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Phylum Porifera. By: Joseph Chi and Taha Ali. Number of germ layers. It has one central cavity called the spongocoel . However, it has no tissues/germ layers. Symmetry. Asymmetrical, meaning the body has no symmetry because sponges are not always even. Ceolum. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


Phylum Porifera

Phylum PoriferaBy: Joseph Chi and Taha Ali

Number of germ layersIt has one central cavity called the spongocoel. However, it has no tissues/germ layers

SymmetryAsymmetrical, meaning the body has no symmetry because sponges are not always even.

CeolumPhyla Porifera are Aceolomates which are characterized by having solid bodies.

Digestive tractPhylum Porifera (sponges) do not have a digestive system because they have no mouth or anus, rather digestion occurs within the sponges which is called intracellular digestion.

CephalizationCephalization is the concentration of nerves at the anterior end of the body, which forms a head and a brain.Porifera have no cephalization.

6SegmentationPorifera are not divided into repeated segments.

Skeleton & Appendagesnone, the structures called spicules provide support inside the sponge, also has no appendages.

Circulatory system and respiratory systemNone, however the Porifera (sponge) diffuses the oxygen in the water into its cells as it moves through the body.Porifera have no specific circulatory system or respiratory system.They have a water flow system that supports these functions.

ReproductionCan be sexual or asexualSponges are hermaphroditic -produce eggs (ova) and spermproduce ova and sperm at different times of the year.Eggs and sperm are produced by the amoebocytes (Mobile cells) .

HabitatLive in marine and freshwater, usually in shallow water, and is sensitive to pollution.