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A guide to how Pinnacle People can meet your organisations employment needs.


  • equipping people to achieve their potential

    Pinnacle People Work Learning Life

  • About Us Pinnacle People exists to maximise the job opportunities available for people

    who are currently unemployed or under-represented in the labour market. Our

    impact is to promote economic and social inclusion, and tackle the high levels of

    poverty and worklessness seen in too many communities.

    We use our understanding of whats needed and apply our expertise, global best

    practices, high quality tools and innovative ways of working to create solutions.

    We understand the power of place. We are part of the Pinnacle Regeneration

    Group which currently delivers public services to over 750,000 people each year.

    Fifteen years delivering frontline services in communities has given us great

    insight into what works and what doesnt, and the real issues which prevent

    people making positive choices about work, learning and life.

    We currently operate at the heart of communities across England and offer

    nationwide coverage in combination with existing Pinnacle Regeneration Group

    services for people and communities, delivered by our sister companies Pinnacle

    PSG and Regenter, ensuring swift commencement of service delivery and

    integration with existing partnerships and networks.

    How We Work We use highly developed customer insight to design intelligent solutions and

    continually refresh this insight in order to build customer loyalty.

    We are a values led organisation with a strong belief in doing things the right way. We never overlook the importance of how we deliver.

    We have an innovative and entrepreneurial approach to every aspect of our business while at the same time creating social capital.

  • Pinnacle People Recruitment

    We provide permanent and interim work solutions with a genuine focus on

    helping candidates achieve wage and career progression, thus delivering a

    committed and motivated workforce with corresponding benefits in terms of

    attendance, productivity and retention.

    We are specialists in the supply of candidates to the housing, facilities and

    environment sectors, industries where Pinnacle has over fifteen years

    experience, meaning we understand employers requirements and what makes a

    good employee; and the requirements of public services and PFI contracts.

    3 Employability Skills Profiling ensures our candidates have the right skills 3 Managed temp to perm option for all positions 3 Targeted candidate attraction activities to maximise workforce diversity and

    employment opportunities for under-represented groups

    Job Creation Our team works with employers to create jobs which reduce youth

    unemployment through projects of community benefit. Sample projects

    undertaken by Pinnacles trainees include environmental improvements and

    customer service support for housing associations.

    Pinnacle People provide all employees with initial training, personal protective

    equipment, on-going mentoring and careers advice. Host employers are simply

    required to determine suitable projects and provide on the job supervision.

    This activity is delivered by Pinnacle People Enterprises CIC, a not for profit

    organisation, as part of the Governments Future Jobs Fund initiative which

    covers participants wages for six months and project costs.

  • Welfare to Work Programmes Pinnacle People offer a complete end-to-end service for supporting individuals to

    explore and attain a sustainable return to work. Our approach is based on a five

    stage model for maximising progression:

    1. Engagement and Understanding

    2. Breaking Barriers

    3. Skills Development

    4. Preparation for Work

    5. Better Off in Work

    Our Job Coaches provide each person with a

    tailored programme based on their job goals, skill

    development needs and the issues which make it

    harder for them to find and sustain work.

    Work Placements Our Work Placement programme is designed to increase the calibre of job

    applicants and productivity of new employees, by giving candidates the opportunity

    to develop their employability skills in a real-time working environment before they

    join the workforce.

    Work placement candidates give your business the opportunity to provide enhanced

    services to your customers and create the opportunity for local people to take an

    important step towards securing lasting employment.

    Each work placement lasts for up to four weeks, is free of charge, and tailored to

    maximise the benefits to candidates and your organisation.

  • Outplacement Services We are able to offer a complete programme for professional and executive

    jobseekers that require intensive high quality one to one support in order that

    they can re-engage with their existing career or develop new niche opportunities.

    3 Intensive one to one support 3 Coaching on development of niche career opportunities 3 Career Counselling 3 Development of portfolio careers 3 Professional networking programme

    Sector Routeways

    Pinnacle People College offers a proven programme for those who need

    additional support to secure and sustain employment:

    Employer-led course design Development of job specific skills Development of employability skills Hands-on work experience Links to funded Workforce Development


    Enhanced programme options for those with Skills for Life / ESOL needs

  • Integrated Service Delivery

    We appreciate that each organisation and each individual has different

    requirements, and as such have an extensive range of partners who are able to

    provide training, recruitment and professional services solutions on behalf of

    Pinnacle People as part of a one-stop shop for all your employment and skills


    3 Existing supply agreements at established, discounted rates 3 Existing supply chain protocols and operating processes 3 Harnessing government funding for employment and workforce development

    Added Value Our service offer is supported by an extensive business support platform to

    ensure the smooth mobilisation of all our activities. We have the capacity and

    capability to deliver high quality solutions.

    3 Existing community partnerships and a fully engaged specialist supply chain 3 Existing partnerships with Local Authorities and Social Housing sector 3 Existing relationships with local Jobcentre Plus offices and advisors 3 Existing accredited learning business 3 Existing premises delivery infrastructure and community delivery network 3 Extensive experience of TUPE transfer and workforce integration 3 Comprehensive web-based caseload management system 3 ISO 9001 Quality Management System

  • Delivery Locations We operate at the heart of communities across

    England and offer nationwide coverage in

    combination with existing Pinnacle

    Regeneration Group services for people and

    communities, ensuring swift commencement of

    service delivery and integration with existing

    partnerships and networks.

    Additionally, Pinnacle People has existing agreements for delivery of our service

    range at a large number of community venues to ensure localised delivery for all


    London Brentford


    Canning Town








    East of England Canvey Island, Essex

    Chelmsford, Essex

    North West Bury





    East Midlands Leicester


    West Midlands Stoke on Trent

    Bloxwich, Walsall

    South East Brighton







    South West Bournemouth






  • Proud To Be Working With

    Awards and Accreditations

    Find Out More

    More information about us and other Pinnacle Regeneration Group services can

    be found online at

    Pinnacle People Ltd, 6 St Andrew Street, London EC4A 3AE

    Telephone: 020 7427 5160 Facsimile: 020 7427 5199

    Pinnacle People is a member of the Pinnacle Regeneration Group Ltd

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