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  • 1. Physical Geography Lab Geography 111 Professor Lisa Schmidt MTWTH 7:00 9:25 PM Ref.# 3196

2. Important Information Professor Lisa Schmidt Ref # 3196 Section 30 7:00 9:25 PM MTWTh Room PS 221 (909) 384-5221 SBVC Voice Mail Google Voice/Text # (760) 440-8977 3. Welcome Welcome to Geography 111, Physical Geography Lab! In this class, we will put into practice the things we learn in Physical Geography lecture class. We will work with maps, graphs, charts, and explore the natural world. 4. Textbooks Required Physical Geography Lab Manual: Custom Edition By Engstrom and Hess ISBN 1256597953 Recommended Goodes World Atlas 22nd edition Rand McNally/Prentice Hall ISBN 0321652002 5. Materials Paper Pens Pencils Ruler Calculator Internet Access 6. Course Description This is the laboratory companion for the Geography 110 Physical Geography lecture course. This course is recommended for students concurrently enrolled in Geography 110 or who have successfully completed the course within the last three years. Students will apply lecture principles to in- class, hands-on, and field exercises. 7. Course Objectives 1. You will learn and apply basic laboratory and field methods to a range of geographical and environmental phenomena. 2. You will learn to read and use maps, models, and diagrams in order to solve a range of geographical and environmental problems. 3. In collaboration with your colleagues, you will learn how to gather and integrate a variety of direct, including laboratory and field observation, and indirect, including textbook, map, and Internet, data sources in order to solve simple through complex geographical and environmental problems. 8. Assignments and Grading 14 Labs @ 50 points each = 700 2 Exams @ 100 points each = 200 100 Participation Points Total Possible = 1,000 A 100-90% 1000-900 B 89-80% 899-800 C 79-70% 799-700 D 69-60% 699-600 F 59-0% 599-0 9. What to expect Each class will consist of a short explanation of the lab exercise for the day, then you have time in class to complete each assignment. All labs will come from the GEOS workbook, you must bring your workbook to class, or make copies of it and bring them. You will complete worksheet in the lab book, but you will submit answers on Blackboard. Some labs may have drawings or graphs that cannot be submitted on Blackboard, these you show me for participation points. Labs must be completed on Blackboard by 6:30 PM one week after they are assigned. Exams will consist of problems like lab worksheets and will also be given using Blackboard. 10. Class Policies No late work 11. Absences & Tardiness If you miss twice I can drop you. Contact me if you dont want to be dropped. Attendance is important-participation points Excessive tardiness can get you dropped, and it will hurt your grade because explanations are given at the beginning of class. 12. Dropping Its your responsibility If you are here today watching this, then you are in the class and I dont know what you want if you stop coming, so I will likely give you an F. 13. Extra Credit May be offered Be here to get it 14. Academic Honesty No cheating. 15. Cell Phones and Texting Dont be a distraction with your phone. You may be asked to leave if you are. 16. Disabilities Programs and Services DSP Office 384-4443 Help is available, free testing too. 17. Blackboard You must be able to access Blackboard. You have to submit your labs on Blackboard. If you are not sure or have a problem with it, see me after class, I will help you. 18. Disruptive Behavior You may be asked to leave class if you disrupt the learning process for others. This includes talking during lecture, or during classmates presentations. If you are asked to leave, and disciplinary action is taken, you may be suspended from the next class meeting. 19. Class Schedule Lets have a look at the schedule.. 20. SLOs 21. Core Competencies 22. For Your Success 23. Computers Available on Campus 24. Next Class Lab One: Measurement and Metric Conversions Materials: Ruler & Calculator