrients and

    cultivation methods so that growing plants is

    easier and yields are higher. If you use our pro-

    ducts the right way and provide ideal growth

    conditions, you can be assured of a successful


    Everyone can grow plants!

    Plagron has a concept to suit every grower. If youre

    just beginning, you can get down to work right

    away using a simple cultivation method. All you

    have to do is make sure the plants get water when

    they need it, and the result will be a rewarding and

    tasty crop.

    As a professional you can achieve higher yields by

    optimising climatic conditions and selecting a par-

    ticular cultivation method.

    If you monitor the plants carefully, make regular

    measurements and intervene when necessary,

    youll get the best results!

    Stimulate growth by using the right climatic conditions!

    The proper temperature and humidity, good air

    circulation and enough fresh air are important con-

    ditions for a healthy plant and a successful crop.

    You get the best results with your Plagron products

    in optimal climatic conditions.

    Temperature - Keep the temperature between

    19 C and 28 C; large temperature fluctuations are

    bad for even growth.

    Humidity - Reduce the humidity from 80% at the

    beginning to 50% at the harvest. The ideal humidity

    depends on the growth and flowering phase the

    plant has reached. Optimal humidity ensures a rapid

    start and optimal root development, particularly in

    the initial stage.

    Fresh air - See to it that there is a continuous sup-

    ply of fresh air in the growing area. Plants need lots

    of fresh air for healthy growth and so that wastes

    can be removed.

    Good air circulation - Make sure that the air in

    the growing area circulates well. Plants emit wastes

    and need fresh air in order to remain healthy and


    Numbers tell the tale!

    You can only create the best growth conditions if

    you make regular measurements. Make sure you

    have good quality measuring equipment. A ther-

    mometer and a hygrometer are indispensable for

    controlling the climatic conditions. You also need to

    monitor the pH and nutritional value very closely for

    optimal regulation of the process with the Cocos-

    concept and the Hydro-concept. You use a pH meter

    and an EC meter to do this. Its important that you

    clean and calibrate these instruments regularly.


    Plagron has developed suitable cultivation methods

    to suit every enthusiastic hobbyist and professional.

    This approach is based on four concepts: the 100%

    BIO-concept, the Terra-concept, the Cocos-concept

    and the Hydro-concept.

    A concept is a sophisticated combination of nutri-

    ents and additives, completely geared to your cho-

    sen cultivation method. The result is healthy plant

    growth and flowering and a tasty, good quality,

    large yield.


    Growing can be so simple


    The composition of the organic nutrients in Alga-

    Grow and Alga-Bloom is based on algae that

    stimulate plant growth and improve soil struc-

    ture. You can keep the plant healthy throughout

    the entire growth process in a responsible way by

    adding Phyt-Amin.

    The 100% BIO-concept consists of the following products:


    t "MHB(SPXBOE"MHB#MPPNCBTJDOVUSJFOUT for the growth and flowering phase.


    For an end product with the best aroma, taste and quality!

    t (SFFO4FOTBUJPOVOJRVFMZQPXFSGVMCPPTUFS for profuse flowering, tasteful fruitsetting and

    a high sugar content.

    You get the best results by combining these pro-

    ducts with Plagron substrates.

    If youre a new grower and you want to use the

    100% BIO-concept on a small scale, Plagron has

    Top Grow Box 100% BIO especially for you. This is

    a complete growth and flowering package with all

    the nutrients for an area of 1 m, and its suitable for

    every type of soil.

    100% BIO-CONCEPT

  • 710 ml 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml 10 ml

    30 ml* 30 ml*

    40 ml 40 ml 40 ml 30 ml 3