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  1. 1. Manufacturer of Body Piercing and Silver jewelry offering wholesale and retail at factory price. 4/6/2015
  2. 2. Experiencing a rise in preference, body piercing has now become quite popular as a trend after tattooing. Practiced in many cultures over centuries, piercing of a specific body part was done to symbolize different emotions like royalty, courage, and virility. Noticing renaissance in interest, people of all ages are exploring Body Piercing Jewelry in myriad of designs. Thousands of stores, jewelry shops and small designers are also tying up with online business retailers to offer wholesale body piercing jewelry at rock-bottom prices. Racing ahead, Piercebody.com has emerged as premium web store that offers piercings for your eyes, ears, tongue, nose, belly, fingers and even, eyebrows.
  3. 3. Piercebody.com brings forth an elegant collection of including nose pins, eyebrow jewelry, nipple rings, finger rings, ear piercing rings and belly button rings. Available in a few clicks, our collection of designer jewelry piercing is quite reasonably priced too! One of the commonest and the most popular types Made from Gold, silver, Bone-horn wood, Pyrex glass, silicone, surgical steel and UV
  4. 4. Anodized, gold and studded with rhinestones Available in different styles like circular barbells, banana design, orbit cones, segment rings, etc. Made out of different metals gold, silver, bio-flex and 316 surgical steel Available in different colors and colorful stones Ideal for frequent and daily usage
  5. 5. Designed to carry the sexy avatar Available in silver, gold, stainless steel, anodized material Intricate designs with distinct appeal Offered in Multicolored stones and varying lengths A Single Piece Style Statement- Personality rings Embedded with colorful rhinestones Available in quirky shapes of alligator, frog & lizard
  6. 6. Collection includes rings in interesting shapes like heart, flower, etc. Fabricated using surgical steel, titanium, silver and 925 sterling silver Classified as Nipple Rounders, Nipple Shields and Nipple Bars We assure you that no enquiries will be left unhandled Please visit our section first before enquiring. USA ( Dispatch Office) THAILAND Factory EUROPE (UK Dispatch Office) Kamar (Piercebody.com) Kamar Silver Factory & Exporting Co.Ltd. Piercebody.com 1321 Upland Drive 296,Charoenkrung Road, 13,Freeland Park Houston, TX 77043, Soi 43 Bangrak, Wareham Road United States. Bangkok-10500,Thailand Lytchett Matravers Poole, Tel : +1-786-2313789 Tel : +662-6391427 Dorset BH16 6FH, Fax : +1-646-3653162 Fax : +662-6396125 United Kingdom.