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Pinnacle Infotech Implemented Autodesk Revit & 3DS Max for BIM of Student Accom-modation Building in Bath, United Kingdom

About Midas Construction Ltd:

BIM Scope of Work for Pinnacle

Trades Covered:

Based in Bristol, United Kingdom, Midas Construction Ltd. oers design and construc-tion services for education, commercial sectors, leisure and healthcare to both public and private organisations. The company operates as a subsidiary of The Midas Group. Using local knowledge and expertise, Midas works in close partnership with local supply chain partners to provide highly personalized service, delivering tailored solutions for every customer and project.

Pinnacles scope of work for the project included 3D BIM Model Creation for Architectural, Structural & Site elements. Architectural 3D Modeling included exterior facade of the building (Walls, Ceilings, Floors/Slabs, Doors, Windows, Openings, Elevators, Escalators, Railings, Roofs and more),Structural 3D modeling comprised of footings/foundation, beams, columns, slabs and structural walls and the Site Modeling included the topography with

About Pinnacle Infotech:

Project Summary Student Accommodation Building Bath, UK

Headquartered in Durgapur, India and overseas oces in Houston (USA), UK (London), Dubai (UAE), Calolziocorte (Italy) and Switzerland (Zurich), Pinnacle Infotech is catalyzing renaissance in the construction arena with BIM services. Pinnacle facilitates 1035+ clients in over 32 countries, across 6 continents, collaborating across time zones with global delivery centers in India, USA, UAE, UK & Italy, comprising of 810+ in-house BIM specialists, Architects & Engineers. Being the leading provider of innovative BIM services to AEC Industries for over 18 years, Pinnacle has successfully executed 4500+ landmark BIM projects across industries including Airports, Hospitals, Medical Centers, Stadium, High Rise Towers, Infrastructure , University Campuses, Nanotechnology Research Centers, Industrial Plants, Retail Chains, Shopping Malls, Restau-rants, Dams, Bridges & more.

Midas Construction Ltd & Pinnacle Infotech were responsible for creating the 3D Model of Student Accommodation Building in Univer-sity of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath, BA27AY, comprising of 6 oors, including ground for post graduate students on the west side of campus, spread over 6561.15 sq. mt., consider-ing the exterior shell, core, structural founda-tion, slab and column. The model was under-taken as part of the tender exercise. The purpose was to design and construct a new 293 bed student accommodation building comprising of car parking, gym, meeting suite, cycle & bin stores, communal lounges, kitchen, student lounge and balcony. The site is located within the existing University campus.

Architect: Stride Treglown Limited Developer/Owner: Bath University, Claverton Down, UK Bidder: Midas Construction Ltd. BIM Start Date: 11/16/2016 BIM End Date:12/2/2016 Team Size: 6 Engineers

Facts at a glance:

Architecture, Structure and Site

Input Documents:

Output:3 minutes long video made out of Structural Works (2min. 30 sec.), the remaining 30 sec. showed external context e.g. landscaping and immediate surroundings

3D ifc les from the architect (split into blo cks A & B, C & D), Design and Access Statement, Program & Site Location Plan

basic landscaping, roads, parking and road curbs. Pinnacle provided 4D phasing animation depicting the construction sequence per construction schedule/program. Animation showed the building development with the movements of Logistics i.e. Cranes, Dumpers and other construction equipment.

Pinnacle Infotech

Durgapur, India



Pinnacle Customer Success Story Pinnacle Infotech

Standards/Processes Considered:

Building dynamics:Pinnacle created mass model of existing Student Accommodation central building adjacent to the corner buildings

Timeline Challenge - Delivering 3D Modeling within a week, 4D Phasing animation within 2 weeks & Final animated video within 3 weeks

Solution - Pinnacle employed expert engineers using Autodesk Revit to deliver BIM Models & animations on time

Delivery formats:

Challenges & Solution

BIM facilitated design disciplines to collabo-rate awlessly as single information platform, enhancing work eciency, reducing errors, verifying aesthetic looks and improving building performance.

Using Autodesk BIM, Pinnacle could easily produce the models with various cutaways and complex geometry. The 4D animation helped in identifying any aw in the construc-tion program and also helped in utilising the animation for marketing presentation to the client.

BIM Process Identied Several Constructa-bility Issues: Autodesk BIM helped to identify constructability issues during tender stage. Pinnacle Team reviewed critical areas in 3D for any changes made and evaluated space constraint successfully.

BIM Benets/Result of Autodesk BIM Implementation

4D animation video le format was delivered in MP4/AVI& rendered images were delivered in JPG/PDF format. Progress models were shared in 3D PDF & other preferred format for review

Project Specialty:

Add-ins or Special Tools used for Architec-ture & Structure - Coins Auto Section, Isolate Warnings & Windows Layout

Communication Plan - Project kick o meeting at the beginning of the project with CSH, PM, TLs, Client; Daily status meeting with TLs& TMs; Client Head review meeting every week with CSH, PMs&TLs

Revit 2015 used for 3Dmodeling

LOD 200 used for 3D modeling

3ds Max & Aftereects used for animation

Animation prepared in progressive HD quality of size 1280*720

Animation submission draft in lower frame size (720 * 405) for review & comment

File Transfer Protocol - Pinnacle used Newforma for le delivery process

BIM Work Flow

Midas Construction

Project Input

Project Review by Pinnacle

Weekly Project Progress Meeting


Kick-o with Midas Construction

Delivery Schedule

Specication Checklist

Seeking Approval

BIM Execution Process

3D Model Creation - Architectural, Structural & Site

4D animation video creation with the help of construction program and site logistics drawings


Project Feedback from Midas

Pinnacle Customer Success Story Pinnacle Infotech

4D simulation helped to visualize the whole series of construction events and understand the progress of construction activities through-out the lifetime of the project

Pinnacle linked project construction sequenc-ing to BIM model and showed the real time simulation of construction sequence in an animated video, which helped client to visualize actual construction schedule based on 4D presentation

This was our rst tender with Pinnacle and we are pleased with the nal result. Despite the distance the team was always very prompt with their replies and kept us updated on their progress at all times, as agreed in the delivery schedule. They understood what was required of them and had a good knowledge of the

Value Addition:

Autodesk BIM software helped Midas Construc-tion Ltd. & Pinnacle Infotech to visualize the project during the Tendering stage with respect to Construction process being planned and also helped in rening the planning in advance.


Happy Client:

Mr. Biprajit Nag, Assistant General Manager, Pinnacle Infotech said - Revit helped us predict the perfor-mance of the building before its built. Design visualizations such as 3d views, photo-realistic renderings and animated walk-through have eec-tively communicated 3D design and helped to explore, validate and convey design concepts. Purpose-built visualization tool like Autodesk 3Ds Max delivered the extra realism and special animation eects charac-terizing todays visualizations renderings worthy of an art gallery, animated walk-through and y-bys. State-of-the-art 3Ds Max expanded the visual context of the design concept for the Student Accommo-dation Building in Bath, United Kingdom for more eective valida-tion & communication.

3DS Max helped us to enhance the quality of animation. Revit &3DS Max applications are used to add critical ingredient for convincing visualizations. The ease & delity of transferring the Revit platform building information model to 3Ds MAX signicantly reduced the time & cost to produce the visualiza-tion. added Mr. Subhranil Chatter-jee, Deputy Manager, Pinnacle Infotech.

Pinnacle Customer Success Story Pinnacle Infotech

construction processes. We look forward to working with Pinnacle again in the near future!

Veronika Gambioli - Assistant Proposals Publisher - Midas Construction Ltd