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Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings

The difference is quality

IMI Yorkshire Fittings Limited


MI Yorkshire Fittings Limited has been working with copper and its alloys for over one hundred years. From our head office in Stourton, Leeds, we have developed our ranges of fittings and valves to such a degree that they are now widely regarded as among the best engineered products of their kind.

In 1968, Yorkshire Imperial Metals was incorporated into the Building Products Group of IMI plc, a major international industrial group and in 1986 took on its present identity and the name IMI Yorkshire Fittings Limited. Since then we have developed from a company with a largely UK focus to a major European supplier with manufacturing, sales and distribution operations throughout Europe, servicing domestic and export markets all over the world.1888 Elmores begin making copper tube.


The first industrial use of our Stourton site dates from 1888 when Elmores Depositing Co. manufactured copper tubes here. However, in the early 1800s the site was a racecourse and the venue for the St. Leger. The Yorkshire connection began in 1909 when Elmores became the Yorkshire Copper Works (YCW), producing high quality condenser tubing. The advent of the First World War saw a break in tube production as the company was requisitioned to manufacture munitions for the war effort. However, by the 1920s normal production had resumed and, from the 1930s, business boomed as copper enjoyed widespread growth in domestic plumbing systems. In the period following the launch of its now world famous Yorkshire integral solder ring fitting in 1934, the Yorkshire Copper Works was so successful that in 1958 it merged with the ICI Metals Division to become known as Yorkshire Imperial Metals (YIM).

1909 The Yorkshire Copper Works starts production of plumbing materials.

Over the past one hundred years our experience of working with copper and its alloys to develop solutions for pipework system designers and installers has given us the expertise to manufacture the highest quality products for industrial and domestic users throughout the world. With Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings, Kuterlite compression fittings, Endex end feed fittings, Tectite push-fit fittings and Jimten compression fittings for MDPE pipe and the valve ranges we offer a fitting for every conceivable plumbing and heating application.

1934 The Yorkshire range of integral solder ring fittings is patented and launched.

1985 IMI Yorkshire Fittings leads the market with the introduction of Yorkshire Potable, the same tried and tested patterns but with a new tin/copper lead free solder.


Yorkshire Potable fittings


MI Yorkshire Fittings integral solder ring fitting, launched in 1934 and protected by patent for 25 years, introduced a completely new concept to plumbing and led to the development of light gauge copper tubes. During manufacture an integral ring of high quality lead free solder is positioned in the wall of each capillary socket. The principle of capillary attraction ensures that when heat is applied to the exterior of the fitting, the solder is drawn into the gap between the tube and the fitting, forming a completely reliable joint without the need for additional solder or end feeding. Back in 1934, the uniqueness of the idea was matched by an unprecedented sales campaign by purposely trained staff who travelled the length and breadth of the country demonstrating this revolutionary new fitting. From their specially equipped vans, they demonstrated the principle of the Yorkshire integral solder ring fitting to architects, plumbers merchants and tradesmen although they would not mention how the solder was inserted into the fitting which at that time was a closely guarded secret. Yorkshire integral solder ring fittings were initially produced from one mill on the Stourton site, however demand for the fitting was such that the construction of two more mills followed in rapid succession. Today Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings are still manufactured exclusively in Leeds, although, with the range now comprising over 900 different items in addition to high duty and large size fittings, valves, accessories and heating components, production is now based on modern cellular manufacturing systems.

In response to concern by Government agencies regarding the potential risks associated with lead in drinking water, all the Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings manufactured since 1985 have contained a lead-free solder and are marked YP (Yorkshire Potable). This solder was specially developed by the company and is now incorporated in British Standards. With its distinctive mark the Yorkshire Potable range provides installers, specifiers and water companies with a visible assurance that no lead solder is present in a Yorkshire installation.

ContentsPages two and three Introduction. Page four Yorkshire today. Page five A choice of materials and the benefits of copper. Pages six and seven Compatible tube materials. Pages eight and nine The Yorkshire range. Pages ten and eleven Standards, approvals regulations and a guarantee of quality and reliability. Page twelve A step-by-step guide to installing Yorkshire fittings.

The popularity and practicality of the Yorkshire integral solder ring fitting has never waned and its reputation for reliability has led to it being installed in many prestigious buildings such as the Royal Armouries Museum in Leeds and the Globe Theatre in London, as well as a host of Cunard luxury liners.

Page thirteen Design considerations. Pages fourteen and fifteen Yorkshire Potable fittings. Pages sixteen and seventeen General high duty. Pages eighteen and nineteen Wedge ring and waste fittings. Pages twenty and twenty one An introduction to heating components and Sidewinder cylinder conversion coil. Pages twenty two and twenty three Micraversion cylinder conversion element and manifolds. Pages twenty four and twenty five Yorkshire accessories. Page twenty six An introduction to Yorkshire valves and gate valves. Page twenty seven Stopvalves. Pages twenty eight and twenty nine Aquadapt and plugcocks. Pages thirty and thirty one Customer service.


Yorkshire today


he Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fitting is precision-made and uses the principle of capillary attraction to allow solder to fill the gap between the fitting socket and the tube.

need to estimate the quantity of solder required to make a secure, reliable joint. Once heated, the appearance of the solder around the mouth of the socket is absolute assurance that the joint has been correctly made.

Compact dimensionsYorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings are light and neat, making handling and installation easy. The compact dimensions of the fittings make best use of limited space in ducts and other restricted areas. In addition, the fittings smooth lines minimise flow restrictions and are unobtrusive on exposed pipelines.

Specification The most influential architects and mechanical services engineers in the country specify Yorkshire with total confidence when a project requires capillary fittings.

The principle of the Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittingDuring manufacture, a ring of high quality, lead-free solder is positioned in each capillary socket. The solder is released when heat is applied to the fitting, and forms a totally reliable joint, without the need for additional solder.

Prestigious fittings Yorkshire fittings have been used on some of the most innovative projects of the last few years.

Proven advantages of the Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittingYorkshire Potable integral solder ring (ISR) fittings contain a precise, measured amount of solder, so there is no need to end feed to make a perfect joint. For the installer, it removes the problems of expensive solder waste and the

Jointing when access is restrictedProviding that cleaning and fluxing is properly carried out, Yorkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings, with their slim, compact dimensions, can often be installed in locations inaccessible to other types of fittings.


A choice of materials


orkshire Potable integral solder ring fittings are manufactured from three different types of material copper, gunmetal or a Dezincification resistant brass (DZR).Internationally recognised marking All Yorkshire Potable fittings manufactured from DZR alloy carry the distinctive mark.

For areas prone to dezincificationDezincification is a complex corrosion process that can lead to the premature failure of fittings made of duplex brass. Yorkshire Potable fittings are manufactured from copper, gunmetal or DZR alloy and are all fully resistant to dezincification.

Special finishesAs Yorkshire Potable fittings may be used in situations where they are on show - for instance, in bathrooms where both functionality and maximum aesthetic appeal are required they are available in a chrome plate finish. This can either be to a commercial chrome plate finish or, available to order in polished quality chrome plate.

Gunmetal Some Yorkshire Potable fittings and valves are manufactured from gunmetal and can be identified by the GM mark on the body.

The benefits of copper


or plumbing and heating applications copper tubes and fittings offer substantial benefits over other pipeline materials.

The earliest recorded use of copper for conveying water is a conduit at Abusir in Egypt. Dated to 2750 BC, it is almost 4,750 years old and is still in a remarkable stat


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