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Pickering Creek Watershed Project. Stream Dream Team Pd.7 Matt H. Dan S. Phil H. Keerthana K. Water Sheds – K.K. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Pickering Creek Watershed Project

Pickering Creek Watershed ProjectStream Dream Team Pd.7Matt H. Dan S. Phil H. Keerthana K.Water Sheds K.K.Watershed: A watershed is the area of land where all of the water that is under it or drains off of it goes into the same place. There are many watersheds. They vary in size and shape. They can go from being a town to half a county. www.conservationinformation.orgWatersheds Cont. K.K.

Pickering Watershed K.K.Is a watershed located in the southeastern region of Pennsylvania.

Ecosystem K.K.An ecosystem is an area where all plants, animals, and living things are living together and functioning together. Biomes are based off of plant structures in an area. In our biome, or the Southeastern Biome, we have very forest like areas because we are in the temperate deciduous forest biome.Stream Flow Volume Calculation: P.H.Average Velocity=avg. time/10 =2.6 ft/secondAverage Depth= .48 ft.Width of stream at transect line= 30 ft.Correction factor (water in sediment)=0.82.6 x 0.48 x 30 x 0.8= 29.95ft^3/second.

6Stream flow volume Calculation: cont. P.H.The stream flow volume effects the oxygen content of the water because the percentage of oxygen in the air is far greater than that of the oxygen in the water(40% rather than less than 1%). If the stream is moving faster and has more ripples, then the oxygen in the air mixes into the water making it more able to support life. The shape of the bottom is also effected. If a stream moves slowly it will not carve much out of the land that it is in, and stay in a basic round shape, not getting any wider. if the stream moves very quickly, however, it will cut into the side making the stream more shallow and potentially causing flooding. 7Stream bottom Profile P.H.8Air and water temperatures P.H.

9Water Chemistry P.H.D.O. Reading10-12 ppm.Phosphate0.05 ppm.Hardness88ppm.Ph.7.2Nitrate0-


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