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Presentation at the 2012 Yahoo! Merchant Summit detailing the strategy and tactics involved with marketing on Pinterest.


  • 1. Connecting with Customers to Drive Revenue Wednesday, August 8, 2012 @caseycarey #YMS2012
  • 2. Pinterest lets you organize and share allthe beautiful things you find on the web. People use pinboards to plan theirweddings, decorate their homes, andorganize their favorite recipes.
  • 3. Pinterverse 20.5MM 1 in 4 85% female purchased an item they browsed* 25-54 years old Buy Browse Home, Garden, & Pool/Spa middle class 18% 45% 58% visit 1+ times/week Clothing & Apparel 39% 44% Art, Art Supplies, & Hobbies 22% 42% Flowers, Food, Drinks, & 10% Gifts 39% Health & Beauty 14% 37% Jewelry, Handbags & 23% Accessories 36% Footwear 11% 18% *Bizrate Insights Image Sharing 2012
  • 4. Pinterest 4
  • 5. 1. Is your brand Pinteresting? consider target market, brand image, product categories, available resources (time, images, etc.)2. See what has been pinned from your site Decide who you are on Pinterest think themes/stories, not products4. Add the Pinterest Follow icon to your site, consider adding Pin It icons to your product pages5. Start by creating 3-6 pinboards incrementally over time6. Share others content re-pin to your boards to complete your story7. Use quality images and keep the content fresh8. Enjoy the referral traffic (more than Twitter and Facebook combined!)
  • 6. Pinvana Be Pinworthy Pinboards are the front-door Use high quality images (192 to 600px Use a keyword-rich name wide and up to 5000px tall) Use a compelling cover image Use a filename with keywords (chrome- cobra-wool-hoodie-black.jpg) Make Sharing Easy: Pin-It Widget Select best image Pin from an original permalink source Add suggested comment If you upload an image, add a link to the appropriate content Get Social Include analytics tracking in links as Follow, like, comment, and re-pin appropriate Integrate with Facebook Add a keyword-rich description, limit to about 200 characters Follow the Rules Add price if appropriate Image rights to use Also pin videos No promotions or spamming followers
  • 7. ccarey@monsooncommerce.comcaseykcareycaseycarey