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<ul><li><p>KEYNOTE SPEAKERS:</p><p>ORGANISED BY</p><p>SPONSORED BY</p><p>SUPPORTING PARTNERS</p><p>25 NOVEMBER 2013COSLA CONFERENCE CENTRE, EDINBURGH</p><p>SHEILA BECKNHS Health Scotland</p><p>DAVID MILLERThe James Hutton Institute</p><p>Places and Spaces for Health and Wellbeing</p></li><li><p> The health and wellbeing of a population is a key focus for any government as it is a key factor in any thriving nation. With this in mind it is widely recognised that many of the underlying determinants of inequalities in health and well-being are environmental, and the Scottish Government recognises that this has a significant impact on the health of Scotlands people, and that action is required to create healthy environments for our population which are also safe and nurturing for our children and young people. There are a growing number and variety of organisations, including the Scottish Government agencies, NDGBs, private companies and charities, working in this field and looking at a variety of issues. These issues include the association between health and access to green spaces, the benefits of play and the importance of walking areas. However, the relationships between quality and extent of green space, proximity to and use of such areas, and health outcomes, have yet to be quantified appropriately and the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. This conference will examine the issues outlined above such as the connections between health and wellbeing, place making and use of urban open spaces. In addition, it will summarise the relationship between open space in relation to physical and mental health, and environmental, economic, social and cultural wellbeing, through expert analysis and evidence based case studies.</p><p>Places and Spaces for Health and Wellbeing</p><p>SPECTRUM EVENTS</p><p>Spectrum Events produce conferences addressing issues and developments within a variety of fields including sustainability, building, planning, environment, funding and communities. Our events are designed to allow delegates to be informed on the issues in question by thought leaders and industry experts and also to engage with a variety of other stake holders and potential partners from across all the relevant industries and sectors to our subject matter. Our events, therefore, serve as genuine drivers for new business and new partnerships through wider cross-sector and inter-disciplinary interaction. </p><p>Who should attend this event?</p><p>This event is of great relevance to: </p><p> local government planning or public health directors, managers or staff </p><p> central government planning or health and wellbeing professionals</p><p> town planners, planning consultants, health and wellbeing professionals </p><p> representatives from organisations working in public health, early years development, place making or the environment </p><p> Academics working in these same fields Health and wellbeing, planning and </p><p>environmental consultants </p></li><li><p>Registration FormNEXT PAGE</p><p>Agenda 25 NOVEMBER 2013COSLA CONFERENCE CENTRE, EDINBURGHSESSION 1Introduction</p><p>SESSION 2Creating the Right Infrastructure</p><p>SESSION 3Community Benefits</p><p>Introduction from the Chair Craig McLaren, National Director, RTPI Scotland</p><p>Opening Address Alex Neil MSP, Cabinet Secretary for Health and Wellbeing (invited)</p><p>Current Research Prof David Miller, The James Hutton Institute</p><p>The application of the evidence base Richard Tisdall, Director, Tisdall Associates</p><p> Green space as primary prevention</p><p> Exploring the missing link Using research at the </p><p>sharp end</p><p>Q&amp;A</p><p>Break</p><p>9:20 </p><p>9:30 </p><p>9:50 </p><p>10:10 </p><p>10:30 </p><p>10:50 </p><p>The transport policy mix: how best to create places for people Prof Iain Docherty, University of Glasgow </p><p>Places for walking Ian Findlay, Chief Executive, Paths for All</p><p> Improving local walking environments</p><p> National, regional and local measures</p><p> Encouraging more people to walk more often</p><p>Funding for Green Spaces and Infrastructure Colin McLean, Head of the Heritage Lottery Fund, Scotland (Invited)</p><p>Q&amp;A</p><p>Lunch</p><p>11:10 </p><p>11:30 </p><p>11:50 </p><p>12:10 </p><p>12:30</p><p>Using outdoor spaces to tackle inequality Euan Hall, Chief Executive, The Land Trust</p><p> Restoring green spaces through cross sector collaboration</p><p> Community involvement, volunteering and education programmes</p><p> Practical examples of the link between green space and health</p><p>The Importance of Good Quality Green Spaces for Childrens HealthSheila Beck, Principle Health Adviser, NHS Health Scotland</p><p> The findings of the Good Places, Better Health initiative</p><p> Green space impact on Neighbourhood</p><p> Green space as a place to socialise, play and develop</p><p>Creating the Right Conditions for PlayMarguerite Hunter-Blair, Chief Executive, Play Scotland</p><p> The benefits of Strategically planning for play,</p><p> The role of the national play strategy action plan</p><p> Why the General Comment on Article 31 matters</p><p>Q&amp;A</p><p>Closing remarks from the Chair</p><p>Close </p><p>13:30 </p><p>13:50 </p><p>14:10 </p><p>14:30 </p><p>14:50</p><p>15:00 </p><p>Sandy Robinson,Principal Architect,Scottish Government</p><p>Neil Ritch, Deputy Director, ScotlandThe Big Lottery</p><p>Colin Reid, Sustainability Manager,The Wheatley Group</p></li><li><p> Registration To book your place at this event, complete the form below and return it using the details at the bottom of the page. A member of the Spectrum team will then be in touch to conrm your booking.</p><p>Or to register online please visit </p><p>Job Title/Position</p><p>Organisation</p><p>Email</p><p>Address</p><p>Telephone Mobile</p><p>Postcode</p><p>Title First Name Surname</p><p>Delegate details</p><p>Exhibiting </p><p> Please tick here if you are interested in exhibition or sponsorship opportunities</p><p>Conference fees Please tick</p><p> Private sector delegate 145 + VAT</p><p> Voluntary and public sectors delegate 115 + VAT </p><p> Payment by card</p><p> Payment by invoice (5 administration fee will be charged)</p><p> I have a promotional code Please enter code here </p><p>Spectrum Outsourced Solutions 4/2b Carpet Lane, Edinburgh, EH6 6SPTel: 0131 553 9387 Fax: 0131 553 9366</p><p>Places and Spaces for Health and Wellbeing</p><p></p></li></ul>