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<ul><li><p>8/3/2019 PHYS 235 Syllabus Spring 2011 AMKF</p><p> 1/3</p><p>Physics 235 - Classical Physics IISpring Semester 2012</p><p>Lecture times in WSB 1248:00am 8:50am MTWF</p><p>Lab times in WSB 302</p><p>Section 1: Thursday 8:00am 9:50amSection 2: Thursday 10:00am 11:50amSection 3: Thursday 1:00pm 2:50pm</p><p>Professor: Angela FoudrayOffice: WSB 312Office Phone: 8-3145E-mail: (the best way to reach me)</p><p>Office Hours: T 12pm-2pm, F 9am-11am</p><p>Required Text: Fundamentals of Physics, 9th Edition, Halliday, Resnick, &amp; WalkerFurther Resources: Physics for Scientists and Engineers, Serway</p><p>Physics, Giancoli</p><p>Grading: Homework: 10%Quizzes: 10%Labs: 20%Midterm Exams (3): 45%Final: 15%</p><p>Final Exam: Monday, April 30, 7:30 AM - 10:00 AM</p><p>D2L will be used for all class materials outside the text book and lab manual.</p><p>Lectures: Lectures are meant to compliment the text. You are expected to read the sections that will becovered in lecture before class and have attempted a few of the problems at the end of the chapterassociated with the reading. We will cover problems that are outside those that are worked out for you oryou will be working out for homework. No derivations will be given in class they are worked out in thebook. (Please do, of course, ask questions about derivations if you are having trouble following any ofthe steps.) This will give us time to do things like demonstrations, group problem solving and other in-</p><p>class activities. Class time will be devoted primarily to building problem solving skills.</p><p>Homework: The usual homework assignment will contain less than 20 problems per week. The purposeof these assignments is threefold: to provide experience using the covered concepts, to provide you withfeedback on how well you are understanding course material, and to provide me with feedback on whatconcepts we may need to spend more time. Consider the completion of the assigned homework problemsto be the minimum work necessary to understand the material. The key to doing well in this class is</p><p>practice. A few suggestions are to: 1) complete further problems in the text, 2) find other texts and worksome of their chapter problems to gain a perspective beyond mine (lecture) and the assigned text (readingand assigned homework) I provide a few suggestions at the end of this syllabus, 3) form a study group:your fellow students can be helpful either as teachers or when they are in need of your help (you learn alot explaining things to others), 4) use campus resources. Late homework will be accepted one week pastthe due date for 50% credit. Homework will be graded in a check-off basis.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 PHYS 235 Syllabus Spring 2011 AMKF</p><p> 2/3</p><p>Homework Assignments by Chapter (in order covered)Q=End of chapter questions, P=End of chapter problems</p><p>Chapter 21. Q. 1,5,9, P. 5,9,11,13,25,30,37,41,42Chapter 22. Q. 3,9,11, P. 11,15,19,27,31,35,37,45,55,57,63Chapter 23 . Q. 4 P. 3,5,11,17,23,31,39,52Chapter 24. Q. 3,5 P. 5,7,19,23,27,37,57,59,67,75,99Chapter 25. Q. 7,9,11 P. 3,11,15,17,21,35,39,41,49,53,91</p><p>Chapter 26. Q. 3,5, P. 7,11,17,21,29,31,41,47,71Chapter 27. Q. 1,7,11 P. 3,23,29,31,43,45,53,57,59,63,65Chapter 28. Q. 1,7,11 P. 5,11,13,19,29,33,39,45,59,65,69Chapter 29. Q. 5,9,11 P. 9,13,21,25,39,43,49,53,57,67,89Chapter 30. Q. 1,9 P. 1,3,11,23,31,35,37,47,53,61,65,67,73Chapter 31. Q. 1,7,9 P. 5,17,23,25,25,31,39,41,47,55,63Chapter 16. Q. 3,6,10 P. 5,7,19,23,26,28,35,37,47,49,53,61Chapter 17. Q. 2,7,9, P. 3,7,13,19,27,29,36,40,41,47,52,55,61,69Chapter 32. Q. 1,3,5 P. 7,13,27,31,35,51Chapter 33. Q. 1,3,7 P. 1,9,13,27,33,47,49,51,55,61,65,69,71Chapter 34. Q. 1,5,9 P. 4,15,25,27,45,53,57,67,83,91,93,112Chapter 35. Q. 1,7,9,11 P. 3,9,17,21,31,35,37,43,55,73,81</p><p>Chapter 36. Q. 1,5 P. 7,9,13,27,29,37,39</p><p>Quizzes: There will quizzes on the lab days indicated on the schedule. The quizzes are intended to giveyou an opportunity to practice your problem solving skills in an exam-like setting. At the end of thesemester your lowest quiz score will be dropped.</p><p>Laboratory: You must purchase a lab manual at: Campus Book and Supply, 305 5th Ave S Ste 190, 255-0851. Note that this is not the campus bookstore. Lab reports will be due the week following the labactivity. At the end of the semester, I will drop your lowest lab grade. Unless you receive advanceapproval, you must attend your assigned lab section. Data and/or lab reports from previous semesterswill not be accepted for credit. You must get 50% of your lab points to pass regardless of how well youdo in the rest of the course. Late labs are accepted for half credit for one week past the due date. Labslater than one week will not be accepted. One lab grade will be dropped at the end of the semester.</p><p>Exams: There will be hour exams given in the laboratory on the three days indicated in the schedule.They will consist primarily of homework-like problems. All problems will be graded for partial credit.The final exam will be cumulative.</p><p>Bottom Line: You will get out what you put into this class. Each of the portions of this class(homework, quizzes, lab, etc.) are meant to help you to better understand the concepts. Don't robyourself of the opportunity of this experience by not participating or letting someone else do it foryou.</p></li><li><p>8/3/2019 PHYS 235 Syllabus Spring 2011 AMKF</p><p> 3/3</p><p>Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday(Lab) Friday</p><p>1-921.1-4</p><p>1-1021.5-6</p><p>1-1122.1-4</p><p>1-12FCI prime</p><p>1-1322.5-7</p><p>1-16No class</p><p>1-1722.-8-9HW Ch 21</p><p>1-1823.1-4</p><p>1-19Field MappingQuiz 1</p><p>1-2023.5-7</p><p>1-2323.8-9</p><p>1-2424.1-5HW Ch 22</p><p>1-2524.6-9</p><p>1-26No lab</p><p>1-2724.10-12</p><p>1-3025.1-3HW Ch 23</p><p>1-3125.3-5</p><p>2-125.6-8</p><p>2-2CapacitanceQuiz 2</p><p>2-326.1-4HW Ch 24</p><p>2-626.5-7</p><p>2-726.8-9, 27.1-2</p><p>2-8ReviewHW Ch 25</p><p>2-9Exam 1Ch 21-25</p><p>2-1027.3-6</p><p>2-1327.7-8</p><p>2-1427.9</p><p>HW Ch 26</p><p>2-1528.1-5</p><p>2-16Ohms Law</p><p>2-1728.6-8</p><p>2-2028.9-10</p><p>2-2129.1-3HW Ch 27</p><p>2-2229.4-5</p><p>2-23No lab</p><p>2-2429.6</p><p>2-2730.1-4HW Ch 28</p><p>2-2830.5-6</p><p>3-130.7-11</p><p>3-2InductionQuiz 3</p><p>3-330.12,31.1-3HW Ch 29</p><p>3-5NO</p><p>3-6CLASS</p><p>3-7----</p><p>3-8SPRING</p><p>3-9BREAK</p><p>3-1231.4-7</p><p>3-1331.8-9</p><p>3-14ReviewHW Ch 30</p><p>3-15Exam 2Ch 26-30</p><p>3-1631.10-11</p><p>3-1916.1-4</p><p>3-2016.5-8</p><p>3-2116.9, 10, 12</p><p>3-22Standing Waves</p><p>3-2316.11, 13HW Ch 31</p><p>3-2617.1-4</p><p>3-2717.5-7</p><p>3-2817.8-10HW Ch 16</p><p>3-29Speed of SoundQuiz 4</p><p>3-3032.1-4</p><p>4-232.5-7HW Ch 17</p><p>4-332.8-11</p><p>4-433.1-5</p><p>4-5AC CircuitsQuiz 5</p><p>4-633.6-8HW Ch 32</p><p>4-933.9-10</p><p>4-1034.1-3</p><p>4-11Review</p><p>4-12Exam 3</p><p>Ch 16,17,31,32</p><p>4-1334.3-4</p><p>4-1634.4-6HW Ch 33</p><p>4-1734.7-8</p><p>4-1835.1-5</p><p>4-19First Order OpticsFCI prime</p><p>4-2035.6-8HW Ch 34</p><p>4-2336.1-5</p><p>4-2436.6-7HW Ch 35</p><p>4-2536.9-10</p><p>4-26Double SlitDiffractionQuiz 6</p><p>4-27ReviewHW Ch 36</p><p>FINAL EXAM Monday April 30, 7:30 10:00 am</p></li></ul>