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Vice President of Client Services at Vertical Measures, Mike Huber, presented our October webinar focused on internet marketing mistakes to avoid. Mike walked us through steps to take in order to recover from the changes in Google’s algorithm with the release of Panda & Penguin earlier this year. After this presentation, you’ll be equipped to face the changes happening in the SEO world and be better able to react with tangible steps to recover your website’s ranking. In this presentation, you’ll learn --How Google’s Panda & Penguin algorithm changed the internet --The effects of the changes on your web presence --Pitfalls to avoid when trying to ‘fix’ everything all at once --How to create a strategic plan rather than reacting too quickly --Steps to take to segment your testing and isolate the biggest problems


  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar"Pitfalls to Avoid in a PostPenguin & Panda World" Presenter: Mike Huber, Vice President of Client Services at Vertical Measures @mjhuber http://www.linkedin.com/in/mikehuber
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarWebmasters Tools Unnatural Links
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarDrop in Traffic
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarDont Panic
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Journey To Traffic RecoveryAnalyze The Situation Prioritize Tactical Steps v Create Strategy Document Make The Changes In Priority Order Go to Tactical Step 2 Rinse and Repeat Document
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Journey To RecoveryAnalyze The Situation v
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Is it Cause or Correlation? Cause - A causes B Correlation a concept that measures the relationship between two things. A positive correlation means that when one thing goes up, the other goes too. Or, when one thing goes down the other goes up.
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar The UpdatesPanda PenguinLow Quality Sites The blogpocylpse Over Optimization UpdateSite-wide penalties - poor or thin content Abnormal linkingContent Farms Over optimized anchor textHigh Bounce Rates Keyword Stuffing Recent and important: EMD Low quality exact match domains.
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar What Should I Be Looking For On-Site Isolate the drop in traffic Single Page, Directories, Site-wide Thin Content Over Optimized Content Over Optimized Internal Linking Off-Site Back Link Quantity Back Link Quality Over Optimization of Anchor Text Competition Compare and Contrast
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarEvidence of Penguin
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarPenguin Over Optimization
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Analysis Tools Google Analytics Google Webmaster Tools Open Site Explorer SEMRush Link Detective
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Review the Competition Are your main competitors up or down? Compare and contrast On-Page Off-Page
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Cause For Traffic DropsOn-Site Off-SiteLimited original content Low quality back linksLow visit times on page/site Limited number of back linksHigh % of duplicate content (affiliate site) Site-wide back linksHigh bounce rates on a page/site Back links from spammy sitesBoilerplate or concatenated content Over optimized anchor textUnnatural use of words/phrases (stuffing) Evidence of paid linksOver optimized internal linking Back links with sites ESL
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarJourney To Recovery vCreate Strategy Document
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Strategy Document Definition and Clarification of the Problem The page/pages with biggest traffic drop Compare/contrast to pages that remain strong Test updating pages, emulating strong pages Create working grid to manage changes
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarJourney To Recovery Prioritize Tactical Steps v
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Example of Process GridPage URL Type Words Quality Duplication Traffic +/-Blue Widgets mysite.com/bluewidgets.html Web Page 150 Low High -50%Red Widgets mysite.com/redwidgets.html Blog Post 600 High None -10%Green Widgets mysite.com/greenwidgets.html Web Page 150 Low High -80%Yellow Widgets mysite.com/yellowidgets.html Web Page 450 High None +5%
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Add Your Action Items To The Grid Include current column headings Date updated New Word Count (did you add photos, video?) Notes Traffic update
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarJourney To Recovery v Make The Changes In Priority Order
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Measured - Logical - Sequential Determine the high gain activities Where can you leverage the fewest resources to get the most gain
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarPenguin Over Optimization
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinarA Closer Look Reveals
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Link Pruning DocumentationStatus URL Anchor Text Contact Name Contact Email Contacted FU Date FU Date Results Removal DateActive http://www.linkpruning1.com blue widget Adam West adamw@linkpruning1.com 10/10/2012 Removed 10/9/2012Removed http://www.linkpruning2.com red widget John Smith jsmith@linkpruning2.com 10/10/2012 No replyContactedhttp://www.linkpruning3.com blue widget Bill Waters bw@linkpruning3.com 10/11/2012 In ProgressContactedhttp://www.linkpruning4.com blue widget JJ Johnston jjj@linkpruning4.com 10/12/2012Contactedhttp://www.linkpruning5.com red widget Simon Sayers ssayers@linkpruning4.com 10/11/2012Report http://www.linkpruning6.com blue widget Oscar Nots on@linkpruning5.com 10/11/2012
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Link Building Dos and DontsDos DontsFocus on quality not quantity Use the same anchor textCreate great content it will get links Link to low quality sitesVary content with text, images and video Focus on low quality directory sitesWrite guest blog posts on relevant sites Use side bar and footer linksReclaim links to pages that have moved Write low quality content for linkingBecome an authority Buy a cheap packageFollow the leader (competition) Expect getting quality links to be easyTarget do-follow links Build links to resource pages or exchangeStrive for relevancy Pay for site-wide links
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Journey To RecoveryCreate Strategy And Create Strategy AndPrioritize Document Prioritize Document Create Strategy And Prioritize Document v Create Strategy And Prioritize Document Create Strategy And Prioritize Document Create Strategy And Document Prioritize Document
  • Twitter: @mjhuber #VMWebinar Executing the Plan Youve Created A Strategy Document Tactical plan Identified the high gain activities Implemented the