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An overview of our journey so far and our plans for the future.


  • Work Learning Life

    Pinnacle People June 2008 to date

  • April 2010 As a member of the Pinnacle Regeneration Group, we are building Pinnacle People from a base of strength by being part of an established and successful group with experience working at the heart of communities, understanding places and operating complex supply chains in mature markets lessons we can apply in the welfare to work arena. Our DNA is programmed around a solid set of beliefs. We believe in the importance of excellent customer experience, high service standards, and have a conviction that work provides the route out of poverty. We believe that everyone is employable, people matter, we can deliver results as well or better than others, and that we must take our services to the people we work with. What sets us apart is the central influence of place in how we work, the way we deploy business intelligence, how we work with contract holders and suppliers and our ability to combine national organisation with community delivery. We act with tenacity and resilience, we deliver, we challenge, we respond fast, we understand our cost base, we think solutions not problems, we make connections, we act with ambition and aspiration. Work first, community delivery, best in class tools, excellent staff, 24 / 7 accessibility, and depth in a place. This is the Pinnacle People way. Pinnacle People is a national organisation with community delivery, we bring large company firepower with a small company feel. This document tells our story so far and outlines where we are headed. I hope you enjoy reading about our journey and look forward to working with you. Katrina Whittaker, Managing Director

  • In The Beginning June December 2008 June 2008, Pinnacle People is formed to develop an employment and skills business which complement Pinnacle Regeneration Groups housing and communities businesses. In September, Pinnacle People commences delivery of the Ways into Work project in Hackney engaging over 1,000 Pinnacle residents with the boroughs welfare to work programmes, as part of the boroughs East London City Strategy Partnership programme. In October, Pinnacle People Recruitment formed to serve the temporary staffing and entry-level recruitment needs of Pinnacle Regeneration Group companies. Overnight, the group is able to ensure 100% deployment of local labour and reduce local worklessness by using our welfare to work expertise to help local people gain employment with group companies. In November, our engagement skills are sought by London Borough of Camden to raise awareness of the boroughs Sure Start programme and the formal childcare offered in local Childrens Centres. Our Parent Champions project engages over 1,200 local parents in just six months.

    Our People Managing Director, Katrina Whittaker, supported by fellow Directors Chris Hodson and Zandra Bull, and Head of Customer Experience, Jane Baxter are the original employees of Pinnacle People bringing a wealth of experience from Government and the sector to complement the strengths of the Pinnacle Regeneration Group. September, Mike Rhucroft joins as Head of Pinnacle People Recruitment bringing a wealth of experience from the commercial sector and of employer engagement on behalf of welfare to work providers. October, Lee Trappitt joins as Project Manager for our Life business and manages our Parent Champions projects.

    100/week 3 employers 0.1m London 10 staff

  • First Steps January to June 2009 In February, Pinnacle People achieves significant success with creating sustainable employment opportunities for 50 highly disadvantaged jobseekers, including ex-offenders and the long-term unemployed, as a demonstration project for the London Employer Accord. Also in February, Our Parent Champions project is replicated in Newham, East London. In April 2009, Pinnacle People is appointed to deliver a new programme supporting Newly Unemployed Professionals jointly supported by Jobcentre Plus and the Recruitment and Employment Confederation. Our approach of delivering highly informative seminars supported with high quality course materials for delegates, sees 2,000 professionals receive support from our team of experienced practitioners with over 95% approval ratings. A success which sees Pinnacle People establish itself as one the countrys Top Ten providers of this service from over 300 recruitment agencies originally selected with delivery in London and Kent. In May, continued growth sees Pinnacle People Recruitment reach the milestone of providing employment for over 100 people each week supporting Pinnacle Regeneration Group business in London and Essex.

    New Faces February, Matt Brook joins as Head of Infrastructure to oversee the development of our technology platform. We deploy a team of highly experienced HR and Recruitment professionals from across the group to deliver our Job Hunting for Professionals programme.

    300/week 10 employers 0.3m + Essex, Kent 15 staff

  • Unleashed July to December 2009 In October 2009, Pinnacle People commences delivery of Flexible New Deal for long-term unemployed people in Kent and Surrey using our unique engagement model to take our service to the heart of the community. In November, our Hackney Ways to Work project is extended until March 2012. In December, Pinnacle People commences delivery of the Jobcentre Plus Support Contract across two large areas of Southern England providing a range of employability modules for newly unemployed people, those who have been out of work for six months or more, lone parents, partners and carers; as well as becoming the prime contractor for Jobcentre Plus outplacement service. As prime contractor, we combine direct delivery with a franchise style model which provides a range of delivery partners with the tools and techniques to deliver on our behalf. Over the next five years, these two contracts, worth a combined 18m will see us work with over 60,000 people. Also in December, we form Pinnacle People Enterprises, a Community Interest Company, to manage our 1m Future Jobs Fund programme which creates 150 new environmental jobs of community benefit for young people. This initiative sees Pinnacle People and our sister company, Pinnacle PSG, combine to create local employment. Our success is reflected in a site visit from Secretary of State, Rt Hon Yvette Cooper MP and the chance for some of our young people to meet Prime Minister, Rt Hon Gordon Brown MP.

    New Faces October, Jayne Whittington joins our business to deliver FND in Kent and quickly establishes herself as a high performer. November, Charlie Bamber joins as part of our systems development team before becoming Head of Standards in February 2010 to oversee the application of our programmes, systems and processes in a way which reflects our corporate values and beliefs. December, RSA Chief Executive Matthew Taylor becomes Pinnacle Peoples Chairman. December, Rachel Murray joins from Savills plc to head up the implementation of our Manchester business. December, Lee Trappitt becomes Operations Manager for our Future Jobs Fund programme.

    500/week 10 employers 0.5m + South West 25 staff

  • Coming Of Age January to June 2010 In January 2010, the Jobcentre Plus Support Contract reaches peak operating volumes, with Pinnacle People receiving on average new 1,500 customer bookings each week via the Pinnacle Connect contact centre at Canning Town in East London. In February, Pinnacle People commences delivery of our Flexible New Deal Phase One programme in Greater Manchester, working as a sub-contractor to Serco across five boroughs Manchester, Salford, Trafford, Bury and Oldham. Our work first programme is centred on a work placement activity arranged with local employers by Pinnacle People Recruitment. In the first eight weeks, employers sign up to create 140 placements for our customers. In March, our Future Jobs Fund programme doubles in size and extends its reach into Essex, Kent and the West Midlands allowing us to help more young people get their first step on the career ladder working alongside Pinnacle PSG colleagues in each region. In April 2010, Pinnacle People opens new branches in Bristol and Weymouth to broaden our delivery footprint with our first centres in the South West.

    New Faces January, Grace Tattersall joins as Operations Manager for Pinnacle People Recruitment to lead the development of this important part of our business. February, Deirdre Egan joins as Financial Controller. March, Jon Jarvis appointed Operations Manager for Pinnacle Peoples direct training activities supporting our core contracts. April, Laura Beardsley appointed Operations Manager for Pinnacle People in the South West. April, Ellen Messias joins to lead our staff development activities as part of our commitment to upskilling our delivery teams and our supply chain.

    1,500/week 200 employers 2.0m + North West 50 staff

  • Looking Forward Beyond 2010 Looking forward, we see all contracts moving to full capacity and outcomes during 2010/2011. Our forward order book at 1st April 2010 is worth 25m (against contracts secured totalling 31m since June 08) with contracts stretching to March 2016. Pinnacle People currently has a Sales Pipeline worth 250m in future business with a Weighted Value at 20% win probability of 50m, capable of delivering income from late 2010 until 2017. Our key short-term business opportunity is the Flexible New Deal Phase Two where Pinnacle People has submitted tenders to become Prime Contractor in six areas and is a substantial delivery partner to a number of other organisations. Pinnacle People continues to develop its unique selling points in order to be attractive as a Prime Contractor and as a delivery organisation, embedding ourselves at the heart of the communities where we work by providing high standards and excellent achievement wherever we work. Our way of working delivers high quality services at a highly localised level, ensuring the personal touch often associated with small organisations is delivered through our highly agile business model with strong supporting technology to underpin our professional approach.

    New Faces Pinnacle People continues to attract high calibre individuals to our delivery teams across the country and build our extensive pool of associates who provide professional services that support our performance.

    Our culture is fast paced, decisive, energetic, enthusiastic, hard working, fun and high achieving.

    We operate an empowering environment operating within a flat management structure with clear accountabilities.

    2,500/week 500 employers 25m UK Wide 100+ staff

  • Current Delivery Locations

    London Brentford Brockley Canning Town City of London Hackney Greenwich Shoreditch Walthamstow Westminster South East Ashford Brighton Canterbury Dartford Dover Eastbourne Folkestone Gillingham Guildford Hastings Haywards Heath Herne Bay Littlehampton Margate Newhaven Ramsgate Sevenoaks Sheerness Sittingbourne Staines Tonbridge Tunbridge Wells Weybridge Worthing

    South West Bath Bournemouth Bridgwater Bristol Cheltenham Chippenham Cinderford Cirencester Coleford Frome Gloucester Poole Salisbury Swindon Taunton Tewkesbury Wells Weston super Mare Weymouth Yeovil North West Bury Manchester Oldham Salford Trafford West Midlands Birmingham Walsall East of England Chelmsford

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    be found online at

    Pinnacle People Ltd, 6 St Andrew Street, London EC4A 3AE

    Telephone: 020 7427 5160 Facsimile: 020 7427 5199

    Pinnacle People is a member of the Pinnacle Regeneration Group Ltd

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