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Physical Education & Health

Physical Education & HealthCoach DavisCoach TrepagnierCoach Sharp

Gym Procedures1. Report directly to your assigned destination and sit.2. Keep your hands to yourself at all times.3. Exhibit appropriate sportsmanship.4. Resolve conflicts quickly and peacefully.ENTERING GYMEnter the gym through designated door.Girls enter through doors on girls locker room sideBoys enter through doors on boys locker room sidePut book bag in the designated area Girls on girls locker room sideBoys on boys locker room sideThen proceed to the locker room after tardy bellDo not enter locker room if a Coach is not in thereBoys do not wait in Lobby for Coach Sharp, you must wait inside Gym if Coach is not in Locker RoomFirst 10 minutes of classWhen tardy bell rings you have 10 minutes to: put your bags up, dress out, andtake care of restroom needsAt the end of the 10 minutes you will be seated in your assigned seatIf you are not Dressing Out, then you need to be in assign seatThere will be no re-entry into Locker Room once you leave Locker Room

Warm UpsThe whole gym will participate in warm up activities as a whole group. Leader selectionDone by CoachGood SportsmanshipDress OutParticipateGood LeaderLeaders will be selected every week to lead warm up activities.

Leaving Gym & Returning to GymWhen leaving the gym to go to Field or HealthWalk around the other classesThat means walk in the green area of the floor to exit the buildingWhen returning to gymDo not enter gym until given permission by teacherStay off the court while the other class is still going on and do not touch the equipmentWait by bleachers to enter locker roomGirls on girls sideBoys on boys side

Last 10 minutes of classGo dress inGet book bagSit in designated areaGirls sit against bleachers on girls locker room sideBoys sit against bleachers on boys locker room sideStay seated until bell ringsDo NOT sit in door ways!During ClassDoors will be locked during class Knock on doors on Girls Locker Room sideSidewalks and HallwaysWhen walking to HealthWalk in a straight lineStop at designated spotsEnter hallway quietly and DO NOT TALK while in hallwayReturning to gym from Health or FieldWait at gym doors for teacher to give you permission to enter P.E. Dress Out Policy

Dress out colors are: green, gray or gold You may wear black shortsNo other colors will be allowedIf any student is caught wearing any other colors, you will be told to dress back in and lose points for that dayIf any student wears inappropriate clothing, such as short shorts, low cut shirts, muscle tanks, white shirts and shorts, running shorts, etc., you will be told to dress back in, you will lose points for that day, and receive punish workYou must wear shorts and a t-shirt, or proper winter gear. There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule.

P.E. Dress Out Policy

No skin may show between bottoms and top in any position. For safety reasons students need shoes that support their ankles.You must wear tennis shoes with socks. Absolutely no potato shoes, crocs, dress shoes, boots, Bobs, or Sperrys are allowed in PE.Do not share your PE clothes or locker with another student.

LOCKER ASSIGNMENTLockers will be assigned to students You must have a combination lock (NO Key Locks)Give the Coach your combination when you are assigned a lockerOnly the person who owns the lock will be allowed to ask for the combination

PE/Virtual Game Room/ Health Room EquipmentRespect equipmentUse equipment for its intended purpose and no otherEquipment may be touched after teacher has given you permission Leave equipment where it is placed for classes to start on timeLobby and BathroomsStudents must ask for permission to go into lobby during classAll restroom needs need to be handle during dress out and dress in timelobby bathrooms will be locked at all times locker room will be lockedNO students will be allowed in the PE storage roomBook BagsMust be placed in bleachersThey are not allowed on any tables, chairs, equipment, floor or whatever you may find to put them onOnce bags are placed in bleachers, you are not allowed to touch your bag especially anyone else's bagYou may get your bag the last 10 minutes of classTeacher Desk and BindersStudents may not sit at or on desk or in chairStudents are not allowed to touch or go through teachers stuff FoldersAll students will be required to have a two pocket and 3 prong folder It can be kept in your gym lockerThis folder will be utilized during PE, Health, and Virtual Game RoomFolders will be graded throughout the 9 weeksGRADINGCategories for Grading6th Grade7th & 8th Grade

*Dressing Out*Participation*Assessment*PE/Virtual Game Room/Health Journal


Dressing Out and Participation will be graded weekly:

Dressing Out :20 points each day for a 1 week grading period for a total of 100 points

Participation:20 points each day for a 1 week grading period for a total of 100 points

Assessment and Journal will be graded periodically


Dressing Out and Participation will be graded weekly:

Dressing Out:20 points each day for a 1 week grading period for a total of 100 points

Participation:20 points each day for a 1 week grading period for a total of 100 points

Assessment and Journal will be graded periodically

Assessment/Exam20%1 grade GRADINGYou are required to dress out in proper attire and participate the whole class period. This means you have to change into clothes different from what you wore to school and have proper tennis shoes on. No points will be received if you are not completely dressed out as stated above, that includes shoes. You must participate during class to receive full credit.

PE UniformsP.E. uniforms will only be given to students who fill out an order form and have payment.

Electronic DevicesCell phones, lap tops, ipods, mp3 players, money, any valuables and etc. are not allowed at school as stated by the district handbook. If you decide to bring any of these items to school we are not responsible for the items. If any of these items turn up missing during my class time or in the gym I will not utilize instruction or planning time to look for items not allowed at school. If we see any of these items out, we are required to confiscate the item and turn it into the office. You may also receive an afterschool for having the item at school as stated by the district handbook. Parents may pick the item up after school. (You can read more in the District Handbook.)CONSEQUENCES1st-Warning2nd-Punish Work3rd-Lunch Detention/Parent Notified4th-Written referral and/or sent to officeALI Expectations


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