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Working title: What will the name of the magazine be?PANDEMONIUMI had wondered about many titles for my music magazine a lot, having many in mind, a mixture of typical ones and different types for it. With the genre of my magazine having been chosen to be an alternative/rock/indie magazine I had to base a name associated with those things. I thought something with the word Rock in it may sound good and so I tried pairing words up with it, for example Rock Life. However I didnt think a name like that would attract much of an audience as it is too typical and not very inventive or creative. Therefore I decided to look more at words associated with rock that held a big statement and were inventive, something that didnt need to have the word Rock next to it to show off the genre of the magazine. This is when I came to the name Pandemonium. I think that this word explains a lot of things associated with rock and so it holds the genre very well. Many rock gigs and rock band music seems to be messy and very loud with a big statement and I think that Pandemonium does too. Also this title is very different to a lot of other rock magazine names, it doesnt include obvious associated words and it is something that people dont hear every day, yet a word that screams the genre at the audience. It also contains heavy letters like D which can be seen as the sound of a drum or the heavy music that the bands inside produce. I think that it is quite an exciting name and it will get the audience excited to see and read what is inside. It will intrigue them beyond the cover page and so they will want to read the magazine. It will make the contents of it seem more exciting than a typical and uninventive name. The word itself suggests that there will be a lot of excitement inside because of the meaning of it and the context it tends to be used in. I decided on just one eye catching word with a big statement as that is what the audience will remember; it will be the first thing to come to their heads.

It is quite a big word which means that it could be quite a mouth full for the audience and potentially annoying for them however it is a word which can take on abbreviations and I think that would draw the audience as they could refer to it as what they wanted.

Magazine genreThe genre of my magazine will be a mixture of rock, alternative and indie. I think that mixing a few genres of music together that are already widely associated with each other and other music genres too will add a bit of something for everyone to enjoy and so it would expand my audience. If somebody doesnt like rock music but likes indie and alternative then they would most likely buy it but if somebody doesnt like indie but likes rock and alternative then they would most likely buy it. Also I think many music magazines overlap in the genres so my magazine would follow the same procedure of other magazines. A reason I chose these genres is because they are genres that many people enjoy listening to. It is something that was popular but wasnt listened to so much but then recently became more popular from people like Arctic Monkeys and The Beatles that many people started listening to more and more and so the genre became popular again. This means that people will tend to read my magazine a lot more and so my audience will be bigger. Also in my questionnaire the majority of people chose these genres compared to others and 2 people out of the 3 that I interviewed answered with these genres and so this made me realise that more people would read a rock magazine rather than a pop or rap magazine. Having these genres means that there will be variation in my magazine and there will be lots to talk about a lot of different things will be valid to be in my magazine as it will come under at least one of the genres of my magazine. This will make the magazine continuously interesting to the audience so people will keep buying and reading it. Rock/Alternative/Indie

Cover price and frequency of publication- How often will it be published and what will it cost?I will be releasing my magazine fortnightly. On my questionnaire people chose fortnightly as the most popular and so I decided to go by what my audience wanted and to release it fortnightly. I felt that weekly would be too much and people would tend to buy it weekly. The magazine would be smaller and contain less information and there may not be so much exciting information as a week doesnt give much time to find the exciting stories for people to read and to be able to enjoy. It would also have to contain less as there wouldnt be enough to put in in one week. One up to weekly would be the cheaper price but it would work out cheap to only buy 2 a month rather than 4. Fortnightly gives more chance to find the stories that will excite the audience and make them want to keep on buying the magazine. It will also be bigger and contain more stories for people to read and so people would think it is more worth buying. Another thing is that it would cost more but it would be cheaper than buying it weekly. However people may think it would be better to just buy a monthly magazine and so the frequency of my publication may change at a later date.My magazine will be released on the Friday of each month. I think that this is the best day to release it as it is the day many people break up for the weekend and so they will want to buy it ready to read at the weekend. My magazine will cost 2.99. The questionnaire results told me that people would most likely spend 2-3 on a magazine and so I chose the middle price between this. I thought that 3+ would be too much as I am publishing the magazine fortnightly and not monthly and 2 would be too little as my magazine isnt going to be published weekly. Rock sound is published monthly and it costs around 5. This shows that I have chosen a good price for my magazine as it isnt near the same price as a monthly magazine however it is only 98p extra for another magazine rather than one a month.

Attitude of my magazine: What is the personality of the magazine?I want my magazine to represent the masthead very well. The masthead gives off a bold vibe and it holds a statement of drama. Using this type of attitude for my magazine will have an effect on the audience as it will stick in their mind and it will add some type of relation to them or potentially inspiration. This attitude will also emphasise everything which means that it will add more drama and more entertainment. The colours I chose for my music magazine are not all set out and definite. The colours I want to use are going to be with the contrast or dark and bright. The bright colours will still be based on darker colours but they will be made to seem brighter. The main colours I want to use are black, purple and white. These colours will work for my masthead and headlines etc. For the backgrounds and article pages I will tend to add the brighter colours in. I think that adding a range of separate colours will add emphasis and show the audience what the magazine is really about. It will emphasise the bold and fun attitude and give a statement. The colours will also mix in with articles if the images have any bright colours in them as bands tend to have this. I want my magazine to show off the genre and so it will have a rock vibe and so it will have a grunge and edgy attitude. This will pull the audience in as this is what they are wanting from the magazines they read. This will be shown by the bright vibrant colours that will be used throughout as it isnt the basic colour scheme that every magazine has. In each article there will be a different layout and the colouring will be different and there will be different elements to add in an extra vibe to enhance the attitude of my magazine. It will also be shown by making the quotes from musicians brighter and bolder, using different and stylish fonts. This will be different and it will add more emphasis and also show the artists love for the music and their attitude towards it. In my magazine there will be different types of images. For example from gigs and festivals or photo shoots or studio images. This will show that my magazine follows every aspect of music and show it is an all around music magazine instead of just focusing on one thing. This will entice the audience as it will therefore include articles about all of these things instead of just one and this adds to the attitude of being bold yet laid back.

Style: What is the style of my magazine?This magazine will be made to be different to other magazines, containing many different features. It will however have the same features as other magazines so readers can relate and so that it isnt too different that it will make the audience not want to read. The difference to the other magazines will draw the attention of the readers as it will be striking to them. The content of the magazine will contain articles about musicians from gossip, to information to interviews. It will also contain information about gigs and festivals etc. This will provide lots of variety and intrigue the reader as it wont be boring and contain lots of the same things in it. Using different layouts for each other these provides some kind of excitement for the reader and it dramatizes each of the articles as it isnt the same as everything else and it is something new to look at. It will also make the reader want to read the bigger sections of text instead of looking over it and getting bored. Also there will be many different subjects for each of the interviews and articles, providing more insight to the artists they are into and the music they listen to. This will make them want to buy the magazine again. Having my magazine not based around the same layout or particular articles will mean they wont get bored and they will want to read the larger sections of text more as it gi


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