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Learn new ways to sell print to customers with loyalty building programs and promos.


  • 1. Keynote for PIASC Awards Luncheon Opportunities for Printers in 2010Related to Brand Loyalty

2. My name is Linda Bishop. Im proud to be the President and Chief Sales Officer of Thought Transformation. Were a national sales consulting group helping companies like yours grow sales through a combination of tools, training and marketing tactics.My dad was born in 1924. He grew up in the depression. When he was 18, he joined the air force and was the radar operator on a bomber in the South Pacific. On one mission, the plane he was in was shot down and everyone but my dad died. As you might guess, that gave my dad a unique perspective on the value of life.He came back from the war and went to the University of Illinois on the Veterans Bill.He was in a fraternityPhi Kappa Tau and he got an engineering degree.After college, he ended working at US Gypsum, a sheetrock manufacturer, in the purchasing department.He met my mother because she was the secretary for one of his suppliers.Remember those days . . . before voice mail and emailwhen secretaries were hired to take dictation, type letters, answer phones and write down messages on little pink slips. When I started selling, that world still existed.My parents got married in the early 1950s at the beginning of the golden age of advertising. Mass media like radio and TV gave brands gave companies a way to get their message out to millions and build brands.My dad was an Oldsmobile man. He saw that car as safe and reliable transportation for his family. The cars he bought were upscale, but not flashy but with big engines and plenty of acceleration. He liked a car that accelerated.It's been years since I've met someone who actually bought an Oldsmobile. 3. The truth is I meet fewer and fewer people who are loyal to any car brand. And it's not just cars. Brand loyalty is eroding in all areas of consumption. I read an article on Wired.com titled "The Decline of Brands." In it, the author quoted a study by retail-industry tracking firm NPD Group. The study found that nearly half of those who described themselves as highly loyal to a brand at one point in time were no longer loyal one year later.There was another disturbing statistic. Just 4% of consumers would be willing to stick with the brand if its competitors offered better value for the same price. Todays consumers are fickle, promiscuous and more demanding. James Surowiecki, author of The Decline of Brands, calls this the What have you done for me lately economy. The ROI on dollars invested in corporate brands is declining. For printers, that is an opportunity. www.thoughttransformation.com 4. Meet Joe. Joe is an ordinary guy. We all know him. Hes a hard-working guy who has seen ups and downs. Hes married with two kids, and his wifes birthday is coming up. 5. Joe wants to buy a pair ofearrings for his wife. Where should he shop? Target or Tiffanys? 6.

  • Youre Joes shopping advisor.
  • Where should he go for the highest quality?
  • If hes looking for a low price, where will he find it?
  • Where will he find an experienced salesperson?

7. How will Joes wife feel about the gift?Which brand will she prefer? 8. A brand is asnapshot ofpromises made and delivered. 9. Billions of dollars is spent on branding, but brand loyalty is eroding. 10. Every one of your customersneeds to find new ways to identify and maintain loyal customers. 11. Loyal Customers Are More Profitable

  • Higher retention rates.
  • Higher spending rates.
  • Higher referral rates.
  • Higher lifetime value.
  • Less expensive to serve.
  • From Strategic Database Marketing by Arthur M. Hughes

12. Loyalty programs help your customers plug holes in revenue buckets by stopping customer defections.Print can be used to build loyalty. And you can design programs to prove ROI. 13. Helping customers prove ROI makes you a hero in their eyes. 14.

  • Use Print to Build Loyalty
  • Event driven marketing campaigns
  • Provide useful information
  • Rewards programs


  • Event Driven Marketing Campaigns
  • Celebrate Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Tie to Holidays


  • Provide Useful Informationpeople like it!
  • Magalogs
  • Newsletters
  • Product News


  • Rewards Programs
  • Catalogs
  • Point Updates
  • Special Offers

18. Where do you rank?

  • Vendor
  • Preferred Vendor
  • Solution Provider
  • Strategic Long-term Partner

19. The key to profit inthe 21 stCenturyis torecognize the customersproblems andsolve them. 20. Billions of dollars will be spent to create deeper connections between loyalcustomersand brands. 21. Find new ways to help customers solve their business problems.One big problem is finding new ways to maintain loyal customers.Print can help. 22. Print is still a critical link in the customers communication chain. 23. It is not necessary to change. Survival is not mandatory.W. Edwards Deming 24. Learning can be painful. Not learning can be dangerous.Linda Bishop 25. For more information on Thought Transformation training go toThoughttransformation.com Or contact Linda Bishop at 770-846-3510 lindabishop@thoughttransformation.com2008 Thought Transformation Inc.